George Drew
Lieutenant George Drew
Gael Bernal Garcia
Gael Bernal Garcia as George Drew
Age: 34
Features: Tanned. Dark hair. Brown eyes.
Colony: Canceron
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Medical
Position: Geneticist


A man that liked to build models in his youth and grew up to be a geneticist playing with a whole different set of building blocks.

Immediate Family

Father: Grant Drew: Presumed lost on Warday
Mother: Amelia Drew: Presumed lost on Warday

Service Jacket

Physical Features

Drew is a serious looking man somewhere in his mid thirties. His skin has the dusky look of a healthy tan despite life shipboard, brown eyes alert and inquisitive where they rest beneath heavy brows. Black hair shows just a few traces of grey about the temples, cut short and neatly groomed.

On the Grid

Known Associates


Recent Logs


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