PHD #211: Deck Holiday
Deck Holiday
Summary: Damon delivers some of the goodies from Aerilon to the Deck Crew and chats with Sofia and Radcliffe.
Date: 26 Sep 2041 AE
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Hangar Deck - Port - Midship - Battlestar Cerberus
Post-Holocaust Day: #211
The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

"It's everyone's frakking birthday!" Damon declares as he walks onto the Deck. He's in his bright orange getup as per usual, wearing his toobelt as per usual, but has a small pack over his shoulder, which is unusual. As he passes people by, he starts tossing out little things. A bar of soap. A candy. Pack of smokes. Then, stopping at the coffee pot, he sets down a tin of premium blend coffee and a box of tea. "Have at 'er, boys! It's the closest thing to a frakking holiday we're likely to see for a long time!"

Of course the gifts draw the attention of most of those on the deck, people now milling about while they over look what it is their boss has thrown at them. About the only one not to be seen is Radcliffe who is busy working away while the others celebrate with Damon. Not exactly in a partying mood after yesterday, she kind of keeps herself aloof right up until the point she sees that tin of coffee. Damnit. Clearing her throat, she gets to her feet after deciding some is needed, and she begins to meander slowly towards the maker.

Horray holidays! Sofia wanders in, likely to see her pals on Deck. She seems faintly fearful, but largely happy. She smiles, seeing Damon passing out things. "Holidays on deck seem like happy affairs," She admits, moving over. She greets a few of the Deckies in passing, but pauses noticing Radcliff and seems curious. "Hello there."

"You better believe it," Damon says to Sofia with a giant goofy grin. "Better'n hoarding all the stuff, right? Besides, this is just a fraction of what we took away. I figure, celebrate to start, ration it wisely afterwards, and then have a big blowout if we're ever on the verge of running out." Seeing Radcliffe coming his way, he rummages through that backpack until he finds what he's looking for - four rolls of hand wraps. "Picked these up for you," he says, tossing them to her. "I figured after yesterday you'd wanna have a go at me. I didn't mean to throw you under the bus, but I couldn't just let the blind girl wander away by herself, y'know?" He scratches his head, looking apprehensive. "Anyway. Sorry."

The items are caught deftly and looked at oddly, it taking a moment for Brina to realize what they are. "Oh. Uh…thanks." The apology's not something she's ready to accept just yet but the fact that he did apologize and thought enough to bring her something back helps make her become a lot less angry with the PO. "Know we ain't frakking Marines but hey. I guess we can't always live by 'bros before hos' or whatever." Giving him a quick smile, she looks at Sofia and manages a smile. "Hey," she counter-greets, her own kept brief but kind of warm. For her.

Watching her DRADIS carefully for signs of contact, she maneuvers into a supporting wingman formation, hyper alert as she watches the screen. So he was that kind, eh? Well, it figured. Suddenly a dot appeared on her screen. "DRADIS reports hostile contact, sir, carom 4.5."

Sofia smiles back at Damon. "Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I made sure to grab a few things for Sarge too. He's a good guy but I think he neglects himself," She admits. She pauses, looking between Damon and Radcliff, faiintly confused. She just accepts it for now. "I'm glad to see things happy here," She smiles. "Um. Are you recently brought on? Or I forgot your name and I'm sorry," Sofia admits, looking sheepishly at Radcliff. "I come here a lot since I work with 3M and … I guess technically I can repair ECMs and work them too."

Damon clears his throat. "I hate to point this out, Brina, but if you check in your pants, on the scale of bro to ho, you place decidedly in the latter region." He picks up the coffee tin lightning fast, holding it up to deflect anything she might throw at him. Like a punch - or a wrench. "Of course, you can always switch around two letters and have us call you Brian." As for Sofia, she gets a confused look when she references 'Sarge', but she's given a broad smile and a quick ruffling of the hair nonetheless. "You're just a giver," he says. "Always lookin' out for others, yeah?"

Radcliffe has no place to put the wraps where they won't get dirty so eventually just settles on shoving them in a pocket, one that doesn't seem to be as grungy as the rest of her coveralls are. "Oh. So you have noticed that I'm a girl, huh? Wow, Damon. I'm impressed." Rolling her eyes at him, she regards Sofia once she's done tormenting him. "I've been around but Damon didn't see fit to let me out of my cage until recently. I'm PO3 Radcliffe." Damon already mentioned her by name, kind of, so she doesn't go as far as to repeat that part of her name. "Nice to meet you. And hey, tell Damon to stop being such a wuss," she adds with a quick quirk of her head, that being towards the coffee-can-turned-shield.

Sofia looks amused by the exchange. She smiles and closes an eye at the hair ruffling. "Pssh, you're too nice. You're the one doling out stuff." She shakes her head. "I'm Crewman Sofia Wolfe, and oh. They keep Deckies in cages?" Her eyes go wide. She seems to be slightly less fearful for now though, "Pleased to meet you," She nods. "And besides, you guys look out for me too." She notes quietly. "It was fun going through the mall - aside from the scary part - with you guys." Nod. "How've things been? I'm really sorry about the berthings…"

"Yeah, someone just pointed that out to me the other day," Damon retorts. "Or wait, maybe it was when you yelled to me in front of the TACCO that you wanted to frak me. Oh yeah, I think it was that one." He rolls his eyes and reaches over to smacks her upside the head. "That, I don't care so much about. But you gotta be careful in front of Rose - uh, Miss Ibbhanas. She's just not, y'know, used to that kinda stuff." He offers a candy from his bag to Sofia, leaning up against the table. "Yeeeeah, I don't think a cage is really enough for this one," he says, nodding to Radcliffe. "Besides, cages just get her excited. Tying her down is no better. So I just let her work. And don't apologize for that shit. Weren't your fault."

"Shit, it was a frakking joke. Some people just need to loosen up and that includes the Captain." The hand that smacked her is swatted at as it's pulled back, Brina showing off a bit before she stops. "I didn't realize she was so sensitive and I don't appreciate being treated like I'm some kind of monster for having made a mistake." Glaring, she turns away, looking at the coffee maker now, letting the two speak while she tries to figure out if making more coffee is in order.

Sofia blinks owlishly. She lifts her eyebrows. "Um. Well. I'm glad you're ok with it, the berthings anyway," She looks to her feet. "For some reason, Miss Astra is really sensitive too. She told me other civilians were stealing from her kids, like their food and possessions. I didn't think they were bad people, but I told her to tell the MPs. She kinda told Shiner off too, though he's way more outspoken than me," An amused look. "It kind of hurt she said we weren't helping her much or keeping her kids safe." A frown. "I tried to tell her it sucks when most of humanity is crammed into a few ships. Oh well. I guess mistakes happen," She shrugs. "Probably just hormones from having a baby and stuff," Sofia considers. "And you're- like, not a monster. It's just kind of awkward since apparently there's been some fraternization charges."

"Miss Astra? Don't know her, I don't think," Damon replies. "I… really don't know many of the civilians, to be honest. I've gone over there to bring stuff to them or help distribute items, but that's about it, until I started talking to Rose." He shrugs, palms out in a 'what can I do?' gesture. "There's been frat charges? I didn't hear about those. Nobody I know, I hope," he says, shooting Radcliffe a look.

Radcliffe shrugs. "Don't think frat charges really apply to people like Damon and me. Not that we're doing anything. Just an example." Not having done more than work and sleep for a long time, Brina hasn't heard anything about charges or whatever so she's confused, the look from him getting her to shake her head. "Don't look at me that way. I don't do that with officers." Rolling her eyes again, she pokes Damon's shoulder before she chuckles and pours herself something hot and caffeinated to drink.

"I know Miss Averies and um, Miss Koios. That's Astra," She notes. An amused look. She smiles at Damon. "I guess people are just tense," Sofia considers. "And no, I heard it was pilots. I'm not sure. Their berthings always sound crazy," She admits. "But I'm glad things are mostly okay here," She considers and looks to the coffee. Le sigh. "Man, I miss that stuff," She wrinkles her nose. "Did Shiner come back down here?"

"What do you mean, doesn't apply to 'people like' me and you?" Damon asks Radcliffe, making a face at her. "I'm your boss. If I start stickin' it in you, that's frat. Me and Sofie, on the other hand, are in the clear. Er, would be in the clear." Because they're not. Are they? "Pilots are all crazy," he chuckles to Sofia. "And no, I haven't seen Shiner yet today. Was he supposed to meet you here or something?" He starts steeping himself a nice hot tea.

"Yeah but I doubt they would press formal charges. They might tell us to knock it off but I doubt anyone would see it as being as bad as if…" Not knowing the sit with the pilots, she can only assume it's something bad. "Haven't seen him either," she adds with a faint snort following her answer, Brina sipping her own drink, having opted for tea instead of coffee.

"I think it would be more conflict of interest instead of officer boning enlisted," Sofia considers. She blushes at Damon's comment about being in the clear. Eh heh. She rubs the back of her head. "I guess so. They seem tense sometimes. And oh. Nope, just seeing if he was free of Physio. He grumbles about it lots. I visited him in Sickbay and stuff," She shrugs. "He's … vivacious." She finally manages. "Yes."

"Yeah, that's the way it plays out in your fantasy, isn't it?" Damon asks Radcliffe with a wink. When Sofia blushes at his comment, he says, "Or you and Bannik. I just meant, two different departments. COI, frat, I kinda group 'em as the same in my head." And then she breaks out the big word: vivacious. Vivacious? He mouths the word to Radcliffe with a 'beats me' expression on his face. "Viv…acious, huh?" he asks Sofia, drawing out the word. "Yeah. He is certainly that." Throatclear, sip of tea. "So, what'd he do to earn a three-sylla-babble adjective?"

Radcliffe pfffts, sounding very much like she's deflating. "Stop that…" she says with a faint sigh. She's trying hard not to blush but is failing hardcore if the heat on her cheeks is any clue. Does she think of Damon like that? Hard to tell, now isn't it? Shaking herself out of it, she blinks and presses her lips together, giving Damon the same 'I dunno' look he just gave her before she turns to look at the other lady they are talking to. "So…wow. I don't think I even know what that means. Must be a special guy."

A blink at the frat comments. Sofia grins a little. "It means lively." She takes a deep breath and tilts her head again. "Um. No. He just - apparently even being injured from the neck down doesn't stop him from looking down my shirt. I don't know whether to thwap him or find his honestly utterly endearing. But I was worried about him," She admits. "… strange as that is." She pouts. "And - Tyr said we're going to his hometown eventually to look for survivors."

As for Damon's part, he hasn't been seen even so much as hitting on someone since Warday struck. There were brief rumors that he was getting involved with a Raptor pilot, but those died down pretty quickly. "Then why not just say lively?" he asks Sofia with the biggest vacuous smile he can muster. "And looking down your shirt don't mean he's lively. It just means he's alive." He leers at her - or tries to, but something about it's a little off. "You should show off your new bras to him or something. He'd probably go catatonic."

"Lords. Good job, Sofia. Frakking talk about your boobs and now you got the PO standing here, trying to drool all over you." With a grin, she pokes the 3M gal, chuckling. "Guess this proves that Damon's indeed a man and not something else." She'd say 'robot' but with everyone on rampant Cylon hate, she doesn't so not to get anyone wondering. "Bras..?" Darting a look to her boss, then, she watches him, openly curious. "What do you know about bras. Do you wear them?"

"Not anymore, baby!" is Damon's answer. PECFLEX! Not that you can really see anything through those baggy orange coveralls anyway. "Nah, I was just down at the warehouse on Aerilon with Sofie and Cilusia. Helping them try on bras and lingerie and stuff, y'know, like a good boss does." He manages to keep a perfectly straight face while saying it, but has to turn away under the guise of putting more sugar in his tea to hide the grin that comes afterward. "I found coffee and tea and stuff, Sofie found shoes and underwear, and Cilusia found… well, a dead body."

Radcliffe grins. "I'm sure you helped." Pursing her lips, she looks at Sofia and then down, thinking some. "It sounds nice but I got to admit that I really am not all for that girly crap. My stuff kind of falls under the practical and comfortable." In other words, 'not sexy'. "But hey. Glad you could find some girly stuff to pamper yourself with. Sucks that Cilusia found a corpse though…unless she's into that kind of thing?"

A giggle at the pecflex. "Um. I'm pretty sure if I didn't wear a bra, I'd give myself a black eye running down the stairs. It's not so much girly as…" Not getting injured or aching? She snorts. "You hid in the shoe aisle!" She teases. She looks to Rad. "It is nice not to have to use fleet soap. Clean yourself by removing the top layer of skin," She shakes her head. "And he did. He even found fruit punch. Though, I guess if you guys are busy, I probably shouldn't pester you."

Damon hides behind his teamug. "Well, y'know, they needed to be measured and sized and all that," he says to Radcliffe with a wink. "Bet you're sorry you missed out on the party!" He brings the mug down away from his face and starts to walk away from the beverage table, which is starting to get a little swarmed with deckhands all wanting to get at the new coffee. "You want to give yourself a black guy while running down the stairs?" he asks Sofia. "That's not very politically correct, y'know." Yeah, like the Deck is the place for upright behavior. "I'm not busy…" He looks around. "Though I probably should be."

Radcliffe's not exactly quick to get back to work and, to be honest, the rest of the deck gang's probably not either as they're still riding the high Damon's gifts brought to them, a much needed boost to morale and mood. "I really don't have much to do quite yet," she offers while looking into her mug and the amber liquid within it. "I got to wait for someone to finish up doing an inspect before I can do anything else with the bird I've had assigned to me. You know. They got to check and make sure I don't frak up and cause someone to die or something frakking wonderful like that." Pausing, she does a bit of a backtrack, replays something the lady from 3M just said and she can't help but to tease the only man in this little threesome. "Shoes, Damon? Wow, always imagined you were a kinky frak but a shoe fetish? I'll have to hide mine from you."

An amused look at Damon and Radcliff. "She probably couldn't help it," Sofia notes. "We had lots of marines crammed into the raptors too." She looks to the swarm. "Brew it and they will come. And what! I don't need to conjure a boyfriend." Pout. Gotta love those deckies. "And oh, that's a relief. I was worried I was getting underfoot," She admits. A wince. "And yeah, he went right for them." Grin. "Though I hear there was a tobacco store too. not my thing honestly."

"If you think that's kinky, wait till I tell you what I used to do with Vipers and Raptors on the last ship I was on," Damon says to Radcliffe, giving her a scandalous look. "The floor would pretty much clear at nighttime except for a couple of the deckhands on shift, and I'd usually let one guy rack out for a little while. Then I'd find a nice bird in the corner, get a sturdy grip on my screwdriver, if you know what I mean, and… fix it." He clears his throat loudly, well aware that a lot of the workers around him are listening in as well. "So don't be slacking off celebrating too much just because of the goodies, yeah?" That's directed to everyone within earshot. "We've got some R&R time coming up, some well-deserved breaks, so keep it up." Looks like he's getting ready to wander off to work from the sounds of it. "And you two stay out of trouble! Don't be seducing black guys in stairwells with your new lingerie or nothin'." He gives Sofia's arm a light jab - a love tap, really - and heads off to his little office.

Insert facefault here. Blinking while staring at him once his story's over, Brina kind of just…well. Stares. That's about all she can do, really. And that because of the mental imagry that's most likely running through her head, now. If it wasn't for his saying bye afterwards she could have easily stayed like that but she makes herself snap out of the TMI-induced stupor and smile. "Hehe. Wow, Damon. Tease. Go and leave after telling me all that. Yeah, you better get the hell out of here before…er…yeah. See you later." The comment about the up and coming R&R gets her to nod but she's back to being silent, Sofia watched at the same time so she can see her reaction to all that.

Sofia's eyes go wide as saucers and plates. "Yeah? I'm … glad you get some R&R. You'll have to see my snazzy digs in the Guest Quarter," Sofia looks bemused. "But Deck is practically my second family," She admits. "So I am sure I will be by soon, perverts or no perverts." She's just kind of accepting for now. Startled, somewhat blocking out mental images but… oh well. Eh heh. She's a little red. "And um, I don't think I'm nearly charming enough to seduce guys in stairwells, lingerie or not," She rubs the back of her head and grins at the love tap. Silly Damon. "It was a pleasure to meet you," She beams at Rad and waves. "I should make sure I'm not being called myself."

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