BCH #011: Distractions
Summary: Raedawn distracts Nostos who distracts Alessandra.
Date: 12/14/2041 AE
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Observation Deck

With a quiet view to the stars, this tends to be one of the more popular 'quiet areas' of the Cerberus. Up front is a small-unseated area for ceremonies or other activities while the seating rises up behind it. Each level rises up behind the one before it, comfortable chairs and couches set up for crewmembers to relax, get some work done or even take a nap. A large armored plate is lowered during Condition One to protect the interior against a breach in the glass.

Nostos sits on the obs deck in a couch almost in front of the glass. He quietly studies the stars as the pass by maybe to try to pin point where he is or perhaps to simply get lost in thought but no matter what the Caprican is sitting there. His big shoulders are are slouched over as he elbows rest on his knees and his hands are folded together as he simply stares.

The silence is disturbed by the quiet creak of the hatch as Raedawn opens it and peeks in. Spying the thoughtful-looking Nostos, she pauses, then softly shuts the hatch. A smile creeps across her face as she slips off her tennies, leaving them under the hatch hinge, and begins creeping across the deck, angling to come up silently behind him.

Nostos remains quiet as he watches the stars pass by and there is a thoughtful but distant look on his face. What he is thinking about is anyone's guess though the thoughts are easily as far away as the armistice line is from here. Nostos hardly moves let alone breathes as his eyes close for a moment in deep reflective silence.

Alessandra's arrival's not so quiet - it isn't boisterous enough to interrupt anything but she's not creeping about, the need for some downtime getting her to scoot in rather quickly. She has been shaken since the ceremony last night, the pilot not herself, and she has found herself in some time to reflect upon not only the Chaplain's reactions but those of the observers as well, this being a logical choice to do so thanks to the peace.

Raedawn ducks behind Nostos's couch, staying low so he won't see her by chance in the viewport or something. She makes sure of where he is, then moves…
Rae stands quickly and leans over the back of the couch, fingers finding Nostos's sides and lightly tickling them, just to get his attention. "Hello!" she says brightly, through giggles.

Ever seen a cat suddenly take claws to the ceiling, well, this is how Nostos jumps up and acctually smacks his face slightly into the glass as he yells out a loud, "GODSDAMNIT!"He then turns around ready to be furative with the person who made him jump. Though as he spots Raedawn, "Oh, you are a clever one you are, Rae." He says to the dark headed woman as he smiles warmly, "Right, that is it. Next time I creep up on you." He smiles slyly for just a moment before he notices the more somber Alessandra. Angelus begins rubbing his face a bit, "Everything okay?"

The curse has Allie wincing slightly thanks to how it surprises her, the pilot darting her glance towards the man and then to Raedawn, her brow creasing as she eventually winds up regarding them both. "Uh, yeah. Just still a bit shakey due to the service last night. Never seen -that- much blood before and it has me a bit haunted it seems." There's more to it - a lot more - but she's content to let it rest at that. "How are you two?"

Rae squeaks as Angelus jumps up, grabbing on instinctively since her arms are halfway around him already. All that accomplishes is to drag her halfway over the back of the couch, leaving her feet dangling off the floor and her upper half draped over the seat of the couch. She has to laugh at the situation, even though Angelus bumped his head. "Above average, I guess. And you looked like you needed to be snapped out of that funk you were in. Besides, it was fun!" She winks playfully at him.
It's only when the Caprican speaks to her that she realizes Alessandra is here. Rae blinks and looks up, which involves turning her head to the side. Yes, it's the somber woman she knows from the berthing. And here Rae is looking at him sideways with her butt in the air. Blushing faintly, she makes the best of the situation. "Hi-iii!" she calls, smiling beatifically and giving Alessa a little fingertip wave.

Angelus turns and looks at Raedawn, "I could have been thinking about any number of things you know." Ang gives Rae a wink and he then he says, "Just you wait, you will get your suprise yet." Wait, suprise? Oh noes. Nostos looks back over at Alessandra, "The what?" He apparently missed the memo since he hadn't heard of anything yet, however, he doesn't push. "As for the two of us, eltee, the Ensign was reminding me why I must always be vigilant."

There's a pause and then a stare, that directed towards Angelus while Alessandra tries to figure him out. "The haruspices. You know. The ritualistic gutting of a cow so its entrails can be read so the future can be figured out…well, you probably know what that all means. Anyhow, they had one last night." Even as she explains her face blanches, it bringing back the visual memory which is entirely too vivid. "Poor Anton. He about had me in his lap at one point." Looking over at Raedawn, she raises a brow and she asks softly, "How did you remind him of that?"

"Oh, dear… I have a surprise coming," Rae says, shivering dramatically in mock terror. She grins at Alessa. "How? I ambushed him and tickled him. S'why he jumped up." She actually seems a bit proud of the fact. Hey, I made my friend jump up and hit his head!
The dark-haired beauty makes a face as Alessa reminds her of the occasion she was unfortunate enough to witness. "I saw that. Ugh. I always get funny feelings during the ceremonies, but this was just… /bad/." She shakes her head, looking faintly ill. "Come over here? I'd hug you, but I'm kind of stuck…" Which she is, with her feet off the ground and no way to stand back up.

Angelus looks over at Raedawn and he moves to help her up, "Yes, you are getting an equal suprise of your own." He grins mischieveously to Rae as the gears in his head are turning already. Angelus looks over at Alessandra, "That would be correct, I was ambushed by a tickle and I was so startled my face decided to meet the glass." This time no bruises were left in the making of this moment. "So, define bad for me?" Angelus asks Alessandra curiously, "I mean on a scale of one being oh no I've got CAP in four hours and I haven't had enough sleep to ten being I thought the Commander wouldn't mind if I snuck in and helped myself to some brandy and a cigar."

The mention of a hug has her shaking her head, Alessandra perhaps not the overly-huggable sort or, maybe, it's the thought of being hugged by someone she doesn't really know that has her doing so. Either way, the refusal is softened by a smile, or so she hopes, Allie not wanting to come across as mean. "Thanks but I think I'll pass on that for now." The hug that is. With a sigh she turns slightly so she can look out the viewport, not wanting to look at Nostos when she answers. "Bad enough. That's all I can say, really."

"Okay. Though you look like you need one," Rae replies, still concerned. She squeaks as she feels Angelus grasp her from behind, de-pretzelizing her and lifting her away from the back of the couch, sighing in relief as her (bright pink) sock-clad feet hit the floor. "Oh, thank you. The blood was all in my head and feet."

Nostos lets the moment drop as he can clearly see that Alessandra doesn't want to talk about it and so he isn't pushing. "My pleasure." Angelus says as he looks at Rae. Angelus stops for a moment to really look Alessandra over and he lowers his head for a moment as he goes into think mode again and he offers to Alessandra in an attempt to get her to at least laugh a bit, "Well, just because it comes from a cow doesn't make it true. Lots of bad things come from cows like poop and methane gas."

Does Alessandra need a hug? Without a doubt but she doesn't say so, she instead shrugging it off as she often times does. "Thanks for the offer." Finding somewhere to sit that's close enough to make conversation easy without there being too much of an overlap in personal space, she lets herself slouch, getting comfortable. "Wow, Nos. Thanks a lot for that. As if the mental images I had weren't gruesome enough as it was." Sighing, she shakes her head and watches the view, taking in the hustle and bustle of activity that goes on around the dock outside.

Rae gives Angelus a quick hug, only to recoil at his words. "Angel… yuck! Breakfast was only an hour ago!" Raedawn protests, making a disgusted face. She gives him an emphatic poke in the ribs and moves away.
The trouble with moving away is that it gives her a good look at Alessandra and her distressed face. Her expression might've gone neutral, but her eyes still hold hints of horror, and small wonder. There's a momentary war within Raedawn between her coolheaded side and her compassionate side. But it's over within moments, and the Ensign acts, approaching Alessandra.
Rae slips carefully onto the couch beside Alessa, almost close enough for them to touch, and leans over, hugging the older woman gently but warmly, trying to make the embrace as comforting as possible.

Angelus looks a bit suprised by the quick hug and he lookos at Raedawn, "Sorry, I was trying to be funny." He makes a small oof sound at the poke but he does grin for a moment as he watches Raedawn do her work and he takes a moment to watch Raedawn and Alessandra before deciding to move forward or not since two is a couple but three is a crowd.

Alessandra doesn't shy away, much to her credit, but there's a stiffening of her body, the hug causing her to tense. She's not exactly the sort who takes well to being ambushed like this, well-intended or otherwise, and it is hard for her to mask the discomfort. "Thanks," she eventually gets out, the single word grunted more than spoken, her face going bright red.

Rae blushes, hearing the word and feeling the stiffening. "Sorry," she murmurs, releasing Alessandra. "You just… looked like you needed a hug. Or something like." She lapses into an uncomfortable silence.

"You know what I always like to do when there is an uncomfortable silence?" Nostos begins walking toward the pair, "No, really, I am asking what do I like to do during an uncomfortable silence because I always forget." He scrates his head as he looks over at Raedawn, "Ussually, I do something awkward to make Rae there giggle." Angelus rubs his chin as he looks at Alessandra, "I don't suppose you like magic tricks do you?"

Alessandra makes no effort to apologize although she does make an attempt to at least be nice to Raedawn who gets her knee patted. "Stop. You're fine." Darting a look over to Nostos, then, she arches a brow up towards him, his question quite a bit unexpected. "Uh, I…guess," she manages to squeak out, her expression as puzzled as the tone of her voice is.

Rae manages a tiny hint of a smile at that patting, though it falters at the words. She's fine, yes, but she's at a loss as to how to help her feel better.
Fortunately, Angelus comes to the rescue. "Magic? Oh, please? I want to see a trick!" She sits up straighter, then abruptly draws her knees up and pivots herself upside down, with her back on the seat and her legs sticking straight up, crossed at the ankles. She looks at the Caprican expectantly, smiling just a little. This'll be fun.

Puzzled, puzzled is good, Nostos wants puzzled because puzzled can lead to forgetting about things, well, temporarily at least. He reaches into his pocket for a moment as he fumbles for something and he manages to find a tissue, unsued. Angelus looks at Alessandra, "Can you confirm for me that this is an average everyday tissue, which I assure you has not been used." Angelus looks over at Rae, "And if you would also like to look at the fine craftsman ship of the tissue as well?" He leans into both of the officers, "It is very important that you can assure me that this tissue is good because I have several tricks to do with it."

Alessandra raises a brow, a dual-purpose gesture as it is directed to Rae and Nostros both. "Uh, yeah. It looks fine." Looking at her couch-mate sidewards like, she gives Raedawn a slight shrug and mouths carefully, 'What the hell is he all on about,' this throwing her for a loop almost as much as the service last night has.

Rae giggles. Fine craftsmanship of the tissue indeed! "Looks pretty ordinary, and it definitely hasn't been used," she confirms. "Looks perfect for tricks!"
She lifts her head and smiles at Alessa. 'It's magic,' she mouths back. 'He does sleight of hand stuff. He's really good, too!'

Nostos takes the tissue and he begins to play with it holding it out with his two hands over and over and then it is clear that his fingers are holding the tissue when a small cubit appears to lift on its own just slightly above the tissue surface as the coin would appear to be levitating and resting on the tissue. Angelus tilts his the tissue on both sides to the left which causes the coin to roll down to the left hand side of the tissue and then he tilts both sides to the right and as if like magic the coin moves to the right. Hands bring bot sides of the tissue to a neutral level and the coin appears back in the center and with a sudden flash of movement Nostos crumples the tissue to reveal that the tissue was empty.

Lucky watches the show, lofting a brow while observing how Angelus does his thing, everything taken in with a casually-observant eye. When the trick is concluded after all the flourishes and showmanship she claps a few times, impressed. "Very good," she conceeds after her round of applause ends, leaving Raedawn to applaude on her own if she will do so.

Raedawn watches as if hypnotized, never taking her eyes off the tissue. It's almost as if she's trying to see how the trick is done. But when Nostos executes the last flourish, she gives a little cry and applauds energetically. "Oh, wonderful! Do another! Please?"

Nostos holds out his hand and he shows he is clearly holding one cubit in his hand, "I'm sure you all see one cubit and while some people say that they can't produce money out of thin air I know that I can." He then takes the same tissue and places it over the hand with the coin and he says, "Alright money time to multiply." He then quickly pulls the tissue away to reveal two coins are now in his hand and he shows both Alessandra and Raedawn that he clearly has two coins in his hand, "Hm, maybe it is a man cubit and a woman cubit…lets see if they will make a baby." Angelus then puts the tissue back over his hand and he says, "Shhh, they need privacy." He waits for a moment and then he pulls the tissue again and there are three coins. Finally, he looks at Raedawn and Alessandra and he says, "Though time like money often flies away from us." He puts his tissue over the clearly vissible three cubits and he quickly pulls the tissue to reveal that his hand is now empty.

Alessandra snerks at the verbal part of Nostos' act. "Gods," she blurbs out while rolling her eyes. "Always about the sex," she sort of teases but with the dry undertone the joke will most likely fall flat.

Rae gets a case of the giggles at the mention of reproducing cubits. Alessa's remark catches her ear and she sneaks a hand over to give the other woman a quick tickle in the ribs. "Be nice, Lieutenant Grumpy," she teases. "Nice, Angelus!"

Nostos looks over at Alessandra and he looks a little hurt, "Oh well, fine if you don't like my magic tricks, eltee, then I don't care." He says as he takes the tissue and he tears it into bits and when he done he holds them in his fist for a moment and then he throws the bits into the air only they aren't bits it is one complete tissue that begins to fall into Alessandra's lap at which point the Caprican winks to Alessandra to let her know it was all part of the act. Angelus looks over at Rae, "How was that one? Too much or not enough?"

Rae's hand gets smacked at for that and Allie shoots her a look, one that's not exactly cool but there's still a hint of a scowl to be found regardless. "I'm not grumpy," she manages to grunt out while watching the conclusion of the show from out of the corner of her gaze, the way he tears it up only to have it re-emerge whole distracting her from further chastising the other woman. "Now that's cool."

Rae pouts comically as her hand is smacked, and claps for Nostos as he pulls off a very nice trick that didn't look like on at first. "Nice!"

Nostos watches as Alessandra gives her 'that's cool.' and he smiles for a moment because hopefully his mission has been accomplished and if not he puts a hand into his pocket ready to spring a clever coin trick or two if he has too. Angelus looks over at Raedawn as she gives her approval of the trick and smile creeps across his face.

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