Alex "Decoy" Devlin
Ensign Alex "Decoy" Devlin
Chad White
Chad White as Alex "Decoy" Devlin
Alias: Alexis Thaddeus Devlin
Age: 27
Features: 6'2", brown eyes, short dark hair, tatau
Colony: Libran
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing: VF-154
Position: Viper pilot, Rook


Alex was delivering a shipment of alcohol to the party on Picon on Warday, and lucky enough to be onboard Cerberus when the attack hit, passing off a couple cases to a friend of a friend. Living in the starboard hangar for the last few months, he's spent his time helping out in various ways, bouncing from random job to random job as needed. He seems to have minor experience with a lot of different things, but hadn't really found a niche, until July 13, when he enlisted in the navy, and began training as a nugget with the air wing. On 26 September, he married Psyche "Bubbles" Athenos and on 10 October 2041, he received his commission as an Ensign in the Colonial Navy and was assigned to squadron VF-154, the Black Knights.

Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Prior to Warday, Devlin held a wide variety of jobs in an equally wide variety of locations, living on, working in, or visiting pretty much every colony at some point or another in the last 8 or 9 years. If you're interested in creating a bit of backstory, there are nearly infinite possibilities to fit him into any set of circumstances, so drop me a line and we'll make something up.

BS Cerberus, Air Wing: 13 July 2041 - ?

Physical Features

Alex Devlin stands a couple inches over six feet tall, with long limbs and an athletically muscular build. His hair is short and dark, generally messy, the same brown as the stubble shading his jawline and upper lip. His brows are dark and heavy over brown eyes, features even and angular overall.

On the Grid


- While male models rarely attain the fame sometimes awarded to their female counterparts, Alex was for a time about as ubiquitous as male fashion models get, and it would not be unusual for someone to recognize his face, though it might take a familiarity with fashion or advertising to be able to place it correctly.

- Though often photo-shopped or hidden by makeup in his professional photos, Alex has a Taurian tatau covering his left shoulder down to mid forearm.

- Avid (really, really avid) fans of Pyramid, and the Libran teams in particular, might recall Alex at one time being a hot prospect before his college career was derailed by injury.

- He's actively seeking someone in the crew capable of doing a fairly complex addition to his tatau, and putting it about at the same time that he's got tattooing equipment of his own and knows how to use it if anyone needs simple work done.

Armchair Psychiatry

"They live in the moment, experiencing life to the fullest. They enjoy people… [and] are excellent team players, focused on completing the task at hand with maximum fun and minimum discord. Active types, they find pleasure in new experiences. Traditional schools can be difficult for them, although they tend to do well when the subject of study interests them, or when they see the relevance of a subject and are allowed to interact with people. Generous, optimistic, and persuasive, they are good at interpersonal interactions. They often play the role of peacemaker due to their warm, sympathetic, and tactful nature. While very practical, they generally despise routines, instead desiring to 'go with the flow.' They are, in fact, very play minded." (source)

Devlin is an ESFP. The test is available here.


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Bright Eyes
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