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This page exists as a repository for all the information the Colonials have managed to collect regarding Cylon forces, old and new. Information that has been confirmed by command will be marked as such. Feel free to add rumors to this page, but please only draw upon your character's IC knowledge when posting them. Remember that this MUSH's take on the Cylon threat will not necessarily conform to that of the show!

Humanoid Models

The Colonials have no idea when or how it happened, but it appears that there are humanoids allied with the Cylons. Little else is known, save that they seemingly bleed, feel physical pain, and die like humans do.

Current theories include that they are cyborgs or clones, and Intel obtained by the away team in Kythera suggests that there may be 12 different models. According to eyewitness reports, at least one model — an Eleven calling herself Yazdah — has demonstrated an ability to command Centurions. Questionable video footage also shows a suspected humanoid model demonstrating that same ability.

The following is intelligence that has been obtained through interrogations of the captured Eleven. None of this is to be considered verified information unless otherwise noted.

  • In Civility, the captured skinjob referred to as the Imprisoned Eleven (later dubbed Atropos) claims that when a humanoid model dies, their memories can be accessed by all other models. Further, this Eleven claims that these memories can be easily assembled and a form of 'resurrection' takes place. Potentially verified by the ambush on PHD #140.
  • It is also claimed that these humanoid models are affected by the Cosmic Radiation emitted by some celestial events and locations. It disrupts their thinking, state of being, and likely their ability to transmit memories (downloading). Physical symptoms have manifested. Unknown if this is a purposeful condition brought on to reinforce this.
  • Skinjobs can tell the difference from each other within their own model line despite perfect physical copies. This may be evidence of an unconscious link between the Cylons.
  • Cylons that step away/deviate from their model line are 'boxed' - a claimed type of death whereby that particular Cylon is no longer allowed to circulate among the group. Supposedly Ryan "Salt" Shaker was boxed after he refused to turn on Colonial Forces on Warday, instead choosing to fight the Cylons and defend the Cerberus.
  • There is a supposed 'Commandment' from God (singular) for the Cylons to 'be fruitful' and multiply. This would indicate the intention to breed. The successes of this effort are unknown.
  • Claims of more human survivors: "More than you might think. Not as many as you might hope."
  • There is supposedly a division within the Cylon race. There is an intense and deadlocked debate about whether or not the Cylons should continue an effort with eradication of the last of the human race or to find an alternative. Apparently the six models that are against the extermination would 'not mind the eradication' of a Cylon biowarfare facility.

Suspected Humanoid Models

  • RADM Michael "Crash" Abbot: CO of Battlestar Cerberus and de facto commander of what remains of the Colonial fleet
TV4 News at 8 reporter Colin Ashwood showed the Kythera away team video footage of (an) Abbot (look-alike) commanding Centurions on the planet. LTJG Stephen Kulko managed to relay the information to MAJ Clive Tillman. On 2 Jun 2041 AE, Tillman temporarily relieved Abbot of command in accordance with the CCMJ, Article Twelve, Section Two, on the charges of Espionage and Aiding and Abetting an Enemy of the Colonies. Abbot resisted, bloodshed ensued, and he was incarcerated. On 13 January 2042 AE, Rear Admiral Michael Abbot was executed after a general court-martial convicted him of treason.
  • CN Lauren Coll: Avionics and Ordnance Technician aboard Battlestar Cerberus
Crewman Lauren Coll was killed on 10 September 2041 during an exchange of gunfire on Sagittaron. She was meeting with Rahim al-Fahdi, a trusted civilian who was to participate in salvage operations with her. Upon seeing her, he claimed/identified her as a Cylon, took a sidearm off a Marine, and shot her six times in the abdomen and chest. She died moments later. Mr. al-Fahdi was killed in the return volley by Marines and Air Wing personnel. As of present, no further "proof" has surfaced to substantiate al-Fahdi's claim.

Non-Humanoid Models

The New Non-Humanoid Models



According to the skinjob referred to as Atropos, Raiders resurrect and become better than they were before.

Heavy Raider

Members of Deck, Air Wing, Engineering, and Medical participated in a thorough dismantling and examination of a captured Heavy Raider. These ships have a pilot station that looks made to accommodate humanoid Cylon models. There also appears to be some manner of biochemical factor employed to operate the ships. Further information about possible findings has yet to be released.


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