Cerberus: Civilians


The civilian population of BSG-132 comes from many different sources. Some have been aboard the Cerberus since it fled from Picon Anchorage on Warday: members of Quorum Delegation Cerberus (QUODEL) or contractors stationed aboard the Anchorage. The fleet has picked up several hundred more in the course of its journey. The current count? 550 people from all walks of life, with more being brought aboard every month.

Civilian Plots

Below are some of the shipside events where civilians are leading the charge. If you'd like to get involved, simply contact the PC Contacts listed or ST Staff and we'll find a way to work you in.

PC Contacts: LTJG Raine Lunair, Rose Ibbhanas

Others Involved: CPT Maggie Quinn, LTJG Marko Scaurus, Dr. Aurora Rourke, Ginny Wells

The humble beginnings of a hydroponics facility has been started on the Deck Eight (Storage), using storage bays whose supplies have already been exhausted. If it's going to supplement the Cerberus's food supply in any meaningful way, they're going to have to find a bigger solution — the sooner the better.

Lunair and Rose are responsible for managing what's being grown, and when — if your character has suggestions or supplies or manpower to contribute, contact them and add to the ship's edible/medicinal wealth!

Current Crops:

  • Platform #1: Blueberries, Southern Leonis (native?), edible
  • Platform #2: C. microcarpa (calamondin orange), Southern Leonis (native?), edible
  • Platform #3: Mentha longifolia (mint! ^^), Everywhere, so edible!
  • Platform #4: A. cepa (onions), Leonis (Canceron import?), we'll see
  • Platform #5: P. cerasus (sour cherry), Leonis (definitely not native), sour means sour

Secure Crops: Morpha poppies. Secure crops (typically medicinal plants) are grown in a separate, secure area, with limited access. Contact Lunair if you'd like to be granted permission.

Future/Suggested Crops: Chamalla, blackberries (taken from Sagittaron), potatoes/carrots/other tubers (taken from Aerilon), flax/lavender (Ginny's personal stash).

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