PHD #357: Dog Show Prizes Part I
Dog Show Prizes Part I
Summary: Samuel gets a shiny!
Date: 18 Feb 2042 AE
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Madilyn Samuel 
Marine Offices - Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus
This offices consists of desks for those under the CO, along with his desk toward the back of the room. The S1 and S2 have desks here and the place is neat as a pin, with everything in its place. At the front of the room, a Marine sits at a desk to meet people as they come in through the hatch.
Post-Holocaust Day: #357

The runners are efficient, not to mention fit. They take their notes and scram, summoning people to the dunge…offices of the Marine CO. Today's vic…summoned individual is Samuel Blaine. A note, written in the CO's very own curly but neat hand is delivered to him, bunk, head, or wherever. It reads simply, "See me."

And so, as he was summoned, Samuel appears. Looking around for a few moments as he approaches the office, focusing on moving towards where he's supposed to be now.

Nothing inside has changed. Not a single thing. There's no torture rack or guillotine or anything like that, just desks and file cabinets and the bustle of people doing daily paperwork and stuff. Madilyn is at the very back of the office, sipping from a mug. There's a few additions to the standard piles of paperwork on her desk this day.

Samuel pauses for a few moments as he sees the CO, before he salutes. "You wanted to see me, sir." Spoken a bit quietly as he keeps his attention on the officer.

"I did, in fact. I've gotten some reports recently regarding your performance, Corporal," Madilyn says solemnly. To indicate as such, she pats one of the folders set aside on her desk. "A few notes from the other headquarters officers regarding recent happenings within the fleet." There's no fluctuation up or down in her voice, flat as she can make it. Is he in trouble?

Samuel nods a little bit as he hears that, "I see, sir." Expression not changing, as he adds a question, "May I ask what those reports say, sir?"

"As concerns Operation Silent Mastiff, they say that you performed with exceptional bravery and courage under fire, in the presence of unknown enemy forces of unknown disposition or strength. They also say that that was in addition to the unusual complications of having to face enemy resistance in the highly-dangerous and rare conditions of cold vacuum." While she talks, she opens up the folder, and pulls out the topmost sheet, a handwritten report from one of the other HQ officers.

Those words makes Samuel pause for a few moments as he considers them. "That's very kind words, sir," he finally replies, gaze going to that piece of paper now.

"What I've called you down here for doesn't involve any of those words though. It concerns the words here at the bottom, right next to El-Tee Vandenberg's signature and my own. 'Recommend Fleet Commendation Medal.'" From the paper, her hand moves to one of the top drawers of her desk. Inside are several small cases. Guess what's inside!

Samuel blinks a few times as he hears those words, and stays quiet for a long while. "Thank you, sir…" he finally manages to say.

"While we'd usually attempt to present these awards in a more formal ceremony, duty restrictions prevent that at the moment. Still, by all these reports, you've earned it." Behind the desk, Madilyn slides the chair out and stands up. The small case is opened up to reveal the metal of the…medal. "The Fleet Commendation Medal. For meritorious service during a crucial and difficult mission environment on a volunteer basis. COngratulations, Corporal." Medal in one hand, Madilyn holds out the other for a shake.

Samuel shakes the offered hand. "Thank you, sir. This really means a lot…" he replies, unable to hold back a smile now.

AS the award is being presented, the other officers and Marines in the room seem to come to attention. Once Madilyn shakes Samuel's hand, she snaps to a salute, and the others in the room do the same. "Just make sure to keep up the good work, hm? That's how you can really thank me."

Samuel salutes in return and nods a little bit. "I will do my very best, sir," he promises, glancing around to the others in the room as well.

Snapping the salute complete, Madilyn lets him take the medal for himself. "Very good Corporal. Carry on." She remains standing while Samuel gathers himself, to address any questions and such.

Samuel takes the medal, studying it carefully for a few moments, before he nods, "Yes, sir." Waiting a few moments longer, before starting to make his way out the room.

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