Deck Crew FAQ


The following is a list of pages provided to this community to help detail-oriented Deck players get a feel for their IC job. Nothing in here constitutes required reading by any means, but taken together they provide interested players with a valuable resource for adding depth and richness to their RP.


Title Description
Deck Responsibilities This describes in greater detail the operations and responsibilities associated with the Deck Team. It covers Damage Control, Pre/Post-Flight operations, and various other things. It's worth a read to get more information about the jobs associated with the "knuckledraggers."
Viper Parts Listing The linked page diagrams some of the major systems that are installed on the Viper Mark Two. Players should feel free to use the information contained to enrich RP or even postulate ideas on how to problem solve. None of it is required information for RP but merely there to add flavor for the pilots and mechanics assigned to these craft.
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