PHD #098: Divisions Unmended
Divisions Unmended
Summary: Tillman and Cidra chew over the new colonel's proposal for amnesty for actions taken during the arrest of Rear Admiral Abbot. They differ on the issue.
Date: 4 June 2041 AE
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Tillman Cidra 
Map Room - Deck 7 - Battlestar Cerberus
The one object that dominates this room is the one it is named for: the giant plotting table in the center of the room. Bottom-lit like the plot in CIC, this one is twenty feet across and about the same distance wide. The maps, which are rolled and kept in a locker at the side of the room, provide much more detail than most of the charts in CIC and are especially useful in planning tactical operations. Unscaled models of ships are available to be situated on the surface of the table and risers on each side of the room allow for a small audience to watch or be briefed. A single large LCD screen is built into the wall at the far end to display reconnaissance or other supplemental material.
Post-Holocaust Day: #98

Tillman was released the prior night and since he left, he's been either in his bunk or holed-up in the Map Room. He's got a cane that he's using to get around when he needs it and the man's movements are a bit stiff. But his focus is more on the table. There's a map of the local space around Leonis with the last known Cylon positions and Fleet Yards arrayed out in front of him. A few of the small ship models are set out in various places around the planet and the overhead camera is turned on, throwing the positions up onto the screen at the head of the room. The Major's eyes are turned up towards it, the man lost in thought.

Cidra has been, for her part, a flurry of activity around the ship since the night of Abbot's capture. Working the offices, the hangar deck, trying to get things in order with her people as much as she can with the new commander on board. And all the tension that's followed Abbot's removal. She hung about Sickbay a great deal as well, so she must be generally aware of Tillman's status. She's not been to see him since the admiral's capture. However. But she comes now. "Clive."

Tillman startles a touch as he turns to see the CAG. He uses the cane to turn slowly and face her. "Cid. How's Dominic?" The man begins hobbling around the table towards her. He's still wearing his sidearm, too. "How are you doin with all of it?" There's serious concern on his face.

"Captain Gabrieli is stable," Cidra replies, her tone rather clipped when Dominic is mentioned. She leaves it at that, striding over to the table. Leaning against it with her palms, eyeing the map he's got on the display just now. "I am sure it is a blow to Engineering to have him out, with so many of their officers already off-ship, but you would likely know of such things better than I. For my part, I am better than many. I am still whole, at least. How are you?"

Tillman takes the time to lean on the table as well, eyes drifting over the pieces. "Glad to hear he's stable. We're going to need him back in the fight pretty soon. Casualty projections for this rescue operation are projected to be minimal but I don't count on projections coming true. We'll want him." He clicks his teeth with the last. "I'm sore. Damned wounds hurt but the Doc has me on some painkillers so it ain't bad. The memo from Pewter is kinda aggrevating."

"Aggravating?" There's honest surprise in Cidra's tone. He looks across the table to regard Tillman. First time she's met his eyes since she came in. And she's usually one for eye contact. Her blues are rather hard. Which isn't precisely unusual. She's not one who gives much of herself. But there's a frayed quality lurking under the surface tonight.

"Yeah. If he does that, its gonna piss a lot of people off." Tillman meets her eyes. "Those Marines? We have their full and undying support right now. Cavanaugh has them in lockstep from what I understand. But if Pewter grants amnesty to Rime?" He lofts a brow. "I don't think they would mutiny but relations with the Marines might be shot to shit. They lost four guys Cid. Damned kid no older than nineteen or so blew himself up in front of us. They blame the Lieutenant for that. All the wounded? They lay it on her. These guys are just thankin' the Gods that it wasn't worse from what her radio call did."

"Going to 'piss you off', I think you mean," Cidra notes mildly. "For my part, I see it as a relief. There is blood on all our hands, Clive. I shall not say this was wrong but it was not clean. You think you have the full trust of this ship, after this? You must see that is not the case. Only way we can move forward is to attempt to keep as much together as possible."

"I got shot. Twice. Damned right I'll be mad. But like I've got any choice. What am I going to do if Pewter sings that down from on high? Refuse?" Tillman shakes his head. "I'm not saying we are all innocent of crimes, Cid. I'm saying that what she did? She had to have known it would cause bloodshed. The Admiral was lawfully relieved of his command. Then? The Admiral tells her to call for a fireteam. And no, I'm sure that I don't have the support of everyone. But that's why I worked this through Laughlin. I don't want this Command. My taking it from Abbot wouldn't just be a bad call of judgment on my own personal skills, but a really stupid move because it would rightly piss off a lot of the crew. That's why Pewter is here. People can hate me all they want. I just ask that they support and respect Pewter."

"If Pewter had not done it I would have voiced my disagreement with your arrest of Lieutenant Rime formally," Cidra says, tone still clipped. "What did you think, Clive? You call the Admiral, the leader the ship, the man we are all sworn to serve a traitor, and you would be believed as if you spoke with Zeus' tongue itself? This looked like cold mutiny in the heat of that moment. She did what she did because she thought she was defending this ship. It made things messier, but this was not done cleanly to begin with. It could not be, given what you were doing. What we were doing." She exhales long. "The Colonel is making the best choice, to my mind, where no good choices remain. We cannot run this ship divided. We cannot throw in the brig everyone who acted stupidly during this mess. There is more than enough blame to spread around. Me, I put the deaths of those Marines on my hands as well as Rime's." And perhaps his hands as well. Not that she says that aloud. "I knew what was coming. I could have acted differently. Perhaps seen it done differently. I did not. I will live with that, and make my penance with my Lords. I just pray we were right."

"That's fine. And I would have listened. If you wanted me to drop that charges, it wouldn't take a formal protest, Cid. I'm the XO but I'm not a heartless person. You got something you need to say on something, I want you to tell me. Not just dance around it with being polite. You know I've got a lot of respect for your opinions. And I never once called that man a traitor. Not even in private company. He's suspected of a crime that I cannot prove until we get our people home and we couldn't risk trying to get them unless he was in custody. Hell, even the MP's said it was enough evidence to warrant arresting him and holding him. I mean, how the hell was I supposed to do it, Cid? Like you said, there's no perfect way to go about it because the whole situation is frakked. And excusing Rime? You want to divide a ship, that'll sure do it."

"I called you wrong to do it that very night and you did not seem in mood to listen," Cidra says. "The detainment of Lieutenant Rime, that is. You do know I agree there is suspicion enough to hold the admiral. I believe you acted within the law. But you could not think this would not divide the ship, Clive. Even had it been done quieter, some would have called this mutiny. The ship is already divided. What must be done now is heal it. I believe the proposal of amnesty the best way to do that. If you disagree, take it up with the Colonel. He knows it has my support. I have said my piece to the both of you now."

"Yeah, well I was a little mad. And shot. You'll have to excuse me if I was a little amped up about it. I knew from the start that this would make some people mad and I expect it. That's -why- if the Admiral is proven innocent, I intend to see myself prosecuted for what I did because that would be considered mutiny. I know some see it that way, regardless. I agree we need to heal it but putting Rime free? She already doesn't agree with it. What's going to happen if she leads an act against this command we have in place? I doubt she's going to sit quietly. I'm willing to dock the charges against her in light of what you're saying but letting her go scott free?" Tillman shakes his head. "It might feel like the right thing to do but its adding even more danger to an already shit situation."

"Have her sent back to the Praetorian if you do not trust her here," Cidra says. "But you cannot lock everyone up on this ship who does not trust you right now, Clive. That is going to be a long list. Pewter said to me that if he put everyone in the brig who was wrong in this, he would have a crew of one. I think that is about correct. As I said, you know my mind on this. I think you wrong. I think, moreover, it will damage this ship if she is made a scapegoat for this whole affair. And it will not make you feel any better about it in the end. That is all I have to say."

"I haven't ordered anyone else's arrest, Cid. I'm not looking to. Nor am I making her a scapegoat for what happened. You're right, we've all got blood on our hands, but she violated orders to stand fast and not go for a weapon. She damned near went for that bough. Please don't accuse me of things that I have not done and do not intend to do." Tillman is obviously frustrated. He takes a step off the table and moves to sit down. Wound probably hurts. "I don't even like having Rime in the Brig, but from where I stand I don't see a different option. This is not going to get better because of a release. And no, it won't make me or anyone else feel better in either way." He just looks at her when he finishes. He doesn't look mad at her, just tired of the whole thing.

"She obeyed the orders of the man she thought her rightful commander," Cidra says. "As I said, send her back to the Praetorian if you are uncomfortable with what she might do aboard. In the brig she will only be a symbol to those who already do no trust this. We can go back and forth about this but it will change nothing. Do as you will. Is there anything else you need of me, Major?"

Tillman shakes his head. "No. That's all." The man settles back in his chair and puts a hand to his side as he looks back to the overhead displays. Frakking Hell.

Cidra straightens and salutes, all to perfect protocol, and pivots on her heel to stride off. Back from whence she came.

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