W. John DeMaratus
Captain Witney John DeMaratus
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper as Witney John DeMaratus
Alias: Dee; Jack
Age: 36
Features: Dark hair, blue eyes, well-maintained build
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Captain
Department: Medical
Position: Medical Officer


Witney John DeMaratus was orphaned as an infant and taken to live with his uncle and aunt on a farm in the rural Arethusa region of Leonis’ Aspasia province. Showing significant mental acumen from an early age, DeMaratus graduated from high school at seventeen years of age and was accepted into the University of Pantheiras on a full scholarship. After the accidental death of his uncle and aunt, DeMaratus was forced to make his own way in the world based solely on the merit of his various achievements.

At Pan U, DeMaratus was not only an exceptional student but an athlete as well. He played for Pan U’s famed pyramid team, the Fighting Bulls, and was part of the line-up that took the team to victory in the All-Leonisian Conference in 2025. Although not talented enough to pursue professional athletics as a profession, DeMaratus’ picture could still be found in Pan U’s Hall of Distinguished Alumni along with the rest of the team and other great contributors to the University.

DeMaratus graduated with degrees in both chemistry and psychology from the Pan U and was awarded yet another full scholarship, this time to the prestigious and highly-regarded Asclepius School in Rhodon. At Asclepius, DeMaratus opted to focus entirely on his academic pursuits and took all the necessary courses to become a surgeon. Specifically, DeMaratus chose to eventually specialize in cardiothoracic surgery. He graduated summa cum laude from the Asclepius School in 2031.

Immediate Family

DeMaratus has no living family, having lost his mother and father as an infant via circumstances that are not listed anywhere in his file.

He was adopted and raised by his maternal aunt, Phoebe DeMaratus (nee Perry) and his uncle, Marius DeMaratus. Records indicate that both his uncle and aunt were deceased at the time of his joining the Colonial Fleet.

Service Jacket


Frederick Baumgart High School (Arethusa, Aspasia Province, Leonis)

DeMaratus attended Frederick Baumgart High School, a rural school located in Arethusa. Among his achievements at Baumgart, DeMaratus was skipped ahead a year and graduated at the age of seventeen. He was also captain of the school’s Pyramid team, the Cougars. He graduated as part of the Class of 2023.

University of Pantheiras (Pantheiras, Leonis)

DeMaratus attended the University of Pantheiras on a full scholarship awarded to rural students of inadequate means who express an extraordinary degree of academic or sporting acumen. He obtained dual degrees in Chemistry and Psychology as well as joining the school’s Pyramid team, the Bulls. He graduated in 2027 with honors.

The Asclepius School (Rhodon, Leontinia Province, Leonis)

DeMaratus’ attended the Asclepius School on another full scholarship, obtaining a full education as a medical doctor and specializing in cardiothoracic surgery. He graduated summa cum laude in 2031 and was the recipient of the School’s prestigious Harland L. Mercier Award for his dissertation.

Physical Profile

This man has features that seem to naturally smile, creased slightly around the corners of the eyes with lips that curl upwards at the crook of their own accord. His skin has a slight tan, as though it may have once been a carefully maintained thing but has since begun to fade without the routine presence of the sun. His eyes are a pale blue and his hair a darkening brown, the lengthy stubble about his jaw and the untamed nature of his hair suggesting he has not seen a razor nor a barber in some time.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Name Thoughts
Circe_icon.jpg Circe Lagana “I like this one. She’s been helping me sort out this damn flu epidemic since I first started on it and the whole while she’s been nothing but dedicated. She’s got a great many good ideas of her own and seems to have a strong grasp on medical theory and practice. Doctor Adair is training her in order to expand her knowledge, and I hope I shall not be stepping on his toes if I attempt to teach her as well.”


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