Karl Jaeger
{$rank} Karl Jaeger
{$actor} as Karl Jaeger
Alias: KJ
Age: 38
Features: Shaved head, goatee, green eyes, battered and scarred
Colony: Gemenon
Rank: {$rank}
Department: {$division}
Position: Civilian Contractor


Immediate Family

  • Father: Unknown priest of Zeus. Presumed deceased. Disowned his son when Karl chose to drop out of seminary.
  • Mother: Unknown.

Work Experience

January 2021 - March 2023: Seminary on Gemenon
April 2023 - April 2029: Colonial Navy; see Service Jacket for details
September 2029 - May 2032: University of Metis, Caprica. College of Engineering
September 2032 - May 2034: Caprica University. Graduate Studies
May 2034 - October 2034: Coerlis & Co, Leonis. Junior Engineer
October 2034 - Warday: Coerlis & Co, Spacedock Leonis. Project Cerberus, Electronic Warfare Division

Service Jacket

7 April 2023 - June 2023: Boot Camp
July 2023 - December 2023: A-School. Electronic Countermeasures Technician
December 2023 - April 2029: Active Duty
23 April 2029: Honorable Discharge

Physical Features

Karl Jaeger is not a pretty man. His face is battered and scarred. His nose has been broken at least twice, a bald spot through the middle of one eyebrow marks one old injury and one side of his mouth is pulled up slightly in a permanent sneer as evidence of another. No doubt there are others less immediately visible, also. His hands, also, are battered: twisted, gnarled, and quite likely arthritic.

Although he stands at 5'8", arms of slightly disproportionate length and a vaguely bowlegged stance give him a simian appearance that, when coupled with the bruiser's face, quite belies the keen intellect hiding within the brutish appearance.

Pale green eyes, a shaved dome (to conceal the rapidly retreating hairline), and a thoroughly unremarkable mousy-brown goatee complete the image of the man.

He tends to dress in conservative, dark-colored suits reminiscent of military uniforms, but he wears comfortable shoes that do not require shining.

On the Grid

Known Associates


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