Dario "Curtains" Ricco
Ensign Dario Eugenio Ricco
Brett Claywell
Brett Claywell as Dario Eugenio Ricco
Alias: Curtains
Age: 23
Features: Slim, fair
Colony: Picon
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Reservist


A young man born into wealth and prosperity.

Immediate Family

  • Parents: Eugenio and Gaya Ricco, presumed dead on Picon and Virgon, respectively.

Service Jacket

  • 2039 - 2041 Picon Reservist Flight School
  • 2041 - pres. Battlestar Cerberus, VSP-101 "Snow Petrels"

Physical Features

In short: A preened pretty boy.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Avowed atheist, and while in formal situations he will respect the traditions, privately he's rather hedonistic and even disrespectful.
  • Attracted to men.
  • Distrustful of Gemenese, their open moralism conflicting with his beliefs.
  • Excessively groomed, and doesn't take kindly to even a ruffle of his hair.
  • Turns into a six year old girl around needles. Terrified.
  • Attended University in Picon in Political Science (Legal) & Theatre. Was attending law school part-time.
  • Loves singing, dancing, and theatre and truly misses the culture and night life of the college way.
  • Family used and abused the land and the people of Virgon for generations. Also, some various organized/crime connections in the fam.

Recent Logs


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