Cynthia Kern
Ms. Cynthia Kern
Younger Saffron Burrows (pre surgeries)
Younger Saffron Burrows (pre surgeries) as Cynthia Kern
Alias: Cyn
Age: 29
Features: Brown hair, dark eyes
Colony: Tauron
Rank: Ms.
Department: None
Position: Raupatau Scout/Mechanic


Cynthia is a recent rescuee from Tauron. She was acting as a scout for the Raupatu faction on the planet. Now saved, she's already looking for her next step. She's rather mechanically inclined, so leaning more in that direction.

Immediate Family

Kurt (father) - died 8 years ago
Madeline (mother) - presumed dead after Cylon attack
Teanna (sister) - died during Cylon attack
Cable (brother) - died during Cylon attack
Deacon (brother) - presumed dead after Cylon attack

Work Experience

Raised as a grease monkey in her father's shop, Cyn has always worked with vehicles - both of the automative variety as well as personal aircrafts. She's never workd on any military crafts directly, but the same basic mechanics apply.

When her father passed away eight years ago, she took over running the shop with her two older brothers. It's all she's really ever done.

Since Cylon Attack, she's been acting as a scout for the Raupatu.

Physical Features

Standing at just a few inches over five feet tall, this woman's slight frame migt make her seem smaller than she actually is. Brown hair is often pulled back into a high ponytail, coming to just passed the shoulders, though a few strands continue to fall into hazel eyes. Tan skin indicates someone who's been in the sun more often than not. Just a little jumpy, but who isn't nowadays? Barely visible, black ink can be seen etched into her skin, though the whole pattern isn't visible, disappearing to her clothes.

On the Grid

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