Daphne Kolettis
Ensign Daphne Kolettis
Emilie de Ravin
Emilie de Ravin as Daphne Kolettis
Alias: Click
Age: 23
Features: Blonde hair, blue eyes
Colony: All of them
Rank: Ensign
Department: Air Wing
Position: Viper Pilot


Immediate Family

Major Eugene Kolettis Eugene is the Chief of Enginering on the Battlestar <To-Be-Named>. A career man, the movements of his ship are responsible for Daphne seeing all twelve of the colonies, as his family would relocate whenever the ship did. Daphne never saw much of her father, but he's one of Daphne's inspirations into joining the Navy.
Dr. Lilah Kolettis Doctor Mom. A psychiatrist by trade and a very tough woman in her own right, she's held her family together and mostly raised the kids herself, since her husband was often not around. Adores her kids, but wishes most of her family hadn't chosen to join the Navy.
Lieutenant Adrian Kolettis Daphne's older brother and partial inspiration to joining the Navy in the first place. Adrian is a Raptor pilot aboard Battlestar Pegasus. He never wanted to be anything but an an engineer like his dad, but lacked the mathematical aptitude, so his backup plan was to become a viper pilot, a plan which did not survive contact with PFT. Daphne loves him, but loves mocking him even more.
Linus Kolettis Daphne's kid brother. As the youngest child, he got all of the attention, all of the focus, and most of the trouble. His sister (unwisely) taught him all sorts of tricks while babysitting him, such as how to pick a lock and how to avoid getting spotted by authority figures. She thought she was preparing him to avoid going out of his mind while being an army brat. He's taken it to the next level by starting on a life of crime, unfortunately. An ensemble of computer and B&E skills are, so far, getting him into minor legal trouble.

Service Jacket

  • 2032-2033 AE (14 months) — Libran Civil Air Patrol.
  • 2035-2039 AE (48 months) — Colonial Fleet Academy at Virgon. 165th of 1138 graduates. BS in Political Science.
  • 2039-2041 AE (18 months) — Air Wing: Flight School, Lefka Ori Air Force Base, Picon. 6th out of 25 graduates.
  • 2041 AE (current) — VF-154 "Black Knights", Battlestar Cerberus.

Physical Features

On the Grid

Known Associates

Tisiphone_icon.jpg Ensign Tisphone "Money Shot" Apostolos Close friend I made at Lefka Ori AFB for flight training. Never expected to see her again, but she got assigned to the same boat AND the same squadron as me. What would I do without Tisiphone. In a galaxy without much hope or meaning, she's my constant.
Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra "Toast" Hahn The CAG. Tough lady. Knows a LOT, but seems far more grounded than I'd ever expect from a high ranking officer. Did I mention she's a tough lady? Respect.
Evandreus_icon.jpg Lieutenant JG Sextus Evandreus "Bunny" Doe Cute and sweet, but I think he's losing his mind. He feels like a retired stoner. How can you not love this guy?
Laskaris_icon.jpg Lieutenant Anton "Lasher" Kyriakos Laskaris Acting leader of the 154th Fighter Squadron. Viper Jocks are prone to ego and he's got one of the worst cases I've seen. Still, there's a lot I can learn from this man, provided any of us live long enough for that to matter. I don't care for the way he's running this squadron.
Alessandra_icon.jpg Lieutenant Alessandra "Lucky" Sophronia She's okay, I guess. She nearly got my best friend killed because she was busy trying to cover my wing mate while leaving hers on her own. Her punishment? She gets my wingmate. I am not impressed.
Trask_icon.jpg Lieutenant JG Kal "Bootstrap" Trask Piker.


  • Daphne's a very good artist, but she cheats at it due to what can be described as a photographic memory. Sights observed during emotional highs tend to trap themselves firmly into her brain, where she's able to stare at them as if in a still-life. This makes her quite good at drawing what she's seen.
  • Her photographic memory turns out to be a bit of a curse during wartime, where she often finds the most horrific images lodged into her brain. It seems the only way to get these images out of her thoughts are to draw them to paper, as if she were transferring them from one storage medium to another. This has resulted in her artwork taking a sharp turn for the macabre.

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