Lucius Decumius
Sergeant Lucius Decumius
Jonah Lotan
Jonah Lotan as Lucius Decumius
Alias: Dec
Age: 26
Features: Brown hair, Green eyes
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Sergeant
Department: Infantry
Position: 2nd Squad Leader, Dog Platoon


A Marine as soon as he left the education system at eighteen, Lucius Decumius did two full tours on Sagittaron, fighting the insurgency, with 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment. He was deployed on his third tour to Sagittaron when the bombs dropped on Warday. Since then, he's been with both the Rifles and Training elements of the Cerberus's Marine force.

Biographical Information

It is from the city Tusculum, province of Ilium on Leonis that the Decumius family hails from. The family was mostly blue collar, lower middle class for its recent history. Though agriculture is a big industry in Tusculum, surrounded by farmland, the family hasn't been a participant in it in the last few generations, though indeed farming is in their origins. Lucius Decumius's father, also called Lucius Decumius, grew up in the outskirts of Tusculum and after occupying a few low level jobs after high school, decided to join the Leonisian Army as an infantryman. The budget of this once proud military was tiny and chronic underfunding plagued its ranks – still it was a proud history that they served, even though they'd recently lost a great war. It wasn't long before the Cylons rebelled and started the First Cylon War. The Leonisian military was soon folded into the Colonial Fleet, with Lucius Decumius (Sr) joining as a marine infantryman. He finished the war, only lightly scathed himself, and decided to stay on for an illustrious career.

After he started a family with his wife, he moved back to Tusculum and had himself transferred to a Colonial Guard unit, where he woud act as its Regular Marine liason. His wife, Anna Cotta, was also from Tusculum, and knew Lucius Decumius since she was young. They attended the same high school, though they were not particularly friendly or close. Being a few years younger than Lucius Decumius (Sr), she was fresh out of high school when the Cylons revolted. When the war came, she joined the fleet as well, albeit as a deckhand on the Battlestar Ilium. After the war she left the service and used the Colonial Service Bill to go through university.

It was in this traditional, conservative and hard working household that Lucius Decumius (Jr) was born on 11 September 2015. Really, his upbringing wasn't all that remarkable, along with his brother and two sisters. He worked hard around the house from a young age, his parents unwilling to let him take to sloth. It mostly worked, and coloured Lucius's distaste of laziness once he became a responsible adult himself. In school, Lucius was considered bright, but not overly gifted. He simply had a decent mind for figures, was good with his hands and was a voracious reader as well as a decent writer. In history, current events and politics, he had an especially strong interest, but none of these things really pointed to an occupation later on.

On the other hand, he grew up in a military household and loved trying to glean as much as he could from his mom and dad's service. He had no real interest in being a greasemonkey like mum was during the War, and she wasn't really interested in telling him much about the time she spent on Battlestar Ilium, anyways. It was assumed that he would probably follow his father's footsteps, and Senior did as much as he could to impart skills he had learned because of this – basic navigation, wilderness survival, moving around quietly, fundamentals of weapons and operations. He prepped his son physically, too, because that was where he always saw new recuirts having a tough time, and this payed off well. Junior was well used to ruck marching, slogging it out in the field and a real athlete before he even slipped into his CMC boots and uniform for the first time.

Immediate Family

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2033 AE Recruit Fort Xenophon, Tauron Basic Training / AIT (Infantry) / Basic Reconnaissance Qualification
2034 - 2035 AE PFC Camp Clarkson, Libran Marine E2, A Co, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment
2035 - 2036 AE PFC FOB Martius, Sagittaron Marine E2, A Co, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment
2036 - 2038 AE LCpl Camp Clarkson, Libran Marine E3, A Co / Reconnaissance Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment
2038 - 2039 AE LCpl Operations April Lightning & Phoenix Rise, Sagittaron Marine E3, Reconnaissance Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment
2039 - 2041 AE Cpl Camp Clarkson, Libran Marine E4, Reconnaissance Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment
- August 2041 AE Cpl FOB Martius, Sagittaron Marine E4, Reconnaissance Platoon, 3rd Battalion, 4th Colonial Marine Regiment
August 2041 AE - June 2042 AE Cpl BS Cerberus (BS-132) Marine E4, D Platoon (formerly C), B Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Mountain Regiment. Fireteam leader & part time instructor.
20 June 2042 AE - Present Sgt BS Cerberus (BS-132) Marine E5, C Platoon, B Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Mountain Regiment. Tentative squad leader.

Physical Features

This man stands around 5'9" (175cm) and is built very athletically. His hair is kept closely cropped, though not buzzed on top. His face is somewhat angular, with an average, slightly bumpy nose jutting out. His starkly green eyes are probably the most noticeable thing about his unexceptional, reasonably good looking face. He is cleanshaven.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Was awarded the Silver Cluster for actions in Jharkand City, Jharkand Basin, Xenos Province, Sagittaron on and around 13 July 2038 AE, during Operation April Lightning.

Recent Logs


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