Eleftherios Constin
Gunnery Sergeant Eleftherios Constin
Josh Barnett
Josh Barnett as Eleftherios Constin
Alias: Elf
Age: 31
Features: 6'4" Heavy build
Colony: Canceron
Rank: Gunnery Sergeant
Department: Military Police
Position: Master at Arms


A miner on Canceron before enlisting at the age of twenty-five, Elf did a tour on the patrol Destroyer "Diomedes" before being transferred to Cerberus in 2040. Gained Airborne qualification during the Leonis campaign. Promoted to Cerberus' Master-at-Arms in November, 2041.

Immediate Family

  • Stelio Constin (Father), died in 2035
  • Chloe Constin (Mother), presumed dead
  • Alexander Constin (Younger Brother), presumed dead
  • Diana Constin (Sister-in-Law), presumed dead
  • Alexis Constin (Niece), presumed dead

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2036 AE Recruit Fort Xenophon, Tauron Basic Training / AIT (Military Police)
2036 AE PFC CD Diomedes (CD-7217) Marine E2, Baker Platoon Two-Three
2038 AE LCPL CD Diomedes (CD-7217) Marine E3, Baker Platoon Two-Three
2040 AE CPL BS Cerberus (BS-132) Marine E4, Able Platoon Three-One
2041 AE SGT BS Cerberus (BS-132) Marine E5, Dog Platoon One-One
2041 AE SGT BS Cerberus (BS-132) Marine Master-at-Arms MA3 (E5), Able Platoon
2042 AE GSGT BS Cerberus (BS-132) Marine E7, Bravo Company

Physical Features

Tall and solid, standing perhaps a hand's breadth over six foot from military cropped blond hair to standard issue CMC boots. Wide in the shoulders, waist and hips, Constin has the look of a common laborer in a uniform. Fair skinned, his heavy brows and narrow blue eyes give him a perpetually squinting look. Creases at the corners of his stare and forehead would lead many to place him in his thirties.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Rejn_icon.jpg Allen Rejn: "AKA: Dead Weight. Everything soldiers don't like about civvies, this fella has in spades. It's like he went down some kind of jackass checklist. Anybody who can't pull their weight is a pain, but this fella has so MUCH weight that he ain't pulling. Edit: Oh apparently 'frakking cylon' is another element on the jackass checklist that he racked up. Damnation."
Sawyer_icon.jpg Sawyer Averies: "At the end of all days, there's still some that think they're too good to follow rules. This one's got brains, looks, and an education, but don't got enough respect for regulations to fill a pinprick. Drives me up a frakking bulkhead. For some damned reason, Tillman gives her more access than any civilian's entitled to. Like it or not (and I frakking well do not), I'll do as I'm told."


  • He is the marine who carried out Major Tillman's order to arrest Admiral Abbot.
  • If he has a trigger, it is clearly the subject of his deceased wife, Lauren Coll. Shipboard rumor runs that she might have been a skinjob. Voicing such a rumor to Constin, however, is profoundly unwise.
  • Constin's youth in the tylium mines of Canceron isn't a secret. Neither is the fact that, when off-duty he tends to express a generally low opinion of 'rich folks'.
  • Referring to his life before the Corp as 'unfit for criminals' has left some with the idea that he had a record back home. Constin denies this, but what MP wouldn't?
  • A die-hard Canceron Cyclones fan, the lack of any major title in many years has not deterred his view that they were the best team in all the Colonies.

Recent Logs

"You can fly over a land forever; you may bomb it, atomize it, pulverize it and wipe it clean of life but if you desire to defend it, protect it, and keep it for civilization you must do this on the ground, the way the Roman Legions did, by putting your young men into the mud."
-T.R. Fehrenbach, This Kind of War


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