PHD #087: Crappy Drawings and Bombs
Crappy Drawings and Bombs
Summary: Ethan gives Allie a gift, Coll joins in and the group discusses bombs.
Date: 24 May 2041 AE
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Pilot Berths
The battlestar's pilots call this place home. Bunks line the walls with grey curtains to cover their sleeping areas. Lockers sit between each pair of bunks and a round metal table sits in the center, furnished with simple but comfortable steel chairs. A hatch at the rear of the room leads to a communal head.
Post-Holocaust Day: #87

The returned Alessandra has been recently released from sickbay, post-op recovered and unmedicated, mostly, and almost back to normal self. Almost being the key word there. She's currently semi-dozing as she tries to read a book, her eyes opening and closing in what has become commonly known as 'touch-and-goes', the same page having been read at least twelve and a half times as she fades in and out.

After being informed that Allie was released from Sickbay, Ethan corrected his route and made his way to the Pilot Berths. When he reaches that place, he steps inside and looks around, easily spotting the Viper pilot. A soft smile forms on his lips as he makes his way towards her. "Lieutenant Sophronia" says the Ensign. He is holding a rolled piece of paper with him.

Alessandra looks up, blinking a few times to clear the haze that has fallen over her vision. "You can call me Alessandra or Allie when we're off duty," she announces in a voice that makes her sound loopy. "I'm not one of those hard-asses who requires name, rank and serial number 24/7." The paper is looked at and then she waves a hand, a sloppy invite to sit and relax.

Ethan nods at her first comment and shows a smile "Allie…it rolls of the tongue better" He takes the offered seat and examines the woman for a little bit "I'm glad to see that you are out of sickbay, I just stopped by and they told me they released you." He chuckles at this and looks at the roll of paper in his hand. "Glad you are not like that, I'm part of the…easygoing sort of guy" He adjusts a little to be more comfortable and looks at the paper again "I wanted to.." starts to say as he unrolls the piece of paper, something similar to a bouquet of flowers can be spotted "There are no flowers here and I wanted to bring some for you and Captain Quinn. So the best thing that came to mind was to make, um, a drawing?" he laughs softly at this, feeling a bit silly "Found crayons and well…um, here you go" The drawing itself, is not the greatest thing, he's definitely no artist but they do look like flowers. There is a small drawn card that says "Glad to have you back, get well soon"

The 'flowers' get quite a smile from Allie. "Awww, that's sweet of you. Thanks. And hey. Owe you a big thank you for helping get the Captain and me off of that shithole. You did well." Not one who is overly-gushy, the gratitude is left at that. "So what has been going on since we've been gone, huh…oh." Leaning out of her bunk some, she looks around before pointing to the locker which is used by Quinn. "There's a magnet in the inside of my locker's door. Grab it and stick it to Jug's."

Ethan smiles "Don't mention it, I only regret not being able to bring more people with us." he nods to this and takes a deep breath, now remembering that day a little bit. "Thank you, for your words, they mean a lot" He tilts his head as she asks what has been going on but now he looks at the locker she points "Oh, sure, I have one for her as well." He stands up and moves to get the magnet from Allie's locker, just to stick it to Quinn's locker, holding the other piece of paper, with similar set of flowers and same words on the card. "Things have been busy, to say the least" offers Ethan as he sits down again. "We had a couple encounters with the Cylon, Raiders and Heavy Raiders." he shakes his head at this and presses his lips together, letting one of his thought filter into the conversation "They are tracking us, they seem to know what we are doing or going to do"

For something that should be 'news' Allie, who is mostly sprawled out on her bunk, doesn't really seem surprised although that could very easily be due to exhaustion. "Yeah? That kind of sucks," she says to Ethan who's across the way. "I mean…" Chewing her lower lip, there's a bit of a pregnant pause from her, Allie having to shift through her mental 'files' to try and figure out something safe to say in reply. "…is like they have a massive hardon for us and are just trying to catch us with our pants down so they can shove it up our frakking bumholes." Not exactly the most lovely of mental images but all of Allie's internal filters are currently *OFFLINE*.

There's a dash of orange in the doorway. A woman from the Deck appears, a helmet dangling from her fingers by the straps. She looks between Ethan and Allie, unsure. Rare territory for a Specialist. She takes a breath. "Sirs." A quick clear of her throat after that but she doesn't move past the hatch.

Ethan eyes Allie as she tries to put words together and at the final outcome, he tilts his head, smiles amusedly and says "I guess, you could put it that way, yes." He chuckles softly and runs his fingers over his hair "But yes, that's pretty much it." he shrugs at this and adds "Had a couple harsh landings, couple damaged Raptors, Vipers, nothing impossible to fix I would say" he nods firmly to that and then looks towards the door "Coll, Hi" says Ethan, sporting a soft smile.

Alien voice is alien in that it's unknown to Lucky who attempts to lean out of her bunk even more; trying to look around table and chairs to see who has arrived, Allie eventually gives up and calls out. "Hey, no clue who the frak you are but come on in." There's a slight lilt of excitement in her voice, something more akin to emotion than she was able to muster before, but that is gone in a matter of miliseconds. "I'm Allie. Who the frak are you?"

The woman nods once to Ethan. "Sir." She then looks to Alessandra. "Thanks." She glances behind her to make sure she isn't blocking any officers from coming or going before she steps inside. Both hands clasp the helmet in front of her, the hold light. "I'm Specialist Coll. Lauren. I'm kinda obviously from the Deck crew. I wanted to come by and give my condolences about Lieutenant Emerson." With that she glances to Ethan. "I've done a lot of work on that bird she was on. Talked with that ECO a bit. I felt I should come by and say something."

Ethan looks at Allie again and can't help to snort a little bit "That's…a nice introductory line." he nods to that, smiles and then looks at Lauren "Yes, do come in. And call me Ethan please, we are not on duty or something like that." However his smile soon fades at the mention of Emerson and his expression changes completely "Oh…" he swallows, blinks and nods "Thanks Lauren, I appreciate that." he presses his lips and nods once again "I'm still trying to process what happened. She was a fantastic ECO, and an outstanding person."

The corner of Allie's right eye tics slightly upon the mention of Emerson and her crew and for a moment she looks like she might have a whole lot to say on that subject, her mouth opening wide which coincides with her inhaling deeply. It might come as a disappointment, then, when all she says is, "Yeah, thanks, Lauren," most likely one of the Colonies' most disappointing shows of gratitude, ever.

Coll shakes her head, seemingly unwilling to sit. "I don't know what happened, sir. I spent two days overhauling that ECO panels on that ship. The job should have taken three of four days but we were short Raptors. Worked some long hours to get it done." She clears her throat, a little beside herself. Especially with Allie's not-quite-gratitude. "Again, I'm sorry for your loss. I was listening to a wireless on the Deck. Couldn't sleep last night so I figured I would talk to you before I went on duty. Whatever happened..I'll make sure it doesn't happen again."

There are a couple things that run through Ethan's mind, but he makes no comments about it. He offers a weak smile to Lauren and nods "Thank you." After this, he takes a deep breath, opens his eyes a bit more as if considering something and then shakes his head "I don't know Lauren, I'm…" a moment of silence "I'm guess I'm still trying to figure out what the frak happened and why it did happen" And at her last? He nods once again "I appreciate your efforts"

Alessandra sighs and sits up, the defeated tone of Coll's voice getting the more compasionate side of her to show. "Hey now, Specialist Coll. Don't…please don't beat yourself up, huh? I've only heard a few rumors but it doesn't really sound like it's anything you did…or didn't do." Getting up onto her feel wobblily, Lucky has to brace herself against the bed frame, it taking a bit before she gets her proverbial sea-legs about her. "Got to keep your chin up…" she adds then while darting a look at Ethan and then back to Lauren as if trying to tell him to say something encouraging to her.

Coll looks a little uncomfortable. "I don't know either, sir. A few of us down there are kinda beat up.. What with all the craziness? Its gettin' sporty with the emotions and accusations." Those bright eyes flicker to Allie, then. "Truth is, sir, nobody knows. Rumors are bouncing that Emerson called it a bomb. I think that's what everyone heard. If it was? I don't know wh- I just think that-" She finally stops. "El-tee. I'll keep working. Just keep flying, okay?"

Ethan notices Allie's look and he looks at Lauren after that. He opens his mouth to say something but then her first piece makes him change what he was going to say? "Oh? Oh, Lauren, please don't think I'm pointing fingers or anything like that. That's not the case, at all" he nods to this and tries to find the proper words to say "Please, don't hit yourself over what happened." he shakes his head and offers a soft smile, it is an honest one. What was heard over the wireless was indeed, strange. He realizes that Coll looks uncomfortable and he doesn't want to make her feel worse.

'Bomb…' Allie mouths while looking up…was that part of the rumors she heard? She really can't recall off hand but puts that in her 'talk to Clive about' file for later. Best to wait and not torment poor Coll by barraging her with questions. "What Ethan said," she ventures carefully, tiptoeing around the subject as if it was a long tail cat and she was in danger of catching it under something or accidentally stepping on it. "Hey, look. They'll get the answers we need and you and the deck will be cleared." Right. So she's hoping, at least. "So yeah. Just relax before you blow a vessel, hmm…er…blood. Blood…vessel."

Coll clears her throat and manages a small smile. "I appreciate it, sir. Thanks. But you would be the first to point fingers at me for this. Couple of the Petty Officers don't think high on me at the moment." Her attention falls back to Alessandra then until the last. She blinks, trying to laugh. It just sounds a little forced. "Anyhow. My condolences to you both. When Captain Quinn is about, let her know I'd like to talk to her about this? Please? But, I'll be out of your hair, sirs. Have a good one." She nods to them again and heads for the hatch.

Alessandra flounders a bit and then nods slowly, not sure what to say. Social awkward on a good day, this is beyond her…well, everything. Nodding eventually, she makes the effort to smile although it is a quiver, almost akin to a pout. "If you ever need some kind of solace from those assholes you can come up here and hang out with us," she starts and then adds quickly, "And if I see Maggie before I crash again I'll try to remember to let her know."

Ethan shrugs casually at her first comment and then offers a gentle smile to Lauren "And yet, here I am, not doing that" he holds his smile for a bit longer, smile still an honest one. Her comment about the Petty officers gets a tilt from his head and he just says "I say, frak them, don't worry about what others say" He looks at Allie and nods, looking back at Lauren "Exactly" Captain Quinn's comment comes after that and he offers "I will, I'll let her know that you are looking for her." he nods and smiles "Thank you, Lauren"

Coll turns at the hatch and offers a thankful, but short smile to Allie. "Thanks, sir. It'd be nice to run with air crewdogs again. But I've got a different place I belong, now." There's a quick, similar smile flashed to Ethan before she ducks out through the hatch.

Alessandra nods. "You're welcome. Stay safe." Spent, she leans back and closes her eyes, her face a bit white. "Sorry," she offers to Ethan then. "Stiill tired. Let me…get laid down again, please," she asks while sliding down, trying to find the edge of her bed with her backside.

Ethan returns a smile of his own to Coll and then moves his attention to Allie "Ah, yes." he stands up after this and nods politely "Do get some rest, I'm afraid you've gotten out of sickbay a bit, too fast?" he smiles softly at this and nods once again "Have a good rest. I'll see if I can get something to eat, I'm a bit hungry" with that said, he waves and walks towards the door.

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