PHD #394: Down with the Sickness
Down with the Sickness
Summary: Solstice arrives at the berths after seeing Bunny to sickbay to give the CAG bad news about her pilots. The bad news expands.
Date: 27 Mar 2042 AE
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Cidra Solstice 
Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #394

It's an hour before the CAG is due on shift. She's usually long up by now, but at present the curtain to her bunk is still closed. Within, Cidra sleeps.

Carrying the amended laundry bag with her, now carrying not only her own but Bunny's clothing, Solstice enters the berth. Moving to set the bag down, she carries in her hand the wadded up tanks of her own that Evan had colored with his vomit. In her coveralls for now just to keep some form of decency, Shakes gives a look towards the closed curtains to Cidra's bunk. She tilts the bag against the locker before she moves over that way, "Major Hahn?" Comes the faint question.

Cidra does not immediately respond to the call for her. There's a low groaning sound from behind the curtains as she rolls over and continues to sleep. Solstice will have to be more forceful than that to get her attention, it seems.

The groan is enough to signal her and Solstice moves closer to the curtains and gives them a faint thwack with the back of her hand. "Major Hahn, Toast." Her voice is closer and also more forceful which is different for her.

"Oh. What?" is the immediate response from Cidra as she sits up, clawing her way to consciousness with some effort. "Lieutenant. Shakes. My gods. I do think I overslept. I am not late for my turn on Alert, am I?"

"No, Major Hahn, you have CAP shortly, but you are not late. I have some news for you that is going to cause a change in your roster for the evening. Poms can't attend." It's said simply but she waits for the Major to sort out who can be the other pilot for the Raptors.

Cidra groans and nods as she sits up properly, running her fingers through her hair. She does not look like she slept particularly well, dishelved and and with a sheen of sweat on her forehead and neck. "I see. I shall have to communicate that to the LSO. Take someone off Alert and pluck them in for the patrol proper. Lieutenant Aydin can sort out the CAP rotation, but it shall need to be done promptly. What is the trouble with him?"

Hesitating, Solstice then says, "He has a rash, discomfort, some nausea. He's showing signs." SHe explains. The ECO then adds, "Bunny is also admited too..when he decided to vomit on me in the laundry room. I took him down as well. They were ordered to stay till their bloodwork was done with and cleared. I don't think either will be returning to duty soon, but that is conjecture."

Cidra nods to that, a little unsteadily when Solstice mentions Evandreus vomiting on her laundry. Lovely mental image there. She swallows, and clears her throat. "Damnable illness that is making the rounds. Doctor DeMaratus said he thought it had started with something in the flight pods. I suspect Bootstrap would not be the only one of my pilots to succumb to it. I have word from the Marines that Captain Vakos is down as well." She stands, with some effort, stretching. "Gods, it is warm in here." It's not particularly, though she looks rather flushed at present.

"Major, are you okay?" Solstice says, watching Toast before stepping forward towards her. The ECO lowers a little to get a look and reach out her hand. She starts to look for sweating. "I find it a little chilly in here actually…" She observes and furrows her brows.

That alone, just those similar symptoms have her worried and Solstice moves to help her. "Let's get you some water and then down to sickbay, Toast. Just humor me, okay? They may just let you go but these are the same things Poms and Evan were having.." THere is concern in her gaze and as it seems to spreading exponentially, it's best to get them to care as soon as possible.

"Water, yes, thank you, Lieutenant…I could do with a drink…I am feeling a little ill…" Which is all the immediate warning before Cidra leans over and is quite noisily sick. She vomits on her own mattress rather than Solstice's laundry, at least.

Jumping back out of reaction, Shakes stares and then moves in to grab for the CAG's shoulder. "Alright, Major. Let's get you that water and to sickbay." She says. Her lips part and she looks about, starting to feel more and more nervous by the second considering how many people she has run in to today alone. A steadying hand is offered to the Major. "OKay, easy there."

Cidra vomits twice more before she manages to get her stomach under control. Or just heave up all of its contents, so there's nothing left to come up. The latter is probably more likely. She takes Solstice's hand, leaning heavily on it. "Forgive me, Lieutenant, I am….not feeling well." Understatement, clearly. "Water, please. And I shall have to put in a wireless to Captain Matise -" The squadron leader of the Mighty Lions, and one Cidra often leans on for administrative assistannce. "-to inform him he shall need to take my spot on CAP." And likely jigger her duties in other ways as well, as it does appear she'll be checking into Sickbay when they've seen to her. Not that she admits that just *yet*, of course.

"It's okay, sir. I will contact him and I am not leaving you. We are going now. We can get water in the head and then we are on to sickbay. I will call a clean up crew as well." Solstice is obviously practiced in this area, seasoned some could say. As she takes a lot of the CAG's weight, she whispers a soft prayer and draws the woman closer. "Come on." She says lightly, "There is no need to apologize, consider CAP under control." Enough people were worrying over stupid trivial things when health was at stake. Really wishing she had other options to offer the sick then sickbay and its medicines, the Sagittaron must relent in this instance.

"Oh, yes. Thank you," Cidra says, accepting the hand and guidance Sickbay-wards. She's not really in a position to argue against it.

There is not much to say but start to guide the CAG about gently, leading her out of the berths and to somewhere that can oversee her condition at the present moment. Her lips are wet and Solstice lets out a long sigh. Long long shift. She is still in those outrageous coveralls as she guides the CAG through the halls, deciding that perhaps it might be best to skip the water till she can get to sickbay for now.

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