Corrath O'Hare
Captain Corrath O'Hare
Freddie Prinze Jr
Freddie Prinze Jr as Corrath O'Hare
Alias: O'Hare
Age: 32
Features: Brown Hair/Brown Eyes
Colony: Picon
Rank: Captain
Department: JAG
Position: Adjutant / Marine Liason


As of 2 May 2042, Corrath has transferred billets from S2 - Marines to Adjutant - JAG. In this new position, he's responsible for advising JAG on Marine related matters and matters related to cases that pertain to ship & fleet security. Secondary to this, it also allows Corrath to prosecute / defend Marine related cases.

Physical Features

This man's eyes; bright, expressive and dark brown in color, seem at odds with features that are cold and hardened by the events he has lived through. Dark brown hair has been cropped short atop his head, suggesting that he is conforming to some form of regulation style or a severe personal taste. A jagged scar of about three inches in length twists from the right corner of his mouth, angling up towards just below his eye, marring his otherwise cleanly shaven face. Though far from 'bulky', his build could be considered moderately muscular, almost athletic, like that of runner or swimmer and fits well upon a frame that stands about 6'1" in height. His age is hard to place, though his movements and expressions are that of a man who is perhaps in his mid thirties.

Immediate Family

Name Relationship Profession Status
Cowell O'Hare Father Major, Senior JAG, Picon Presumed Dead
Margorie Erathia Mother Senior Surgeon, Picon General Presumed Dead
Samuel O'Hare Brother Ensign, Viper Pilot, Picon Defense Fleet Presumed Dead


Year Notes
2031 AE Graduates from Fleet Academy with BS in Criminal Investigations
2031 AE Begins CMC Advanced Individual Training for Military Police
2034 AE Successfully receives Legal Degree in off hours and becomes a bar certified lawyer for the Colonies
2034 AE Attends nine week course at the Fleet Institute for Justice so as to have the ability to practice law in the Military should he choose

On the Grid

Corrath's Book of Names

Madilyn_icon.jpg Major Madilyn Willows-Cavanaugh: Boss Lady. She's got the difficult task of running what's left of our Company. Overworked and underpaid. Still, she's got a solid head on her shoulders and if anyone can pull the Marines and MP's through this, it'll be her.
Lunair_icon.jpg Lieutenant Raine Lunair: Rifleteam Platoon Officer. Hardworking and dedicated. She's also got this nifty quirk for plants. Told her she could teach me some things about them .. not entirely sure -why- I said that, but I did. Oh well. She's one of us and I suppose it couldn't hurt. Her only fault is that she married into the Air Wing. At least she chose an ECO and not a Pilot .. the lesser of the evils. All things considered, I'll give her a bye.
Constin_icon.jpg Sergeant Eleftherios Constin: This guy's a rock. I'd seriously hate to be on his bad side. As it stands, he's one of the most dedicated individuals I've seen to date and I'm proud to have him in my command. Gonna end up insulting him by accident, soon. Finally got around to making him the MaA. Honestly? Not another a trust to handle the job, properly, with everything that's going on.
Vandenberg_icon.jpg Lieutenant Natalie Vandenberg: Company S2. Dog Platoon CO. Not entirely sure to make of this one. At times she can be a rock hard bitch. Other times, she's got a rather playful nature. It's an odd combination, but at the end of the day, she gets the job done.


Lawyer: Corrath happens to be a bar certified lawyer for the Twelve Colonies and the Military. It's not unusual for him to offer legal advice when asked.
Smoker: Corrath is the epitomy of a chain smoker. Oddly enough, the man always seems to be able to procure a package of smokes from somewhere.
Tracker: Corrath seems to have a knack for being able to track things down for people. Might have something to do with the years he spent in investigative studies.


Recent Logs


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