Sesten Delamont
Lieutenant Sesten Delamont
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Sesten Delamont
Alias: Delamont
Age: 30
Features: Strong jaw line, 5oclock shadow
Colony: Picon
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Weapons
Position: Weapons Officer


Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Period Station Position Notes
2034 - 2036 AE Heavy Cruiser Demeter (CHC-1092) Weapons Officer, 1st & 2nd Missile Battiers Rank: Ensign
2036 AE Promotion to Lieutenant JG
2026 - 2037 AE Assigned to the Destroyer Diomedes (CD-7217) Weapons Officer, Forward Turret Batteries Rank: LT JG
2037 - 2039 AE Assigned to the Destroyer Talon Sea (CD-5905) Weapons Officer, Aft Turret Batteries Rank: LT JG
2039 AE Promoted to Lieutenant
2039 - 2041 AE Assigned to Battlestar Hyperion (BS-19) Weapons Officer, Dual Turret-Mounted Batteries #1-5 Rank: LT
2041 - Present Assigned to Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132) following the decommissioning of the Battlestar Hyperion (BS-19) Weapons Officer, Multiple placement assignments Rank: LT

Physical Features

Here is a man in his thirties. His face is angular, and sharp one whose edges look a bit worn — stern one might even describe it. His hair is dark brown, touched with gray at the temples, and just a little longer then the regulations might allow. The man's eyes are equally as dark, a shade of brown so dark that the pupils all but seem to disapear. The man's body is one created by toil and labor, thin and strong, and he stands at height of about six feet or so.

On the Grid

Known Associates



Even before the war, Sesten had plans to be a career Naval Officer. He had his eyes set on command of his own ship one day, and before the war was seeking out opportunities to find his way into CIC as a Tactical Officer. Sesten himself is a capable Weapons Officer, and a skilled gunner in his own right. During his years of service he has continually worked on perfecting his gunnery skills, in addition to other skills that might be required of a Weapons Officer — such as Damage Control, Firefighting, and Handling of Heavy Munitions.

Ultimately he has tried to keep his military and private life separate, and has attempted to remain the consummate professional for the most part. He is a man who believes in his duty, the honor of his family, and his mission as an Officer. His numerous military assignments have left little time for love, and mostly just flings with fellow officers when on leave — ships passing in the night, etc. When it comes to religion her worships Ares the God of War, and regularly prays to him for aid when it comes to defeating his enemies — which have become far more numerous since the start of the war. He also worships Hades the God of the Underworld, realizing that Hades is ultimately the true master of any soldier who has been trained to kill and take life. These days it is a toss up between Ares and Hades when it comes to worship, as fight brings the Cerberus ever closer to Hades grasp.

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