Lauren Coll
Crewman Lauren Coll
Annie Wersching
Annie Wersching as Lauren Coll
Alias: "Bud"
Age: 32
Features: Appendages. Hair.
Colony: Virgon
Rank: Crewman
Department: Deck
Position: Avionics & Ordnance

Crewman Lauren Coll was killed on 10 September 2041 during an exchange of gunfire on Sagittaron. She was meeting with Rahim al-Fahdi, a trusted civilian who was to participate in salvage operations with her. Upon seeing her, he claimed/identified her as a Cylon, took a sidearm off a Marine, and shot her six times in the abdomen and chest. She died moments later. Mr. al-Fahdi was killed in the return volley by Marines and Air Wing personnel. She is currently a suspected Cylon.



Even a rich 'n snazzy place like Virgon has a backwoods. Those little hamlets that nobody talks about because it detracts from the culture and money that flows around the rest of the colony. This is where Lauren is from. A little place called "Yarnell," population: OMFGTINY. Resolved to get the hell out of there, the little hayseed accomplished her mission with a misguided attempt at familial mutiny by joining the fleet and heading to the Academy. She wanted Vipers. She didn't get them. Slotted as an ECO, Lauren spent the better part of six and a half years with an attack squadron: VAQ-129. The woman had just gotten pinned a LT before fate plotted against her. Through a series of very drunken events, she ended up as a Specialist assigned to Picon Anchorage's Deck. This woman was one of the last people to dash across the walkway before the Marines opened fire on Warday. Since then she's found her own place among the Deck crews and just went back to doing her job: Fixing planes and weapons. Lauren prefers the ordnance end but she's better with avionics. Degrees in things like 'Electrical Engineering' tend to help, after all. She was recently demoted to Crewman as punishment for her negligence involved with the Raptor 305 incident, which JAG is holding her tentatively responsible for.


Coll has been classified as an ENTJ according to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology testing. This is a Type Four Temperament and is commonly identified as 'The Fieldmarshal'. More information about this type can be found here, and as a note the 'Trademark' phrase listing on that page is pretty accurate.

On the Enneagram of Personality tests, Coll falls into strong scores (7) in three categories: Type 1 (Reformer), Type 5 (Thinker), and Type 8 (Leader). Viewing those pages for typing, plus the above listed ENTJ citations, will give an excellent insight into how Lauren thinks and works. While they aren't one hundred percent, they are quite interesting (and not incorrect) results for how she operates in interpersonal relationships. This test is available here.

Immediate Family


Mom and Dad were mostly looking for Laurie to stick close to home. They wanted her to go to school, meet a boy, get married, and have a whole passel of kids. She treated her parents and their ideas as another parent might a small child with silly ideas. Coll always wanted more from life and reading just gave her more ideas. Without any other brothers or sisters, her lumberjack father and housewife mother kissed her a tearful goodbye every time. She would go back once a year or so to visit but that was about it. She has never been married, apparently doesn't date often, and has no children or blood ties.

Service Jacket

  • Picon Fleet Academy, Class of 2031
  • CFAS Harcort, Scorpia — ECO Training
  • BSG-57, Battlestar Mars — VAQ-129 "Warlocks", ECO
  • CFAS Marigold — Remedial Deck Training
  • Picon Anchorage — Avionics & Ordnance

Physical Features


Long locks of brown hair frame an angled face. Light blue eyes watch the world with what could be mild amusement, thin brows defiant with a hint of daring. A gentle jaw sets full lips and an aristocratic nose. Her light complexion is dotted with freckles that spot her arms, shoulders, and face. The woman's five-foot, eight inch frame speaks to the workout she gets with the jobs she does and her movements seem to be full of restrained energy. When her upper arms are bare, there's a tattoo of a squadron patch visible on the right side and labeled as that of VAQ-129 with the letters "YGBSM" over the top and "Warlocks" below. If she is on the deck and working, most often her hair is up in a bun behind her head. Too many haircuts destroyed by hot exhaust and snags in paneling taught her the hard way.


Nasty Letter by Otis Taylor
Innocent by Our Lady Peace (Same actress in this video.)
East Bound and Down by Jerry Reed
Cheap Motels by Southern Culture on the Skids
Runnin Down a Dream by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger
You by Candlebox (All I can find are crap live versions. Sry)
A Train of Angels by Joe Satriani
Call Me The Breeze by Lynyrd Skynyrd

On the Grid

Known Associates

Constin_icon.jpg Big Bear, Iron Tough: "When the chips are down and snake-eyes rolls in with its fangs out, El will always be there to back me up. When the days are good, its usually because he has been there. When they are bad, he's been there to either save my life or ready to give up his own in the effort. It started with a detainment and progressed. A relationship solidified through combat and kept alive through intimate secrets and discussions. Hopes and dreams. Plans and memories. Scars and bars. ..He sorta got tricked into the marriage but some things I just can't bring myself to apologize for. He means too much to me."

Recent Logs

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