PHD #356: Continuing Education
Continuing Education
Summary: EMT Circe asks Cameron if he would be willing to teach her more about trauma surgery and medicine so that she might better be able to serve on the Cerberus. And in turn, she does the doctor a favor by taking his ward under her wing for a little while.
Date: 17 Feb 2042 AE
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Cameron Circe Elpis 
Recovery Room - Deck 10 - Sickbay - Battlestar Cerberus
A much more quiet area of Medical, this elongated room is also lined with beds. Each is similarly outfitted with privacy curtains as necessary and even the paint on the walls has been lightened in an attempt to help lift spirits. Chairs are readily available all over the place so that visitors can pull one up to talk to the patients during their recovery. Near the entrance, visiting hours are posted with a very conspicuous 'No Smoking' sign.
Post-Holocaust Day: #356

Today is an experiment, on multiple levels. For one, between attacks, when things are a little quieter, Cameron fully intends to spend some time doing lab research and experimentation on various mysterious tissues that he's been given security access to and is woefully behind on producing a report on. For another, today he has an unusual 'assistant'. Sitting on one of the unused cots, Cameron is jotting down a few notes on a patient's charts whilst next to him sits a small child, her feet idly swinging back and forth as she patiently waits beside him. The little girl has an odd expression on her face; one part worry, two parts relief. Her left hand has snuck its way into Cameron's lab coat pocket, something that he is either unaware of or unconcerned by. Every so often his eyes dart in her direction and he leans slightly to the side, bumping her shoulder playfully, which lowers the look of worry in her eyes and increases the relief, a small smile touching her lips.

With enough duty time to make one sick, Circe returns once more to the ward, taking her time in getting a few things set up. The front desk is looked over and passed by as she finds out the daily checklist for the current patients and any changes to the regime.

She enters thus into the recovery room, her checklist under arm and begins to go through the bed charts, one by one. The first bed she comes to that is occupied is given a look over, the young male awake as she enters. Circe smiles brilliantly, grasping up his chart and going over it. She goes so far as to even sit down on the edge of the bed to converse. For once, she looks somewhat rested and the dark circles under her eyes are disappearing slowly. A soft laugh echoes down the room and the medic checks the fluid bags to the IV. "It looks like you get out of here in the next day. Next time you go to use a cutter on deck, make sure you got a hold of it." She instructs.

The chart is set back at the foot of the bed and a promise is given to return after she is done. That said, she moves on and it is thus she sees the Doctor and his little companion. She slows and folds her arms over the general patient checklist against her chest.

Cameron is used to the hubbub of the sickbay, knowing what he can ignore in the hustle and bustle and what might require his attention. As Circe is simply doing her rounds, he doesn't think to look up or react, but Elpis has other ideas. The little girl's blue eyes study Circe thoughtfully before she tugs on Cameron's sleeve. "Hmmmm?" is his response, turning first to the child beside him and then, noting that her gaze is directed elsewhere, following the line of it till his own blue eyes alight upon Circe. He likewise looks worn and a bit rough around the edges, but his smile is warm and friendly as he greets, "Ah, good morning…" She doesn't look like she needs something from him, but Cameron holds the EMT's eyes, just in case he's mistaken.

Her gaze shifts to the young girl as she studies the EMT openly. Circe warms her smile and her gaze softens. "Hey" She mouths softly. She winks at the young one before her hazel eyes center back on Cameron. "I hope I am not interrupting. Not often we get to see young ones.." She admits and Elpis is nodded to. "I don't want to bother you." She admits, "So perhaps I can speak with you later?" She asks Cameron. The EMT remains a moment, slowly unfolding her arms and drawing the folder down to her side. "If your young friend wants, she could join me for rounds. Some of the patients would probably enjoy the company. I know I would." She smiles pleasantly at the young girl.

"Not at all, Circe," replies Cameron with a smile, one hand reaching up to lightly ruffle Elpis' hair, which the little girl silently protests, but clearly enjoys despite her batting hands. "Elpis, this is Circe. Circe? This is Elpis. And just to set matters straight, she got her name before the civilian freighter got its." The little girl emphasizes this fact by folding her arms before her and bobbing her head emphatically, eyebrows drawn together in an almost fierce expression. "Elpis is with me as something of an experiment," he explains without really explaining. But he gestures her over and notes, "There's no time like the present. Best to grab me now while things are relatively quiet. What's on your mind?"

The EMT looks back down the line of beds and nods, stepping closer and to the side, placing her back to the bulk of the curtains. She clears her throat and smiles at Elpis. "It is a pleasure to meet you." She says to the young girl. Hazel eyes look between them and with rounds still ahead of her, the medic gets back to the point. "I have been contemplating furthering my medical studies. Considering our current situation, furthering my education would be in the best interest of all. I have hesitations only because if I did so, I would be kept from joining the marines on ground missions." She says faintly. "But the limit of what I am able to practice despite my own personal studies gets a little…frustrating." She admits.

One brow lifts as Cameron notes with a wry smile, "Believe me, just because you have more experience does not mean you can't go on forays with the marines. I'm a civilian doctor, technically, and I've been on many ground missions, for better or worse. We need all the hands we can muster, and having more experience won't make you any less likely to see ground duty, if that's your wish." His head is tilted back so he can meet her eyes, his own frank and thoughtful. "So you want me to give you some training? Any area in particular that you're interested in focusing your skills?" The child next to him is surprisingly well behaved, only the slight squirming of her body indicating that she finds the current conversation a tad boring. But by the way her hand is curled into Cameron's coat, it looks like she wouldn't be parted from his side to save the world.

"At this point, trauma. It seems the most appropriate for what we are facing. But I have always had a tendency to find interest in the neurological area." Circe wets her lips and lets her gaze slide then to the young girl. "For the past year I have been studying in my own time, but that is nothing like hands on. I was hoping I could start watching and maybe even assisting with surgeries and treatments." She says. Circe hooks the folder beneath her arm and her free hand draws up to run through her curls. She meets Cameron's gaze again, the exhaustion still deep within them. "I need to be able to do more for our people." She says. "With what I have…the knowledge I hold. It's not enough." She explains.

Nodding his head, Cameron replies, "I can understand that. You should definitely speak with Dr. Ryder as well. Trauma surgery is his specialty. I can certainly teach you what I can, but that is his field of expertise. In truth, I've been learning more on the job lately than I care to confess." His smile is wry, but not bitter. "You're welcome to observe me and assist me any time. If the situation permits, I'm happy to explain what I'm doing and why, as well as show you what you need to be aware of, keep your eyes out for, and what to watch out for. I can also recommend some texts for you to bone up on, test your knowledge from time to time?"

"Dr. Ryder is a little hard to …well get a hold of." She says and then gives an understanding nod of her head. "Anything that will help in the matter of study is always a benefit. If you would give me a list of the texts, I will see what I can find in the library." Fact is she has been spending a lot of time there. Come to think of it she never really sleeps - ever. Circe rubs a hand along her shoulder and then she adds, "I know specializing will take far longer than the general knowledge. I would be glad for your help in any form, Cameron." She says with a smile.

"I can start with the texts, but any other suggestions?" She queries, giving Elpis another look and gentle smile.

the neurosurgeon studies Circe quietly as she replies, letting her get it all out before he points out, "Yeah. Sleep. Make sure you get some. It's important. Stims and coffee can only get you so far, but if you burn yourself out you're going to make mistakes and in surgery you can't afford to make mistakes." His head tilts slightly as he points out, "I know it seems like a luxury in times like these, but you need to find a balance. So make sure you take care of yourself so you can take care of others. And yes," he notes, before she can point out the hypocrisy of his words, "do as I say, not as I do." Winking, Cameron points out, "For me, a lot of this is muscle memory. I could probably do several procedures in my sleep. But when it's all new, there's a lot to keep track of and remember. So work hard, but don't push yourself too hard, alright?" Rising up, Cameron adds, "Ask questions. Keep your eyes open. If there's a procedure you want to learn, don't hesitate to ask anyone here - myself, Dr. Ryder, the nurses. Everyone here can probably teach you something you don't already know. Take advantage of that."

As he rises, she steps back to allow some room. Her folder shifts back to be clutched to her front. "I don't tend to run well on anything but sleep, so I don't think you have to worry." Circe says and then smiles softly, his suggestions not falling on deaf ears. "Of course. I wouldn't want to burn myself out too soon." She admits, her fingers curling about the file before she clears her throat. "Thank you for the advice, I intend to take advantage of any opportunities that might arise. I know your experience is expansive, so I thought to approach you first. The medic gives a look down the row of beds. "I should get back to rounds" she says with a motion of her hand as she starts to turn. "I would be willing to show up for some extra shifts." She offers.

"Feel free to get my schedule from the front desk and add yourself to the assisting staff on scheduled surgeries. Non-emergency procedures will be a good start for learning the basics and getting some hands on experience with assisting." He seems a touch bashful about her compliment regarding his experience, his eyes glancing away for a moment as a touch of color graces his cheeks and he mumbles, "Well, you grow up with two doctors for parents and you tend to learn on the job really fast… whether you like it or not." But he doesn't seem regretful or resentful of that early training or the path it laid before him. Quite the opposite. "I'll draw up a list of texts and some instructional vids for you to study and leave it up at the front desk if I don't bump into you before I'm off." Crouching down next to the girl at his side, Cameron asks, "Elpis. Would you like to go on rounds with Circe so I can do some research work? It won't be for long." She looks torn between what she wants and what she perceives that Cameron needs. So it takes awhile before she nods and takes a step closer to the EMT, looking up at her expectantly and a little uncertainly.

There is a swift nod and Circe is about to say more as she watches Cameron with Elpis. Her gaze softens and she falls silent as she observes the exchange, watching the uncertain young girl.

There is a swift nod and Circe is about to say more as she watches Cameron with Elpis. Her gaze softens and she falls silent as she observes the exchange, watching the uncertain young girl. The EMT waits patiently as she makes her decision and as Elpis joins her, she smiles and then reaches about her neck to take off the stethoscope. "Here would you like to carry this for me?" She asks her, offering the piece of equipment into her hold. Circe smiles at her, "We have some sick people we have to take care of. Are you up to the job, crewman Elpis?" She asks faintly, a brow raising.

Ooooh, win! As Circe offers Elpis the stethoscope, the little girl's eyes get wide and excited as she nods and then takes the piece of equipment and places it gingerly about her neck. Naturally the first thing she does is place the end over her heart and then lifts the part about her neck so she can listen to her own heartbeat. her eyes lift up to Circe and her expression becomes serious and fierce once more as she nods and lifts up one hand to give the EMT a salute. Cameron watches the interaction with an indulgent smile and silently mouths to Circe a 'thank you' before audibly announcing, "Right then. Off with you two and I'll check back in an hour or two to see if either of you require a consultation or assistance."

"Good good." She says to Elpis and Circe lifts her gaze to Cameron with a smile and a nod of acceptance. Her gaze switches between the two for a few moments, "Thank you for lending me your most capable young medic, Cameron." She praises the young girl. Slowly Circe reaches down to offer her hand to Elpis, an open invite as she starts to turn and lead the way to the next patient. "Crewman, now I will look over the charts if you would like to make sure the patients seem okay. Let them talk to you and then I can have you help me with a few things. But you gotta try to make them smile." She turns as she walks, looking down at the girl, "Do you know why?" She asks and then continues to explain, "Because the first thing you should know as a medic, Elpis. Is that a smile helps heal every patient. And you have a special gift." She says and then slows, lowering her voice and looking around all secretive-like. "You are you. You are Elpis. And that is pretty special." She stops moves the curtain and opens the next view to the following patient and she moves to take the chart off the bed and starts to stand at the side of the patient - who is awake. The young viper pilot resting there is nodded to and given a smile. "Ensign, this is Crewman Elpis. She's here to make sure you are feeling fine." She explains.

The little girl gives Cameron a quick look and a wave, suddenly uncertain again as he turns and heads off toward one of the labs. But her fears and worries are set aside by the blatant praise being thrown her way. At first she looks dubious. Though small for her age, Elpis is actually six and sharp as a whip. Her eyes narrow slightly at the compliment and she gives Circe a very adult look that she must have learned from Cameron and a very unlady-like snort, likely learned from the same source. However, the smile on her lips and the pleased gleam in her eyes belies her apparent disbelief. She follows along, listening closely, her expression becoming more serious and thoughtful and then she nods in agreement, determination stealing over her features. As the approach the first patient, Elpis gives the pilot a big smile and, once she's determined what has been hurt, she leans in carefully to give the recovering woman a kiss on the cheek and then, more carefully, a kiss upon the visible bandage. Cause a kiss makes everything better, right?

As the chart is looked over, Circe becomes swept up in her work but as she begins to look over the IV, she is distracted by Elpis. A brow raises and then she smiles warmly as the viper pilot laughs a little and smiles down at the young girl. "Thanks, Crewman. I am quite sure that did the trick.." Circe then steps closer and lowers to show her fellow crewman the chart. "See, these are readings the first few days..see how they have improved?" She then taps the cord to the IV, "We have to check these to make sure they flow properly and the dosage is correct." She explains.

She checks off a few items and then reaches over to pull out her duty hat. "Here..I don't have anything else for you, but if you like.." She starts to flatten it out and fix it. "But you can wear this so they know you are crewman." She explains, offering the hat next to the girl.

Again, careful not to jostle any injuries, knowing from first hand experience how painful that can be, Elpis lifts up the stethoscope and waggles it in front of the patient to get her permission before she carefully warms it in one hand and then places it over the woman's heart. She listens with great intensity and then, surprisingly enough moves it over to the side and waits till she's caught the woman's eye again, taking in a deep breath and then releasing it to indicate that the pilot should do the same. And as she does so, once again Elpis listens carefully, her tiny brow creasing in concentration as she moves the stethoscope as she's seen Cameron do before, taking another deep breath to let her patient know to do the same. Her eyes flicker over to the hat covetously, but she makes no move for it till she's done her 'duty'. Stepping back with a nod and a gentle patpat on the patient's arm to indicate she's okay, Elpis stealthily claims the hat, holding it for a moment before slipping it onto her head. It's a bit big, but she doesn't seem to mind that one bit.

Once the hat is in place, Circe replaces the chart at the end of the bed. "Looks like you will be getting back to duty soon dear." She says to the pilot before she gazes down at her crewman. "There, you look more official until I can get you your own uniform." She explains. "It may take a little bit, but we will get you one." She promises with a wink.

"Time to move on, we have more patients. But when rounds are done we can visit some more." She says and continues to move on, offering her hand if Elpis wishes to take it at any point.

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