Andreas Damon
Senior Chief Petty Officer Andreas Leander Damon
Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler as Andreas Leander Damon
Alias: AD
Age: 27
Features: Blue Eyes, Dark Brown Hair
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Senior Chief Petty Officer
Department: Deck
Position: Chief of the Deck


Andreas Damon, tinkerer extraordinaire. Born and bred on Tauron, and seven years in the Navy hasn't quite beaten that upbringing out of him. His parents were upper-middle class, having a heavy hand in a few factories that manufactured robotics and parts for mostly other corporations and entities on-world. However, his father's religious bent - an oddity amongst his associates - and the strong sense of morality and ethics that went with it prevented his family from vaulting into true wealth.

It was just as well. Andreas excelled through school like his father and his father's father before him. On his off time, he enjoyed learning new things at the plant and trying to understand the complex robotics that his parents manufactured. He never quite got the hang of it, but the curiosity of mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as design applications, were forever embedded into his heart.

Service Jacket

It should be noted that most of Damon's prior service was on older ships, and that Cerberus is the first 'modern' ship he's been posted to. This could be construed either as command trying to keep him in the background and in unimportant positions, or attempting to take advantage of his mechanic's skills on ships that require more knowledge to service.

Year Rank Station Notes
2034 Recruit Boot Camp/A-School Enlisted on Tauron at the age of 19.
2035-2036 Crewman Gunstar Sarpedon Promoted to Crewman just after his first year of service; charged for drunkenness and conduct unbecoming.
2036-2037 Specialist Gunstar Sarpedon Promoted to Specialist after his second year of service.
2037-2038 PO3 Battlestar Hyperion Promoted to Petty Officer Third Class and posted. Charged for insubordination after an altercation with an officer which led to a fistfight. Awarded a hefty fine and a month in the brig.
2038-2040 PO2 A-School Given a promotion (against the protest of many) and posted to A-School as an instructor.
2040-2041 PO2 Heavy Cruiser Demeter Posted out from A-School.
2041 PO1 Battlestar Cerberus Promoted to Petty Officer First Class and posted. It's said that he didn't get along at all with the Deck Chief on the Demeter and cornered the man into getting him posted out when he had less than a year on the Demeter. There might have been blackmail involved.
2041 CPO Battlestar Cerberus Promoted to Chief Petty Officer and assigned as Chief of the Deck.
2042 SCPO Battlestar Cerberus Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer.


Andreas Damon stands just above six feet tall and looks fairly built to boot. Short-cropped auburn hair and a light stubble give him a rugged look, the effect heightened by his broad shoulders and strong arms. But he's not usually intimidating - the mischievous glint in his blue eyes are accompanied by a personably handsome smile that usually put others around him at ease. On his left forearm is a tattoo of Tauron's emblem surrounded by designs of various colors.

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