PHD #116: Corporal vs Corporal
Corporal vs Corporal
Summary: Constin interviews Ryker and starts the verification process.
Date: 22 June 2041 AE
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Constin Ryker 
Hangar Deck - Starboard
This Hangar Bay is filled with boxes, crates and other various supplies that are needed throughout the ship. Most have been moved to one end and lashed with tarps to keep them out of the way. The place has gone from extra ship storage on one end and the ability to house over 450 people on the other end. Whatever could be made into cots has been set up like a huge barracks. Some areas have been made more presentable with a few items that belong to the person holding onto their small area in this world. Marines guard this area 24/7 and food is brought in cafeteria style, feeding people out of vats and buckets as they line up with their plates. One area has been tarped off to the side, that holds canvas showers and sinks. The 'Head' in this area has to be cleaned daily since it is a temporary military bathroom setup, due to there is no way to flush it out through pipes.
Post-Holocaust Day: #116

The middle of the arbitrarily assigned 'afternoon' is upon the Cerberus, as yet another in the constant stream of uniformed MPs calls out yet another name. Two things are different this time: one, the marine wears his tan uniform shirt draped over the right shoulder, as a still splinted right arm would not fit through the sleeve. The black 'MP' armband has been pinned to the slack sleeve. The second point of interest is the name he calls: "Rayker Hawkins?" The big man's voice is slightly higher pitched than one might expect from his size, as he turns a narrow-eyed stare around the hangar for the named man, repeating once, "Ryker Hawkins, stand forward."

Someone does stand up and walk forward, that is of course, Ryker Hawkins. He is only two inches shorter than the towering MP, so he won't be difficult to spot. "Here…" calls out the man as he approaches Constin. He looks around, at all the people gathered there, mostly civilians, old and young…a true mix of personalities. "What can I do for you…" he tilts his head to look at the armband and finishes the sentence "..MP?" He is at least, looking better than he did down at Leonis, cleanly shaven, shower, fresh set of clothes. Right now, he is dressed as a Civilian, jeans and a black t shirt. Apparently, his wardrobe is being either washed or incinerated.

Constin gives the man a curt nod, greeting Ryker and identifying himself in one breath, "Corporal Hawkins. Ah'm Corporal Eleftherios Constin. Ah'll be processing your Eye-Dee check." Constin carries a file in his left handm with which he indicates a nearby crate. "Sit or stand?"

Ryker returns the nod and offers "Corporal Constin" His stance is one of someone that has been in service of the law for many many years; straight. "I'd rather stand, if you don't mind, I've been sitting around quite a bit already and need to stretch my legs." he looks behind him at all the people who is actually, sitting down and looks back at the MP "I'm sure you'll understand"

Constin sniffs dryly once and nods. "Alright Corporal. We'll start with the basics- my penmanship has taken a hit, so ah'm sure you'll understand-" he turns Ryker's words back on him with a tight, short lived grin, "If ah record this conversation?" Presuming the man won't object, he begins, "Full name, Rank and last deployment, Tag number and Dee-Oh-Bee?"

Ryker shows a bit of a grin of his own and nods "Certainly" he takes a deep breath, presses his lips together and then starts Full Name, Ryker Hawkins, also known as Hawk. Rank, Corporal, Military Police. Last Deployment, Battlestar Valkyrie, I was in Leonis on a Security related assignment. Tag Number Oh-Four-Nine-Seven-Three-Three-Five-Four-Two-Seven. Dee-Oh-Bee, July Seventeen, Two-Thousand and Seven.

Constin nods once at the prompt litany. "Superior officers at the Squad, Platoon, and Company levels of your last post, Corporal," Constin requests next, that ever so faint grin hovering around the corner of his mouth as he challenges the newly arrived marine. "Prior posts, beginning with Basic and ending with the Valkyrie. Go when you're ready."

Ryker takes a deep breath and starts. "Superior Officer, Rebecca Fullham. 1st Batallion, 10th Marines -"Bonebreakers", Bravo Company, Fireteam One." That is released in one single breath so he takes another one to continue "Two-thousand-thirty-eight, Basic Training at the Caprica Facilities, shipped to the Valkyrie after that and stayed there ever since." Since his career in the Military is not as extensive as others would think, he asks "Do you require background before that?"

"Much as you want to give me, Corporal," Constin answers evenly, before adding, "But it's not required." He restrains a smile at the promptness of Ryker's reply- this crap would be so much easier if everyone were so prompt. "Any reprimands or diciplinary actions that will come up on your file, soldier?"

"Required or not, it is, part of my history" offers the man with a quick yet polite nod. "Born in Aerilon, moved to Caprica at age seven." he starts with that and continues "At age eighteen, joined the Caprica Police Department. 8 months later, I was transferred to the Special OPS unit. At age 27 I was name Captain of my squadron. Also, got married to beautiful woman named Clara, and one year later, our babygirl named Vanessa was born." This is said quickly as well, but one would say it can be understand why he wants all this to be mentioned, he will never forget "At age 30, by a series of…foul play, my Squadron got shut down. Along with all the Special OPS squadrons. Due to this, I almost break a politician's jaw, which caused my dismissal from the force." He clears his throat and continues "For a year, I did work as a stuntman for a movie production company, it mainly involved speed driving. After this, I joined the Marines in hope of, being able to provide, for my family"

"Can see how that would bring a reprimand," Constin comments deadpan. "Failing to break a politician's jaw is a very serious offense, Corporal." The fair haired corporal has a solid stoneface, it doesn't crack at the joke. "Well, anything else to add, before we move on to verification, Hawkins?"

"I guess I didn't puch hard enough. But I would certainly try again if I ever had the chance." says the man, his expression not changing at all. After this, he shakes his head and simply says "No, not at the moment, that is basically, my entire life when it comes to work"

Constin nods once, clicking off the recorder, and voicing, "Well then. Come along, and lets get the easy part of verification checked off, yeah?" He turns and one Hawkins is ready to move, will start out of the hangar, stopping only to verify with the MPs that Hawkins, Ryker is leaving the hangar under MP escort.

Ryker nods at that "Very well" and then follows Constin. The man looks over his shoulder one last time at all the civilians there and then eyes the MPs that are running the verification with Constin. When he got to Cerberus, one of those MPs requested him to hand over his rifle, in not the most friendly way…he won't forget. HAR HAR.

Constin nods once the housekeeping is taken care of, and starts out of the hangar and up the stairs, moving with a fading limp. "You got a favorite service rifle, Hawkins?" he wonders with a sidelong look at the darker MP.

As he walks along with Constin, Ryker considers "Let's see…" and then answers "CAL P9, Leo M12, Zeus Model 37, Zasta-74, Leo Storm Carbine, Milirem 700, Milirem 4700, SMI 80, CAPARMS M28 .50HMG, Zasta M80 SMG aaaaand Cavalera M120C. I think that's about it." He looks at the man as they walk and asks "Have any of those?"

"Hell, Hawkins, you named just about every gun, but the very best close-quarters weapon in the Fleet arsenal," Constin returns. "How you can call yourself a marine without mentioning the Picon P-Ninety is beyond me. Shit, ah might have to flunk you for that alone." He does crack a short-lived grin by the end of the rebuttal, before answering, "None of the Millirems, more's the pity. Standard sidearm issue is the Five-seveN, and the boat has a good stock of the P-Nineties and maybe a set of the Gee-Mar's. What kind of gun did you pull off of the World?" he wonders as an afterthought.

Ryker does laugh a little about that "Because the P-Ninety was what I had down in Leonis. Been using it to shoot toasters since they nuked the frakking planet." He clears his throat and shrugs casually "Skippy over there…" says Ryker pointing to one of the other Marines "Took mine away, but sure, I can keep using that one. To be honest I would much rather use a Sniper Rifle, it's my specialty. If it is a High Power one, the better" Then he shakes his head and adds "I never liked the Five-seveN"

Constin shakes his head, "You have no frakking idea how much ah wish we had a good Millirem to issue," the big man mutters darkly. "But sniper rifles are just like the heavy Anti-tanks: Fleet command decided we 'dont need those onboard a ship'. As if we'd never need to deploy groundside," he adds with a disdainful snort. "Now sure, ah can see not stocking the boat with Grizzlies, but we had a hostage situation not so long back. Swear ah'd have punched mah daddy for a sniper rifle right then." The steps are passed two at a time, with only the occasional wince as the two proceed to the Practice range. "Way ah see it, the Five-seveN is solid for two reasons: the ammo feeds into the P-Ninety- which is a frakking Gods-send when stores are uncertain.. and it can load an explosive round. Far as ah see, that makes it the only decent sidearm when we're fighting the tin cans."

Ryker presses his lips together as he scans the area around him while he walks "Yes, I can't say I ever agree with the choices made by the so called 'commanding' officers." He shakes his head and says "As a matter of fact, I was only deployed groundside Leonis with a sidearm, the P-Ninty I found it inside an anti-bombs shelter." he shrugs at this and keeps walking "Five-seveN, I guess it's about learning to live with them, right? I spent far too many years using other kinds of weapons and to get used to something different, can be hard at first. But then again, it's about opinions really. However, they do a good job against tin-cans, I agree"

Shooting Range - Deck 12
This nearly soundproof room has ten shooting booths in a straight line that face the target field. The ranges move out to thirty yards, each booth using its own track to take targets out to the desired distance vial a simple dial at the booth. Behind the firing line is a long bench that runs the width of the room where crewmembers can load magazines and compare targets. At one end is a huge stack of paper targets that has either Cylons or a few different types of human targets on them. A large sign hangs from the ceiling that details out the rules such as wearing eye and ear protection and watching where weapons are pointed at all times.

"Heh," Constin comments bemused. "You surely were a cop first, that's for damned sure." A breath drawn for the standard procedure spiel: "Assuming you get cleared for Em-Pee duties, you'll be issued a personal sidearm, per standard procedure. Rifles need to be checked out and checked into the Armory for each shift. See if we can scare up a Cee-Ay-El for you, but no promises." Through the Twelfth deck and into the shooting range.

Ryker nods "Always a cop first. I mean, all the training they gave me, it's applicable here." When they step inside the shooting range, he looks at the place and whistles "Nice, pretty similar to the one in the Valkyrie." he nods in acceptance to this and looks at Constin "Got it, and yes, it would be nice to get one of those." Now he looks at the targets and asks "So, now we check if I can actually shoot something?"

"Any body can shoot at something," Constin answers dryly. "Now we see if you can HIT something. Grab a set of earplugs, and let me know whether you want to start with sidearms or battle rifles?" The 'escort' limps over the the arms locker, and enters his personal code to access the shooting range's stock of weapons.

"Right you are" says the man as he walks towards the table that holds all the nice pretty earplugs. Before putting them on, he nods and says "I'll start with the sidearms, figure we'll go from small to large" With that said, he nods and then crosses his arms over his chest, leaning against the side of one of the booths.

"Well look- if it ain't your old favorite," Constin drawls, holding up a Five-seveN for Ryker's inspection, before setting it on the firing table, barrel toward the targets. A clip of bullets is set down alongside it. "Five shots from here, five shots at thirty feet. Whenever you're ready, Hawkins." The initial target is brought in to twenty feet distant.

<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms: Good Success.

"Ah, precious…" says the man with an amused chuckle at the sight of the Five-seveN. He looks at the target and nods "Sounds good." After this, he takes the clip and gets it inside the gun, removing the safe and getting the first bullet in the chamber. "Alright.." he tilts his head from side to side, releasing air pressure from his neck joints. BLAM! First shot goes away and it lands straight in the middle of those pretty red eyes. BLAM! There goes another one, landing on the Centurion's head, not exactly in the middle but enough to knock it down for realz yo. BLAM! Third shot fires away, this one lands again on the red-eye line, more towards the left side of the first one. BLAM! Fourth one, lands on the Centurion's 'mouth' area, per se. BLAM! Fifth shot, lands to the right side of the first one, also in the red area of the eyes. Look! It's like a smiley. He lowers the gun and puts the safe, then looks at Constin for orders to start with the second session.

Constin narrows his eyes on the target, starting the thing sliding back another ten feet after the first five shots. He doesn't comment on the quality of the shooting- with both of them wearing earplugs, a 'conversation' would be more like a shouting match, anyway. "Next five when you're ready!" he hollers.

<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms-10: Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms-10: Good Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms-10: Terrible Failure.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms-10: Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms-10: Success.

Ryker nods in silence and gets a new target, this one at 30 ft of distance. He is feeling a bit better now, being able to fire a gun again is certainly something good for him. Safety removed again, he takes good aim and BLAM! First shot, it hits on the Cylon's chest plate, almost on the neck area. BLAM! Second shot, it lands straight in the eyes once again. He shifts his stance a little bit, feeling a bit better about himself and BLAM! Third shot, and here comes the problem. His stance shifting came very close to the moment he fired, which made the shot go terribly off mark, and not just that, it hits one of the main fuze boxes of the room, killing almost every light. And not just that, the bullet bounces several times, making Ryker, and hopefully Constin duck in order to avoid getting hit. "Erm..sorry about that" says the man with an apologetic expression. He clears his throat and shakes his head, there is still some light there, so that's good. He aims again BLAM! Fourth shot hits on the Centurion's chest plate again, BLAM! another hit to the chest, this one just a above the fourth one.

Constin ticks his eyes a bit more narrow as he ducks instinctively at the VERY errant shot, grunting a low, "Hrm," under his breath. A step to the comm panel and a muttered request to 3-M. The bypass goes through shortly. Constin advises loudly, "If that was a complaint about the Five-seveN, ah'm not amused," he draws as he moves the target back from thirty to sixty feet, and pulling off his sound suppressor to instruct, "Slip the clip out and set it to one side. See how you rate on the P-Ninety." The compact battle rifle is checked out, immediately after the Five-seveN is checked back into the locker, along with one of the translucent clips.

<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms: Success.

Ryker looks at Constin and nods "You don't have to say that twice" he shakes his head and sighs heavily, a bit annoyed at that failure. The clip from the Five-seveN comes off and he leaves both gun and clip, on the table in front of him. Now he takes the P-Ninety and looks at the target now at 60 feet away. "Alright then…" He clears his throat again and fires the first burst of nasty looking bullets towards the Centurion target. They hit it's head, all of them, most of them concentrating in the middle and then down to it's neck. He takes a deep breath and fires the second burst. They hit as well, chest plate is pretty much hammered by bullets, this is always good. Third burst comes along and it hits the mark as well, all of them being placed on the lower region of the chest plate, almost reaching the waist portion.

Constin narrows his eyes further to watch the results of Ryker's burst fire, setting the earshields around his neck once the initial three bursts are spent. "Mostly center body mass. Not bad." A breath drawn through flared nostrils and let out. Right, let's give you a few shots at max range and see what you can do." The switch is pressed and the target slides back to the maximum range of ninety feet. "And you can skip the movie-stunt shots this time," he adds with a dry grin as Constin pulls the sound suppressors over his ears again.

<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms-10: Bad Failure.
<FS3> Ryker rolls Firearms-10: Success.

"Shame, I kinda missed running around shooting with my eyes closed like a frakking idiot." this comment in reference to a very bad movie he had to stand in for the very very bad actor that was the protagonist. With that said, he looks at the target now far away and fires the first burst. They don't hit, not even close to the mark, they just go wide and to the upper left side. Sparks for each hit can be seen at the back of the firing range. "What the…" he shakes his head and takes a deep breath, aiming once again at the target. Second burst is fired and this time, he does hit. The middle of the chest plate now has a lot of bullet holes, enough to drop that Cylon tin can.

Constin draws off the headgear with a nod. "Same drill, remove the clip, set them both my way." Ryker's movie reference is met with a dry look. "You been in anything ah'd have heard of?" he wonders idly, as he collects first the clear clip and next Ryker's maligned rifle, returning each to their proper places in the arms locker.

Ryker removes the clip and sets it on the table, along with the P-Ninety. He nods after that and looks at Constin "Well, the most famous movie I worked in was 'Deadly Speed', you know that one?" he nods to his own words and adds "There's a scene in which a Black TR-2000(*) crashes the back of another car, rolls several times against the pavement, lifts itself from the ground, twists x amounts of times in the air and then falls into a river? I was driving that car."

(*) Really fast, really exotic sports car.

"Huh," is Constin's answer with a shake of his head. "Anyhow. That's it for here. Lets take a walk downstairs," he notes, making a motion of his head toward the door. "So, you ever score with a moviestar?" The question is accompanied by a smirk.

Ryker smiles a bit when he notices Constin doesn't know the movie. He nods and follows the man "Sure, downstairs" to whatever is located downstairs. The man shakes his head and says "Nah. I was…" he stops there and rephrases "I'm a married man." he chuckles at this and then adds "Altho, there was one actress that wanted to exchange me for her leading male co-star." the man laughs at this now and shakes his head "I'm not material for those things, see? I'm not a pretty boy like all those kids"

"Come on," Constin chuckles. "Not even once?" A shake of his head as the two Corporals start back toward the Starboard Hangar where Hawinks, Ryker can get back to the hurry-up-and-wait, while Constin files his report.

Ryker shakes his head "Not even once. I'm telling you man, it's all about being the right person, and I certainly wasn't, I was just a stunt double." he nods to this and offers "Many years ago, when I was Captain with the Special OPS, I explained something to my team, that was explained to me when I first joined." he looks at Constin and says "We are expendable assets. And in a way, stunt doubles are the same…in a way, but not completely"

"Frakking moviestars," Constin complains with a shake of his head. "No damned taste."

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