PHD #271: Do You Want My Job?
PHD #271: Do You Want My Job?
Summary: Khloe dresses down Wade in her own unique way for his ignoring of an order.
Date: 24 Nov 2041 AE
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Khloe Wade 
Ready Room - Deck 7 - Battlestar Cerberus
With the hatches at the rear of the room, the walkways on both sides slope down towards the dais at the front of the room. The stadium seating forms a partial semi-circle around the speaking podium and provides enough seats for all three hundred members of the Air Wing. The walls are adorned with the patches of each squadron aboard and their mottos stenciled in white lettering above each one. Behind the podium is a set of large LCD screens that can display any matter of material from reconnaissance to maps to gun camera footage.
Post-Holocaust Day: #271

Seated in her usual front row seat, Khloe Vakos has a folder open on her lap, one leg crossed over with its ankle resting on the opposite knee. Tucked underneath the folder is a clipboard with a number of octagonal papers clipped, and a pen thrust through the top clip. Although piled up with a considerable amount of paperwork, Khloe's mind appears to be elsewhere; when Wade walks in, she's staring off into space, eyes narrowed, hand curled in front of her mouth and chin with an index finger lightly stroking the bridge of her nose.

But, when she realizes someone is present, that reverie is dismissed, and she straightens up in her seat, and begins reviewing from where she left off.

Yeah, Wade knows he's going to get yelled at, or, well, something around that. The man steps inside the Ready Room, he is wearing his blue uniform at the moment, and it seems that he is fresh out of the shower. The man looks around for a brief moment, just to see who else might be there, if any. After doing that, he steps towards the front rows and finally steps close to where Khloe is. The man stands in attention and offers a salute to her "Captain, you requested to see me, sir?" He lowers his hand now but still stands on attention.

"Hello, Lieutenant," comes Khloe's even-tempered greeting, although it's spoken in her usual command voice. She rises to her feet, closing the folder - it's Wade's service record - and balances it on the folded seat she was just sitting in. "I want you to sign this," she says, eyes narrowing, handing the clipboard over to him.

At a glance, the clipboard appears to have the usual bureaucracy for transferring a pilot, either from one squad to another, usually accompanied by a position and rank assignment in that squadron. It has all the relevant bits filled in, except for where Major Hahn would fill in authorization and sign her name. for promoting Wade to the Knights SL.

Wade keeps a completely neutral expression, also completely paying attention to what the Captain is saying to him. When she hands him the files, his eyes move to them and he takes them in his hand, along with the pen. The man starts reading in silence and he stops right when he reaches to the point in which it says that he is being promoted to SL of the Black Knights. He doesn't say anything, he just doesn't sign and looks up at the Captain "What is this, Captain?" asks the man now. He looks at the files again and takes a deep breath, pressing his lips together, looking at Khloe now.

"Sign it," Khloe repeats. Her left hand clenches at her side; rather than show how peturbed she is, she tucks both hands behind her back like she was at parade rest. But there's nothing 'at rest' about her, at the moment. "Clearly, you wouldn't disobey a direct order, which means when Sweet Pea's Raptor was disabled, you simply knew better than your commanding officer. Never mind leaving your wingman, but I suppose that's another case of you knowing better."

Wade clears his throat and states "I am not going to sign this" With that said, he puts the files and the pen over an empty chair. His attention goes back to Khloe and he takes a deep breath "Did I disobey, yes. Did I leave my wingmate, yes." says the man, still with a completely calm tone of voice. He nods at what he said and adds "Captain, I am more than certain, that Sweet Pea is a really, really skilled pilot." he clears his throat again and says "I also know, that there was not enough time for the Raptor to get out of there, unassisted. The blast would have taken both Sweet Pea and Skeeter's lives." He shakes his head and continues "I didn't mean to disrespect you, I was just doing what needed to be done"

Khloe's narrowed eyes, gray-blue like knife metal, follow Wade as he sets the clipboard down, then study his face as he gives his explanation. "Did it ever occur to you, Lieutenant, that I was already planning to aid the Raptor? Did it ever occur to you that whatever plan I was formulating was completely frakked due to your disobedience? Did it ever frakking occur to you that I have flown with Sweet Pea before, and I was trying to give her a chance to get free on her own, and that because of actions of not just yourself but of two Viper pilots choosing to act before thinking, we could've lost all four birds?" Angrily, Khloe reaches over and snatches up the clipboard and pen, and all but thrusts it into Wade's chest. "Of course you did. Now sign the frakking transfer! Sign it!!" Oh, but she's livid.

Wade keeps looking at Khloe with a neutral expression, and he doesn't back down when she gets on his face. "Captain, to be honest with you, at that point in time I was thinking how little time they had." When she pushes the papers on his chest, he looks at them again and sighs heavily "So, I sign and then what? Tell me Captain….then what? You go to the CAG and make her sign?" he shakes his head at this, but this time, he keeps the papers in his hand. "Captain, I'm an Aerospace Engineer, I specialized in Engine Propulsion. I know how long an engine can take without blowing up, and I sure as hell know that a Raptor, without it's full engine capacity, can't outrun the blast. What they needed, was a push, and they needed them right at that moment."

"Another reason why you're perfect for the SL position," Khloe spits. "Congratulations, Drips. You're an aerospace engineer. That and a cubit-fifty will get you a cup of coffee. In the Navy, we take orders. Some of us give orders. Those orders are given not necessarily to eliminate loss, but to minimize it. But no, you're a frakking engineer. Of course you knew this ahead of time! So since you know so frakking much, why don't you just take my job from me? I'll forge your frakking signature if you want me to," she sneers. "Wade-aerospace-engineer-frakking-Duncan."

Wade just keeps looking at her, and pays no attention to the mocking. "They didn't have the time, Captain." repeats the man and then throws the papers back on the empty seat next to him. "Yeah, I've been in the Navy for a couple years myself, I know how it works." He takes a deep breath and he shakes his head "Look, like I said, I wasn't looking to disrespect you, I just didn't see any other way on that one. That's all" He nods to that and says "But I am not going to sign that paper, nor I'm going to take your job…"

Khloe points a finger at Wade's face, letting the clipboard tip downward and away as she gets close. "Then never, ever, second guess my orders again," she says, her voice low and growling. "You were lucky. We, were lucky. But I'll be damned if I'm going to have the loss of good pilots on my conscience because someone frakked up and decided to be a hero. Do you frakking understand me, Lieutenant?"

Wade narrows his eyes now, she said something that he didn't find amusing "Now, let me make myself crystal clear Captain. I don't give a damn flying rats ass about heroes, nor I want to play the hero role." He says this in a very straight, very strong way. "I frakking care about my flight team and that made me react that way." He takes a deep breath to regain composure and then shakes his head "I hear you, Captain. Does this mean that you won't also hear to other possibilities offered by your Squadron, and just demand for everyone to do what you order them to do?"

"When it's crunch time? Yes," Khloe replies quickly. "When we're sitting in the ready room or the berths or anywhere else? I'm open to any and all suggestions." It appears she's cooling down, but then in another fit of rage she smashes the clipboard down on the ground, sending the documents and pen scattering. She probably cracked the clipboard, too. "I can't frakking believe you are questioning my authority, Drips! You, of all people! Get the frak out." She turns away, kicking the shattered clipboard as she begins to slowly put some distance between them lest she lose her temper in a manner that will get her in trouble, too.

Wade just looks at the clipboard that falls on the floor and indeed, breaks. Poor thing, it didn't do anything. He looks at Khloe and arches one eyebrow, moving to a normal stance once again "I am not getting the frak out" says Wade to her, looking at the woman straight into her eyes "And excuse me Captain, how exactly am I questioning your authority?" Really, he wants to know that one. He doesn't approach her, because he doesn't really move from where he was standing in the first place. That's his spot, damn it!

Khloe stops where she is, a few feet further than when she began. Her back is to Wade. "Wade," she says quietly - perhaps the first time she's ever addressed him on a first-name basis. Quiet voice, for Poppy, usually means she's beyond pissed, but there's no hint of that now. Maybe fatigue is setting in? "Don't push. Consider this a verbal warning. Based on the results, I really can't fault you for saving one of the few people in this world I consider a friend. But don't push. And by all that's good and holy, don't frakking question my orders again." She wraps her arms around her midsection, still facing away from him. "Dismissed."

Wade takes a deep breath and narrows his eyes "I also consider her a friend, we met in Picon, at the Academy." explains the man to the Captain. "I am not trying to push, I am not trying to question your authority." He leans down, takes the clipboard with the rest of the papers and places them over an empty seat, again. Now, since he has been dismissed, he nods in silence and adds "Very well" With that said, he clears his throat and starts walking towards the exit, walking right next to her but without trying to make eye contact or anything like that.

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