BCH #008: Combat Air... Something
Combat Air… Something
Summary: Nostos and Jayden team-up for thier first CAP.
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Nostos Jayden 

[ Ready Room ]------[ Deck 7 - Battlestar Cerberus ]

With the hatches at the rear of the room, the walkways on both sides slope down towards the dais at the front of the room. The stadium seating forms a partial semi-circle around the speaking podium and provides enough seats for all three hundred members of the Air Wing. The walls are adorned with the patches of each squadron aboard and their mottos stenciled in white lettering above each one. Behind the podium is a set of large LCD screens that can display any matter of material from reconnaissance to maps to gun camera footage.

The ready room is vacant, well… almost vacant. Jayden is sitting on the front row, scribbling something on his flight log, as he waits. A look at the timepiece on his wrist, and he sighs somewhat.

Exactly right on time, clipboard in hand, and preflight done one Angelus Nostos makes his way into the Ready Room. As he does he scans the room and spotting the superior officer he throws a salute, "Sir." He says standing at perfect attention.

Jayden looks up to the other officer and smirks, "As you where, Halo." Points for his wingman, cause he's on-time. He pushes off the chair and extends his hand, "Jayden Ekonomo. Echo." He waits on Nostos now.

The JiG is still at attention though he breaks to shake Jayden's hand, "Pleasure to meet you formally, sir." Nostos says, "I apologize for not knowing every pilot yet since I am still getting used to all the new faces. My last post was on the Pegasus, sir." His tones are professional, though his accent is Caprican, well to do Caprican, this pilot comes from money. Now, this is a puzzle why would a rich young man want to be a pilot?

Jayden offered a nice firm shake before he laced his fingers behind him. "Yeah. New faces all around," he offers in that raspy Aquarian voice of his. To the last part, he nods once and asks, "Pegasus. Hrm. I reckon they drafted the elite from all around the fleet, eh?" He starts to walk towards the exit in a slow pace, so it's won't be hard for Nostos to follow.

Nostos follows behind Jayden since he has to follow a superior officer where he goes, especially a wingman. "I wouldn't know where command would decide to pull people from, sir. My job is to report to my post and to fly without asking questions, sir."

Jayden gives Nostos a devilish grin and a nod. "Then I think we'll get along just dandy, Halo." He pats the man on the shoulder and moves out towards the staircase. There must be flying done, after all.

"Aye, Eltee." Nostos makes note of the grin and having come from the Pegasus he remains slightly neutral for a moment since the Old Lady on the Pegasus would grin like that and then someone would run away in tears. However, when he is tapped on the shoulder he follows along.

[ Hangar Deck - Port ]---—[ Midship - Battlestar Cerberus ]

The single largest rooms on the Cerberus are the hangar decks. Each flight pod consists of two stacked landing bays with adjoined decks and hangars, which along with computer-assisted landings results in a faster Viper recovery rate. Mirror images of each other, these two huge areas are located on the flight pods. The inboard sides of the deck, closest to the ship's main hull, are lined with parking and maintenance bays for Vipers and Raptors based aboard the battlestar. The outboard side of the deck contains the launch tubes used by the Vipers for standard deployment. Huge blast doors seal the deck into four sections, each one containing an elevator that leads up to the flight deck directly overhead. The fore-most section contains an elevator system that leads towards Aerospace Fabrication.

A deck member runs over and hands Jayden his helmet and gloves, as he speeds up towards his duty viper. "We'll go easy and adjust our flight patterns as we go. You are ‘go’ on fancy stuff if you must," he chuckles, as he puts on his gloves.

Angelus is already ready to go as he moves to his duty viper and he gets loaded in, "Fancy stuff?" This brings a grin to the pilots face, "Good to know, sir." As he sets himself into his Viper he does an in cockpit flight check.

[CTC] "Echo" Jayden says, "Cerberus, Echo. Flight 105, performing radio check. Over."

[CTC] "CerbTac" Tillman says, "Copy your last, Flight One-Zero-Five. We have you five by five."

[CTC] "Echo" Jayden says, "Copy that, Cerberus. Ha
lo, Echo. Report status."

[CTC] "Halo" Nostos says, " Cerberus, Halo, Flight one-zero-five. Performing radio check. Over."

[CTC] "CerbTac" Tillman says, "Cerberus has you, one-zero-five. Loud and clear."

[CTC] "Echo" Jayden pushes a few buttons, "Cerberus, flight one-zero-five, reports clear across the board and launch ready.

[CTC] "CerbTac" Tillman says, "Copy, one-zero-five. Stand by and hold launch for departure instructions."

[CTC] "Echo" Jayden says, "Zero-Five, on hold, Cerb

[CTC] "Halo" Nostos says, "Echo, any chance of us getting into the air any time soon?"
[CTC] "CerbTac" Tillman says, "One-zero-five, Cerberu
s. You are cleared for launch out of the Port tubes. You have outbound traffic from the Port pod in two minutes as well as inbound Raptors in one-three to the same location. Be wary of any communications issues as briefed. Check in on Tactical Three when clear. Have a nice day."

[CTC] "Echo" Jayden chuckles amply, "Zero-Five, copies, Cerberus. Launching.

Jayden takes off.

[CTC] "Echo" Jayden says, "Halo, it's cold out here."

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] Halo's Viper flies out in formation along with Echo as he keeps close enough to his wingman during thie cap. His stick control is fairly good considering he is a JiG and so far he has maintained a professional flight posture since flying on the Pegasus was a completely professional affair.

[BlackKnight-312: Jayden] Adjusts his bird to take lead on this CAP. A glance to his wingman and he dips his wing twice to let him know he's on track.

[TAC3] "Echo" Jayden says, "Halo, Echo. Stay firm on my wing. We move out four more kliks and go full mil power."

[CTC] "Halo" Nostos says, "Echo, Halo. Roger Wilco. Another day, another quiet flight to enjoy the stars. I think my house is over that way somewhere way off that way."

[TAC3] "Echo" Jayden laughs, "Halo, check your radio. We don't want to let the TACCO know where your house is."

[BlackKnight-312: Jayden] The viper has reached a safe distance from the Cerberus and Jayden lights his thrusters to full military power. Let's hope his wingman can catch up.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Echo, Halo. Think he'd launch pudding at it from orbit? Acctually, if the TACCO could do that I'd enjoy it. Can you imagine all the high society Caprican ladies getting upset because pudding was dropped on them in a clever sneak attack on the Nostos estate. I'd pay a years salary to see that happen."

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] As Echo's thrusters kick there isn't even a half a second pause as Halo's thrusters burst into full power since these are the moments that the pilot has been waiting for. It would appear that the Jig has his chops.

[TAC3] "Echo" Jayden chuckles, "A year's salary? I'd name my first born after him if that ever happened."

[BlackKnight-312: Jayden] Turns his head to try and spy the other viper behind him. A nice smirk is given before he looks back to the front of his ship and readies a hard bank to the left, still and full power. Maybe they'll put on a nice show for the QUODEL in the Obs Deck.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "I can arrange for that if you are serious."

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] The Caprican pilot with the big shoulders has maintained his own distance and as it currently stands he is an apt wingman as he knows the maneuvers and he follows along as if he was networked to Echo's Viper. If there is going to be a show for QUODEL then Halo is ready to go.

[TAC3] "Echo" Jayden grunts a bit due to the pressure he's applying to the stick, "Arrange for what…" a pause, "You want my first child, JiG?"

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos manages a slight chuckle despite the turn he is making, I meant hitting Caprican society ladies with pudding if you are serious about naming your first born son after me." He might be teasing or he might be serious since it is hard to tell over coms.

[BlackKnight-312: Jayden] This fighter is still on a hard bank, and its only until he's made a full turn and he is aligned to pass over the obs deck windows, that he levels out. Yeap, the pair are about to pass near those windows at full throttle, it seems.

[TAC3] "Echo" Jayden says, ""Well, first show me you have the edge to fly my wing, and then I'll talk to the Padre about that child naming.""

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] The younger pilot has no problem pulling the hard bank as he follows along ready to follow his wingman toward the Obs Deck.

[BlackKnight-312: Jayden] Echo shuts his engines, and pulls his flight stick up, letting the fore maneuvering jets lift the nose of his viper. Inertia still carries the fighter towards the windowed deck. Oh dear! This is not for the light-hearted. Sensing his ship is just barely on the edge of safe flight distance from that deck; his engines flare out, bringing the viper safely up and out of danger. It's all in the hair, folks.

[BlackKnight-308: Nostos] The younger pilot attempts to do the same maneuver and he begins spinning toward the obs deck however Halo realizes he won't be able to make it in time if he maintains his current course and so he breaks the maneuver early. Hardly as impressive as the senior officers but still he attempted to give the audience a big show. From their perspective all the people in the Obs Deck would have seen was a Viper spinning slowly almost like a ballerina in space. Lame from a pilots perspective but it is a small show for those in the Obs Deck.

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Godsdamnit. That should have worked, the frakking sensor array is off."

[TAC3] "Echo" Jayden snickers, "Wa. Wa. Wa. Let's get back to our CAP before we end up cleaning the head."

[TAC3] "Halo" Nostos says, "Echo, Halo. Roger wilco."

The CAP goes on for a few more hours without any other fancy displays from the pair. They both set their birds nicely over the deck and that’s one less sortie for flight 105.

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