Del Archer
Specialist Delilah "Del" Archer
Dina Meyer
Dina Meyer as Delilah "Del" Archer
Alias: Del
Age: 26
Features: Curly red hair, brown eyes
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Specialist
Department: Medical
Position: Navy Corpsman


A pre-war paramedic who was rescued from Tauron as part of the Number Five Prisoner Exchange. She joined the Navy as soon as she'd recovered from her injuries, and now serves as a Corpsman in sickbay and with the Marines.


Del grew up in a 2-bit town in Mycenaedd Province, Tauron. After (barely) finishing high school, the search for work took her to a nearby city, where she saw an ad seeking paramedics. She'd never had a particular interest in medicine, but it paid better than waiting tables so she figured she'd give it a try. She ended up loving it, and made a career out of emergency medical service.

Surviving Warday by a stroke of luck, she managed to hook up with a small group of survivors. They eluded the Cylons, even doing some damage now and again, but mostly they just scrounged and tried to survive. They made their way across the province, moving frequently and living off what they could scavenge.

In Caeffyth Township a year later, their group was ambushed, many killed, and Del herself wounded and captured by Cylons. She doesn't know what happened to the rest of her friends, but she was held captive by the Toasters for a few days before - miraculously - being turned over to the Cerebus crew as part of the prisoner exchange agreement. She's still a bit bewildered by what happened and spent some time in sickbay recovering from her injuries. She enlisted in the navy as soon as she was discharged.

Immediate Family

3 brothers, 2 sisters, father and mother were all still alive and on Tauron the last time she saw them. Now? Who knows.

Will consider apps for other rescued family aboard the ship! Page or +mail.

Work Experience

Tredegar Fire Department, Mycenaedd Province, Tauron - 2033 - 2041

Tauron Resistance Group - 2041-2042

Physical Features

Unruly red curls are the defining feature of this young woman's appearance, though she normally tries to keep them contained in a ponytail - some days more successfully than others. She has a stern, hardened look about her most of the time, smiling rarely. She's average in build, with the fit form of an athlete. There's a small scar above her left eyebrow.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Likes off-road motorbiking and mountain climbing.
  • Plays traditional Tauron folk music on a bone flute.
  • Mildly nearsighted.
  • Never goes by her full first name.

Recent Logs


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