PHD #011: Destruction and Tasking
Destruction and Tasking
Summary: Tillman delivers the news about some of the colonies and the Admiral hands out a promotion
Date: 09 Mar 2041
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Tillman is standing at the front of the room once again, the room set-up as usual for the Department Head meetings. Pads of paper are available at each seat and there is a pot of coffee brewing at the back for anyone interested.

Cidra slips into the ward room. Punctual. "Captain," she offers with a nod and very faint smile to Tillman. Her first destination is the back of the room, where she pours herself a cup of coffee. Must refuel before these things.

Gabrieli hasn't been a common face around the rest of the ship lately, but then again the ChEng is a lair rat for good reason. The Cave demands blood and sweat, and the last few days have been heavy with the loss of one of their youngest crew. He did, out of some very rare respect, change into blues before coming up here rather than his usual fatigues, carrying one of their official black report folders and smelling of cigarettes. "Captain. Major."

Karthasi is settled a seat away from the head of the table, getting her laptop set up for the meeting, opening up a couple of files while she finishes up a cigarette. When more people begin to come in, she stubs it out in a conveniently placed ash tray, turning her head to puff it out away from the table and wave a hand to dismiss the smoke. She offers nods to Cidra and Gabrieli, but remains quiet, for now.

The door to the war room opens and Atreus enters. Pausing just to the right of the hatch, he nods to those already in the room, "Sirs." It is an all encompasing greeting and carries respect for each in their capacities. Smelling the coffee, he inclines a grateful nod to Tillman and heads for the pot where he waits his turn.

Tillman nods to each as they enter. "Major. Captains. Chief." He turns on the television screen and lifts to sip a glass of water before he says anything else. "We'll begin in a moment, once everyone has seats." The man takes a moment to straighten his jacket and look back to the screen.

Cidra gets her coffee, offering cordial nods to all and sundry, then moving to take a seat. Legs crossed, coffee cup balanced on the folder she's brought with her. She sips the liquid some as people are still settling.

Gabrieli nods to Karthasi and Atreus as he finds himself a seat and plunks folder down at it. The coffee's bypassed, his pack of cigarettes fetched from his pocket and laid next to his nest of paperwork.

Atreus claims a mug of coffee once Cidra has moved on. He lifts it to take a swallow while moving to a chair. Setting his folder on the table, he settles into the chosen chair. Crossing an ankle over the opposite knee, he rests the mug just to the right of his folder and turns to look at the screen, then to Tillman.

"Alright, we're going to keep this short and sweet as we can. I know we're all busy. We'll start with an overall brief of what the situation is and what we know about it. Then we'll go straight to tasking and let you get out." Tillman pauses to let them all get settled. "Okay, our wing ran a recon back to Virgon a few nights back. The goal was to met out destruction totality to meet with planetary conditions. The were able to get photo recon on three cities, all of which are major centers. One, Skyler City, is the regional capital. We'll start with Venona Bay, though." The briefer clicks a controller and the TV screen switches to a fuzzy picture. "This is a thermal scan of the city. It's a lake of fire. An oil refinery and storage facility north of town ruptured during the attacks and a few million gallons of oil are currently burning the remains of downtown to ash." He clicks it again and a clear overhead image appears. "Phaeton City. Destruction from the center of the strike is complete to ten miles in a radius and then it tapers down in scale after that." Another click and the photo changes again. "Skyler City. We estimate a ten megaton bomb hit just north of the city and leveled most of it. This photo, as you can see, is taken of what was once downtown. The crews ran into heavy anti-aircraft fire here and aborted." A pause. "Virgon looks to be completely destroyed, ladies and gentlemen. With the atmospheric readings?" He just shakes his head. "We can expect this one quite a few other colonies."


Cidra takes in the images, then bows her head a moment. Eyes closing. But it's only for a moment. Then her focus is back on the pictures again, blue eyes unreadable. She takes a few notes. Scritch, scritch, scritch. "The Cylons did not just bomb and run, then. We should likely expect they've dug in on the other colonies as well, if those ground troops are any guide."

"Quite a few?" The inexact figure is, of course, what Gabrieli picks out of all that. The engineer's mind doesn't deal well with those. "What exactly do we know about the others, Captain? Besides that they've been hit. Would you give us a rundown of exactly where we stand on our knowledge of what's happened to all of them?"

Karthasi's mouth hangs open just a sliver as she looks to the images, less in wonder than in concentration, in conjunction with a slight furrowing of her brows. Her fingers, at once busy tying themselves in knots, rise in a set of graceful arcs to rest at home position as Gabrieli asks for a rundown.

The magnatidue and completeness of the destruction hits Atreus squarely in the gut. He stares at the images for a while, expression leaching to a cold, hard, almost calculating stillness. The coffee is moved and his folder opened. Looking at the images again, his pen's scritch scratching weaves a rhythm with Cidra's. Lifting the pen, he glances at Gabrieli as the engineer's question is voiced. The pen falls back and Atreus turns to Tillman for the answers.

Tillman nods to Cid. "Aye. Intelligence is backing up that assertion, which I will get to. As for the colonies overall?" The man takes a sip of water and tries to remain detached from it all. "Aerilon was the lightest hit, followed by Gemenon. With the exception of Aquaria and Caprica, which I will get to, a rough scale of destruction follows the outline of the economic capabilities of each colony. However, not one is going to be survivable for anyone within a week or two. There -are- sections of Aerilon, Gemenon, and Saggittaron that have not yet be blanketed by radiation, but the strikes have generated massive firestorms in some areas which is altering the weather patterns and accelerating the spread. If you like, I can give specifics on each colony after the situational brief - which will explain some of this." He looks between them.

Cidra makes a low "Ah" sound to herself, scritching on her paper some more. She tries to temper her reaction to the relative scale of destructive. Deep breath is taken, then exhaled slowly. A nod to Tillman. She can wait to hear more before she asks whatever she's got to ask.

Gabrieli presses his thumb against his cheek, fingers curled up against his lips. Not even the usual string of profanity from him after that, the magnitude of it barely comprehensible. He nods stiffly, letting the man go on.

"Please, Captain," Greje offers meekly from her seat at Tillman's offer of specifics, even as she types, quickly but deliberately.

Atreus leans back in his chair, expression remaining as before, though his gaze never leaves Tillman's face. A muscle jumps in his jaw and the pen he was using is set very carefully down on the pad of paper. Clasping his hands together, he leans forward enough to rest his forearms on the table, knuckles nearly white from the tension in his grasp. No comment is yet offered, though he does nod once for Tillman to continue.

"Overall situation? We have Cylons patrolling every Colony except Aquaria. Aquaria from here on out is considered an atmospheric no-fly zone for any reason at all." He nods to Cidra. "It was hit worse than anyplace else. Radiological readings indicate that it will be inhospitable for potentially a few thousand years. The areas of interest? Leonis: The Cylons have occupied the Leonis Naval Yards and left it apparently intact. They are HEAVILY patrolling the area and there is a matching flow of enemy traffic in and about of the area. They may even be conducting landings on the planet but the Colony was hit heavily so its difficult to say for sure." A pause. "Caprica: This will surprise a few of you. Most of the major cities were left intact. They laid down a lot of nuclear and conventional firepower there, but for the most part the cities, we believe, were not nuked in any recognizable way. There is a lot of traffic coming and going to the surface as well, none of which is Colonial." Another pause. "Picon." He clears his throat. "We were there. They gridded it out with nuclear strikes. The colony looks as badly hit as Virgon - if not worse due to the military presence. The remains of a quarter of our fleet are still hanging in rough orbit. As far as we can tell, the Cylons have left it alone but there as a massive force arrayed there as well with traffic going to and from the surface. We estimate that Leonis and Picon each have between fifteen and twenty Basestars deployed to each one with a slightly smaller number around Caprica. The other colonies have likely three to five." The numbers still don't seem to fully sink in to the TACCO until this moment and he looks to the glass in front of him. "The last place of interest is Gemenon." He glances to Karthasi. "They hit every major religious site on the planet with either strategic or nuclear weapons. They kept their focus there and population centers. However, they seem to be leaving the colony alone for the most part. I personally feel this might be telling but at this early stage?" Tillman shakes his head. "It's a lot of guesswork. Leaving the Leonis Yards intact was a strategic move. Hitting religious sites of no value to them?" He lets it hang. "Anyway, that is where our major points of contention are with their deployments. Requests for information on particular colonies?"

"You saying hitting religious sites was some sort of crime of passion?" Gabrieli asks under his breath. It's certainly not a joke; the engineer's lined brows bear heavy creases as his brows knit. He takes a while to absorb all that, whether he really wants to or not, his face slightly paler for it all. "Tauron, sir?"

"Perhaps," Cidra says, as to Gemenon. "Perhaps not. The colony's main religious centers in general *are* it's population centers. The population is small, and does not have many targets that would be considered of military value. Still, I agree it is a…curiosity worth examining." She catches Karthasi's eye for a beat, giving the chaplain a small nod. She has no specific requests for information at this juncture, however. More notes are taken, and she frowns thoughtfully at her paper.

Although Atreus listens to the unbelievable litany of disaster, his eyes lit momentarily when Leonis was mentioned only to have the light die at the news. The rest is a mounting horror, but the first cut; as they say, is the deepest. His gaze drops to the papers in front of him as the magnitude of it washes over him. Colony after colony is listed with no relief until the TACCO stops talking. Then, he reaches over to lift his coffee mug. A long sip is taken, the black liquid a balm against anger. He clears his throat, "Could be it was intended to demoralize any survivors. Hitting the religious centers, I mean." He does not take notes yet, but does claim another calming swallow. Then, the mug is replaced, the pen taken up and a few comments added to his earlier notes.

Karthasi looks back toward Cidra and then up to Tillman again, clearing her throat just a little before timidly speaking up, "I was never allowed to serve on Gemenon… and their cult honor distribution have always been to some degree off-limits to outsiders. I have enlisted the aid of the Major in analyzing the importance of the sites which have been struck," she lets him know. Then, looking back toward Atreus, "Religious sites on other colonies, however, have not been so targetted," she lets him know. "Delphi, for example, is among the Caprican sites which seem to have suffered relatively little damage." For Delphi, think the Vatican. Not loved by everybody, by any means, but held in general esteem as a religious center.

"That is what I'm saying, Captain Gabrieli." Tillman just deadpans it. "There is zero strategic value to the sites and psychological warfare would be unnecesary in an unlimited war environment like this." He looks to both Gabrieli and Atreus with this. "Meaning, why would a machine waste weapons on unimportant sites when a genocidal ambush is already underway? Even if there were survivors to know about it, EMPs from the nuclear strikes would fry communications. The only way to know from the ground is to see it up close and even then?" You aren't living to tell about it. He then looks to Cidra. "Yes, sir. Normally I would agree but these sites got their own nuclear weapons assigned. That's in addition to the population centers. Some even got hit twice." Eyes the nturn to Greje with her assessment. Some of that takes him by surprise. "Good to know. I actually have tasking on that for you, Captain Karthasi. Stay tuned." Tillman then addresses Gabrieli's request again and flips a paper. "Tauron….The industrial centers are wrecked. They hit those first, we think, then the population centers. There's a lot of traffic to and from the planet as well. No word on what they are doing there."

As the discussions continue to progress on the various topics, the hatchway to the Ward Room slips open and there's a murmered thank you that's heard before the figure of Michael makes his way into view. A brief look around the room is taken before the man begins to move towards one of the empty seats and as he does so, a hand lifts and he's giving a shake of his head, perhaps an indication for people to not interrupt the current discussion points.

Cidra simply nods in affirmation when Karthasi mentions enlisting her aid. "I shall do what I can, Sister," she says softly. "I still have some of my books from university I can consult. I shall make as thorough a study of it as I can. It is…most curious." She keeps her features carefully schooled, and blue eyes generally on her paper. Not revealing too much of her face just at that moment. Michael's entrance is misssed.

Gabrieli also completely misses Michael, paying attention to Tillman as he is. The news about Tauron makes his expression tighten, and he nods once. "And Sagittaron? I've got a number of men from there, they'll want to know. Unless we're under order to keep these details classified?" Gods know everyone's been clamoring for more information everywhere.

Atreus blinks and then nods to Karthasi. He half mouths an 'ah', then a 'thanks' before turning to Tillman again with a nod, "Right, sir. Got it." Well, he has the situation anyway. The logic behind it still escapes him so he falls silent on that matter. Michael's entrance is noted with a flick of his eyes and a brief nod before his attention returns fully to the briefing. Or as fully as one man can contemplate devistation on such a level.

Tillman is about to call everyone up to stand when Abbot enters but stops short as he see's the gesture. A simple "Admiral," is offered in greeting. And warning to anyone that missed him. He then looks back to Gabrieli. "Absolutely not, Captain. This information can and should be diseminated to all personnel under your commands. Details of all this will be posted in a few days, though. As for Sagittaron: Most of the northern continent was hit very heavily. There's a lot of radiation floating around in that hemisphere. The few centers on the southern half but most of the rural areas appear to be intact. Radiation has been working its way southbound since the strikes and is slowly enveloping most of it. As with Aerilon and Gemenon, there probably won't be any survivors left there within a weeks time. Maybe ten days for these at the furthest points south." He looks away and takes a sip of his water trying to keep from thinking about the reality of it on the surface.

Karthasi keeps on her taking of notes once she's said her piece, only looking up to Clive once more to give him a short, attentive nod as he taps her for an upcoming tasking. A mental countdown clock is set for the last clean regions of the least stricken Colonies.

"Admiral." Up comes Cidra's head. Expression somewhat inscrutable, as is not unusual for the CAG. A respectful nod is offered to him though she likewise does not leap to attention when it seems not required. A few more notes are taken and she asks, "Are there plans to search for survivors? Before the week is up."

Reaching one of the empty chairs, Michael pulls it out and lowers himself into it as a small notepad and pen are withdrawn from his pocket. There's a quick look around the table, noting those that have attended and giving a nod of his head in exchange for the greetings. Then he's shifting his attention to each person as they speak, pen resting idly against the paper as he prepares to write something.

Gabrieli finally notices Michael as everyone else does. A formal nod to the man, but his attention's right back on Tillman after that. He glances at Cidra at that question and then to the TACCO again, raising an eyebrow.

Karthasi pauses in her typing and just fixes her pallid green eyes on Tillman, still as a statue as she waits for that particular answer, fingers poised mid-note over keys.

The sense of poised apprehension is thick enough to cut. Atreus gives the TACCO an almost sympathetic look, but it falls away as the room stills. He exhales slowly, watching TIllman, stilling the scritching of his pen.

The TACCO shakes his head to Cidra. Its apparent he was hoping to avoid this question, but there it is. "With the deployment of baseships around these colonies, it would be nearly impossible. That have to be aware there is some kind of force out there after our last trip back to Virgon. If their boots, I would expect us to try for them and lay a simple trap. We couldn't risk it without fighter cover and it owuld take time. It would ensure we'd get into a slugfest with potentially as many as five to six baseships." He clears his throat, looking away from them and back to the podium. "Any more questions before we move on to tasking?"

Cidra simply nods short when the question is answered. Blue eyes grave though, as ever, it is hard to tell what else is going on behind them with her. She looks between the admiral, then back to the TACCO. Gaze steady, but she's nothing more to add.

Gabrieli might have something else to say, from the way his thumb clicks his pen twice. But it's held for now, waiting until after this tasking is done. His scrubs his fingers across his chin, staying silent for now.

Karthasi swallows the urge to protest even as it threatens to come back up on her, fingers not quite beginning to move again, eyes remaining on Tillman through his answer and past it before she even remembers to blink.

There it is, then. Atreus nods, expression going colder than before. The pen ducks again to the notepad, but for a long time, nothing is added to what is already there. Finally, he taps the pen twice and looks up again. A quick shake of his head indicates that he has no questions.

As the TACCO calls for questions and none are forthcoming, Michael begins to rise from his seat so that he can move to the refreshment stand and a large box that had been placed there. The box is opened, but for the moment, nothing is withdrawn. Instead, he turns to survey those that are seated before finally beginning to speak, "Before we get on to taskings, I require a moment of your time."

Tillman turns his eyes towards the Admiral and folds his hands behind his back, saying nothing.

Cidra gives Michael her attention. And time, presumably. Again, nothing verbal from her. She's attentive. Brows arched a little in vague curiosity.

Karthasi's chair squeaks just a little bit as she turns herself a few degrees, attention turning from one end of the room to the other. She takes her fingers from above the keyboard and folds them over her lap, elbows on the armrests of the seat.

Gabrieli picks up his cigarettes as Michael makes his way up. If DH meetings are meant to be non-smoking, they're just going to have to deal. His greenish eyes follow the Admiral, looking down just long enough to light up one of the sticks. He blows smoke at the ceiling and sits back, jaw tense.

Atreus expects the TACCO to continue, so does not really pay the Admiral's move toward the coffee much mind. When the man speaks, however, the Chief turns his chair enough to give Michael his full attention.

With nothing more then a simple nod, Michael begins, "For the last several days, I have been spending time with Colonel Sarkis in an effort to evaluate his condition." Hands shift to clasp behind his back, presumbly against the small of his back, "After the events of 26 February, the Colonel's attitude and behaviour began to change. Subsequent evaluations have determined that he's suffering from a mental illness. As a result, it has been determined that he's no longer fit for command and has been relieved of his position." It's only now that his hands unclasp, with one reaching into the box to withdraw a smaller one, "This is, in essence, why Captain Tillman has been handling a fair portion of requests for information. As a result, I am hereby moving Captain Tillman to the position of Acting XO with a promotion to the rank of Major." The small box is now opened so that the pins can be seen, "Front and center, Major."

Tillman listens impassively. He hasn't seen much of the Colonel, either. But he looks a little stunned at the idea of the man being relieved. And then the promotion? The man blinks a few times and looks around before settling back on the Admiral. Out of the blue? "Yes, sir!" Tillman's feet carry him across to where the Admiral stands and he comes to attention in front of the man.

Well that…what? Gabrieli blinks slowly as well. Any other day he might be applauding the new Major, quite happy to celebrate a promotion. Today, it just kind of hangs in the air. 'Congratulations' just doesn't seem appropriate and the ChEng, after a moment, just decides to give a respectful nod. "Major Tillman."

The barest hint of a smile comes to Cidra's face as she regards Tillman. She does not congratulate him, either. Not in such times. But she does add, "Major. It shall be an honor to serve with you in such a manner." Though there is still a touch of concern about her expression. "What shall happen to the Colonel?"

The news about Colonel Sarkis is troubling and Atreus lowers his head in a brief moment of silence for the man. That has got to be rough. Then comes the announcement of the XO's replacement. Even with the news of the day hanging in the air, Atreus summons a smile for Tillman. Standing, he turns to face the Admiral and new Major. A little deliberately, he squares his shoulders and brings his hand up in a very respectful, regulation salute. "Major Tillman."

Karthasi looks more somber than anything, herself, at the news of the Colonel's condition, and it leeches over into the related promotion, despite her efforts to look appreciative of the now-Major's labors, which have, of course, been many. "Major," she tells him, lowering her head into a nod blending with hints of a bow, before Cidra's question has her eyes returning swiftly to the Admiral.

Once Tillman has come to stand before him, Michael is extending the box with the pins in one hand, while his other extends for a shake. There's also a quick nod of his head, "Continue with the good work that you're doing, Major. I only wish that I could offer this under more suitable conditions." Once the items are taken and pleasantries are concluded, he's turning his attention in the direction of Cidra, "For now, the Colonel has simply been relieved of his duties. He has been ordered to Medical for a full mental and phyical workup. As well, he will be attending sessions with the psychiatrist. No permenant decision will be made until the workups have been completed. For the time being, he'll be doing some minor paperwork and the like to keep himself occupied."

Cidra makes a soft "Ah" sound as to Sarkis. As per usual with the CAG, hard to get a read on precisely what her reaction is. Just "Ah."

Tillman takes the box and shakes the Admirals hand with the other. Its not quite a smile so much as a little bit of tempered shock that reaches his face. "Thank you for the trust, sir." He turns and offers an easy salute to the Chief before looking back to Michael. No, this isn't the best of circumstances. Falling into the shoes of another man destroyed by the loss isn't so joyful a promotion. He just takes teh box and stands in place, looking to everyone else and waiting to continue.

"Admiral," Greje speaks up, voice meek in its efficient, cold Caprican syllables. "If you should extend to the Colonel my services, should he request or require them, I would be very grateful," she requests of the man.

Gabrieli says nothing at all, not even a little sound after the formal gesture. He smokes and waits to continue, flipping ash off the cigarette absently into his water cup. Classy.

When the salute is returned, the Chief lowers his hand and reclaims his seat. Finally, support offered to the new XO, concern for the one just previous is allowed to surface. He looks at Karthasi, a brief half smile given, then his attention returns to the Admiral, "Sir. I don't know if the Colonel was a tinkerer, but if the docs think it's an okay notion, I'm sure I could send up a box of random parts for him to mess with." He shrugs a little, "To keep his hands busy. If he wants."

First, Michael's attention looks in the direction of Greje, to whom the Admiral gives a nod to, "I will pass that along, Captain. I am sure that he will find the time to speak with you." Then, it's over in the direction of Atreus to whom a nod is given to as well, "Please, Chief." Finally, his eyes play about all those in the room, "As to the reason for the Colonel's departure from duties .. that is to remain behind this door. I will ensure the crew is aware, but they will not be privvy to the finer points of the reasoning." Now, he simply begins to move back towards the chair, "With that done, I'll pass the floor back over to Major Tillman."

Tillman nods in understanding, waiting until the Admiral is back in his seat before moving back to his notes. It takes a second for him to reset his brain but it finally kicks over. "Okay, then. Tasking: First, Air Wing." Tillman looks to Cidra. "Major Hahn? We need more detailed recon and surveillance of Leonis and Caprica, sir. Nothing close in, though. We need to identify patterns of activity and what exactly they have arrayed in those two areas. Every bit of electronic noise those ships put out should also be logged and the areas filmed with the recon equipment you all have available. Secondary tasking," he begins, looking towards Atreus also. "This includes Deck. I hear we are running short on Mark Two's. We need to get everything combat ready on the double as we should expect offensive operations within two to three weeks. That means upgrading all trainers unless the CAG objects. It also means that we are probably going to have to build more. That means salvage." A look back to Cidra. "Major Hahn, we'll need your Raptors to jump back to Virgon and start some ugly business. But we need Viper and Raptor parts and that can't be helped. If you could please coordinate that salvage operation with Chief Atreus, please sir? If so, that's all I have for you at the moment."

Gabrieli /almost/ smirks when Tillman still calls Cidra 'sir'. The newly pinned are so cute. The expression doesn't really materialize though, and he goes on listening.

Cidra shifts a look over at Atreus, then attention back to Tillman. "Chief Atreus has already seeing to the upgrading of the training ships with weapons, Major. To my understanding the work is ongoing." His rank is emphasized, just a touch. She's not a 'sir' to him anymore. "Though between that and the repairs I do not believe we are currently rich in parts. The Chief would know better than I. In any case, the attack by the Cylons hit our numbers very hard, so if we can produce more craft it would be for the good. Back to Virgon, then?" A short nod. "Will the Raptors be jumping in alone, Major, or will they be accompanied by any of the capital ships?"

Listening, Atreus nods. "We have begun work on that already, sir. Captain Sitka came to me with the idea shortly after the attack at Picon." To give credit where it is due. "We've been working on building a few more Vipers, but with everything else, parts are scarce." He lifts his pen and closes it, then uses the end to scratch the inside of one ear just a bit, "If we are going on a supply run, I have a few requests." Turning his notebook, he lists them. "First, for parts. Generally. Second, I'd like flight recorders and onboard computers from any VIIs we can find that were rendered dead in the water. There is a team headed up by Lieutenant Oberlin looking into the whys and wherefors and any intel we can provide them by way of comparasson is to the good. We have to find out what killed those birds so we can counter it. To me, that is a must. Next? Parts. Engines, in particular, but anything that is servicable. Third? If at all possible, we should haul any intact birds we can out of there. I know it is a lot to ask, but there it is. Also?" He cocks a brow at the new Major, adding, "Parts. I'll have a team set up to go with the raptors so we can get as many servicable parts as possible."

Tillman didn't catch that he was calling her 'sir'. There's a bit of a sheepish look that flashes before taking another sip of his water. He nods to the progress, but a long breath is taken at her last question. "Yes, Virgon once again. But I think we could probably transfer a half a dozen Vipers or so to the loading bay of the Corsair and jump it back. With the Admiral's permission?" He glances to the man before continuing to reply to Atreus. "What you pick up out there is your perogative, Chief. I won't tell you how to do your job or what takes priority. You know where your department is, but that all sounds like good material. Proceed at your discretion. Now..Engineering." The TACCO turns his attention to Gabrieli. "You all recovered a Cylon from the Chimaera. Assign someone from your department to head up its study. Orders are to keep it locked up behind doors with Marine guards, though. We don't need anyone getting vengeful and destroying a potential intelligence goldmine. Once you appoint someone have them contact me and keep me updated with their progress. Also, develop a list of potential items you all might need in the future. Vital organs for the ship, supplies your department goes through quickly. Anything we might be able to salvage from Virgon's orbit."

Gabrieli refocuses on Tillman as the TACCO gets to his business in the whole matter. He nods at that. "I got the report about that centurion from the away team. I've got a liaison in mind already. They'll be in touch promptly. Just have the Marines send their people and we'll show them where to camp out." His thumb clicks the back of his pen again. "Salvage requests'll be on your desk in the morning. 3M loves their lists."

Cidra nods short to Tillman, as to the Corsair and Vipers. "That is good. Raptors can handle ground targets, but those Cylons we faced were in dogfighter craft. They'd run circles around my Raptors - with guns blazing - if it came to a fight in the air. Jamming and jumping shall not salvage us much. With the Admiral's permission, of course." A cursory look thrown at Michael, but she seems to feel the plan sound and her mind seems secure enough in it." As for Atreus, he gets a nod. He can have all the footage from the VIIs and such he wants.

Michael shifts his attention between those that speak, but it's only when 'Admiral's Permission' is heard that he alternates his glance between Cidra and Tillman, "Proceed. I'm not here to micromanage our sorties, Majors. If I have a concern, I will voice it, otherwise you have leave to conduct missions at your discretion, providing the Cerberus is not left unguarded." That, no doubt, goes without saying.

Atreus nods, "Thank you, sir. I'll get my teams prepped and up to speed on what we need." He pauses as the intel on the Toaster is delivered. "Huh. When the time comes, I'd like a bit of their plating, sirs. When it is possible. I want to see what we have that'll breach it. Maybe between Captain Gabrieli's engineers and my folk we can get a handle on how to kill those things."

Gabrieli gives Atreus a dry smile, ashing his cigarette again. "We'll see what we can shave off there for you, Chief. I'll cc you as we go on anything that might be relevant to your guys. Got a feeling once we get into their programming there'll be quite a bit."

Karthasi has a whole lot of nothing to say about taking Raptors out to salvage dead ships. If the thought occurs to her that they might be able to recover bodies, as well, she says nothing of it aloud, since there are so many out there as to be an almost endless task. She does take some notes on the proceedings, for the sake of the other Support departments, but doesn't have anything to add.

Tillman nods to the Admiral. "Thank you, sir." To Cidra: "I will contact Corsair Command and inform them that they will be detailed to your command for the jump. Coordinate with their CIC." He then looks to Gabrieli and nods his head. "If the Chief can help, detail him in at your discretion, Captain. Looking forward to the lists." Finally, Tillman looks to Greje. "Captain Karthasi. You've already started investigating the Gemenon strikes. Thank you for the effort, as it was well-placed. I've assigned our intelligence officer and my junior tactical officer, Lieutenant Oberlin and Ensign Kulko, to investigate the deployments. This tasking includes investigating the strikes on Gemenon. Coordinate with them and see what you can come up with as far as why those might have happened like they did."

Cidra simply nods, both on the count of the Gemenon investigation. Albeit more somberly to that last. She shall coordinate as needed all 'round.

Karthasi lifts her chin and twists her neck to the side in a swift, sharp motion as her name is called, then dips her chin in a nod equally sharp to the tasking assigned to her. "I will be very interested to hear the results of the further reconnaisance missions to Caprica, as well, in terms of the respective treatment of Amphictyonic and schismatic religious sites," she notes, looking back to Cidra, her right hand in this piece of research.

Gabrieli's eyes go down to his glass as Gemenon is discussed in such dry terms. The end of his cigarette's tapped, sending more ash filtering down through the water.

Atreus lifts his chin in acknowledgement to Gabrieli, "Thanks, sir. Should be interesting." There is more he could add, but it is not generally relevant. Clicking his pen open again, the Chief makes a note to speak with the ChEng later. Looking up, he flicks a glance to Karthasi, then to Cidra, but adds nothing.

"Major Hahn, if you could direct your pilots to help Captain Karthasi as they can?" He stops then and looks to everyone. "Alright ladies and gentlemen. Nothing here is classified except as indicated by the Admiral. Tell your people. This crew has a right to know all of what you have heard. Thus, coordinate your efforts and pull people from wherever you need to - including the civilians and former Picon Station personnel. Even if you're investigating Gemenon and need to speak to the CAG. As I said, plan for offensive operations in two to three weeks. We need to get ready and gear up for it." He scans everyone's faces. "Unless the Admiral wishes to keep you all here, this meeting is adjourned."

Cidra catches Karthasi's eyes briefly, holding her gaze. Still not much revealed in the CAG's gray-blue eyes, however. Then a nod to Tillman. Nothing further from her. She finishes the last of her coffee (which has long gone cold) and stands fluidly. She's work to be about.

A hand lifts, giving a slight wave to those that are present, before Michael is chiming in with, "I have nothing further. Thank you for your time and pass along my respects to your crew." Then, he's turning his attention over towards Tillman, "Major, what was that Civilian's name that you've been working with?"

Gabrieli closes his folder, cigarette making a soft hiss as he dumps the smouldering butt into his glass. To Karthasi he comments quietly, "Sister, when you have the time. The young man who was killed in the last operation, Specialist Ren. He needs…his proper services." He clears his throat softly and stands.

Atreus looks to the right, then the left. When no further comments are directed his way, he rises. "Sirs." That is all. The coffee mug is lifted and the liquid drained. Crossing to the refreshment area, he sets the mug down and turns toward the hatch but does not exit just yet, "Captain? When you have a moment, I'd like a word." His eyes slip aside to Karthasi and he steps back, "When you have time." The dispensation of the soul takes precidence, "Excuse me."

Karthasi closes up her laptop, eyes moving from Cidra to Gabrieli. "Of course, Captain," she replies, voice gentle, "Shall I tend to him by himself, or would any of his comrades like to be with him?" she wonders. "We can schedule something if people wish to gather."

Karthasi adds, for Atreus, "Of course. Would you like to come to the Ecclesiastical Offices, Chief?" she asks him.

Tillman organizes the notepad at the podium and finishes off his water before looking to the Admiral. There's a moment of confusion, but only one name really pops to mind. "Miss Sawyer Averies, sir?" He takes up the boxed pins with his notes, pocketing the former for now. No need to dress in front of the Admiral. A slow gait takes him over towards the CO.

"I think it'd be best if they could attend," Gabrieli says, as he gathers up his folder. "Gods willing, maybe it'll help them deal with the fact that they couldn't be there for all the others."

Atreus slowly nods, "I would, Sister. And if there're no objections, I'd like to be able to invite the deck crew. The specialist was pretty popular with my folks." He shadows a nod to Gabrieli, "If you don't object, sir?"

That name rings a bell and Michael is giving a nod of his head as he begins to push up and out of his chair, "That's the one. Inform her that I wish to speak with her at her earliest convience, please. She seems to be eager to do things, so I feel the need to speak with her about the civilian population."

Tillman takes a breath like he's got something to say and lets it go. "Fair enough, sir. I'll let her know as soon as I can. I'll pass along some information to her as I can. Though sir, I do have some recommendations when you have time. At your convenience." The man taps the notepad into the palm of his hand a few times.

Karthasi hms, a thoughtful note. "There is… limited space in the morgue," she relates— this is evidently where most of these procedures have been borne out so far. "I can ask medical if they would be able to provide him a carrying-out for the performance of the rites elsewhere," she muses lightly to herself, to them— to… whoever's listening, really. "Only let me know when the best time for the rites would be, in terms of your departmental schedules."

Lifting a brow slightly, Michael gives another simple nod of his head, "Not a problem, Major. We'll catch up tomorrow and go over whatever you need to go over." With that said, he's lifting a hand and motioniong towards the door before beginning to walk that way.

"Aye, sir. Thank you." Tillman nods to the man and looks around to the one's still remaining before he moves off towards the hatch. He's suddenly got a lot more work to do. Coffee. Coffee, now!

"People are on at every hour, Sister," Gabrieli says, shaking his head. "You decide when's best for you. I'll make sure anyone who wants to go can swap their shift." He glances at Atreus and nods to both. "Thanks." The ChEng's not a man of many words, and that suffices for him. He turns away, heading on out. Work to bury oneself in.

Atreus clears his throat, "We could hold it on the Deck, Sister. I can arrange a bit of room." A bit. Or a bigger bit. Depending. Nodding to Gabrielli and to Karthasi, he turns and walks to the hatch, then out.

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