Ciro Sondray
Staff Sergeant Ciro Arthur Sondray
Johnny Messner
Johnny Messner as Ciro Arthur Sondray
Alias: None
Age: 28
Features: Mohawk, Surfer, Disconnected.
Colony: Canceron
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Department: Marines
Position: Dog PLT Platoon Sergeant

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
- Albert Einstein


Ciro is a man trapped in time. Before the Cylon holocaust, he was a devoted marine and boyfriend to a girl that he'd been dating for five years. He was a war veteran and his closest comrade was his spotter, Troyle Dixon. Like many survivors, nearly all of his ties to humanity were severed when the bombs fell, washing the planets with a wave of destruction and radiation. With the death of Troyle Dixon, Ciro's sense of being was locked into a static state. At that very moment he was a soldier, all alone, with no one to call upon, and he would need to use his skills to keep himself alive. Acknowledgement of his suffering would only slow him down, and his losses are a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of tears shed since that day.

One year later…this hasn't changed.

Immediate Family/Close Friends

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
Apr 2035 AE PVT Camp Halliday, Virgon Enlisted in the CMC, entered basic training. Promoted to PFC on graduation.
Aug 2035 AE PFC Camp Broome, Scorpia Assigned to SSR training program.
Jan 2036 AE PFC Camp Broome, Scorpia SSR graduation. Assigned to 2nd Bn, 8th CMR, SST team 3. Paired with PFC Troyle Dixon(Spotter)
Mar 2036 AE PFC Camp Broome, Scorpia 2nd Bn, 8th CMR, SST team 3. Kitton FOB "The Cat". Operation Boxcutter. Deployed to Scorpia's southern continent to counteract human smuggling operations. Hazard pay received. Promoted to LCPL.
Oct 2037 AE LCPL Camp Broome, Scorpia 2nd Bn, 8th CMR, SST team 3. Deployed as rooftop security to over-watch the Quorum of Twelve's security during heated political discussions on Scorpia.
Dec 2037 AE CPL Camp Broome, Scorpia 2nd Bn, 8th CMR, SST team 3. Promoted to CPL.
May 2038 AE CPL Camp Broome, Scorpia 2nd Bn, 8th CMR, SST team 3. Kitton FOB "The Cat". Operation Chimney. Extended human and drug trafficking missions.
Jul 2038 AE CPL Camp Frayder, Sagittaron Reassigned to 2nd Bn, 4th CMR, SST team 5 and dispatched to Sagittaron. Operation April Lighting. Battle for the Jharkhand Basin.
Oct 2039 AE SGT Camp Frayder, Sagittaron 2nd Bn, 4th CMR, SST team 5. Promoted to SGT.
Feb 2040 AE SGT Camp Oberlund, Sagittaron 2nd Bn, 4th CMR, SST team 5. Dispatched to Camp Oberlund high altitude recon training.
Jun 2040 AE SGT Camp Oberlund, Sagittaron 2nd Bn, 4th CMR, SST team 5. Assisted in new recruit marksman training, focusing on ballistics calculation.
Feb 2041 AE SGT Gorgon's Spine, Sagittaron 2nd Bn, 4th CMR, SST team 5. Warday happens while on scheduled wilderness training with SGT Troyle Dixon.
Feb 2041 AE SGT Snow Peaks, Sagittaron 2nd Bn, 4th CMR, SST team 5. Makes contact with surviving marines. SGT Troyle Dixon reported KIA. Rescued by Battlestar Cerberus Sep 2041 AE.
Aug 2042 AE SGT Battlestar Cerberus B Co., 1st BN, 9th MID. Dog PLT.
June 2042 AE SGT Battlestar Cerberus B Co., 1st BN, 9th MID. Dog PLT. Appointed Platoon Sergeant.

Physical Features

Ciro Sondray is a caucasian male in his late twenties, standing at 6'2" and bearing a swimmer's physique. Tall and healthy appearing for his age, the first detail that is noticeable about the man is his choice in haircut. His black hair has been shaved on the sides of his head, leaving a CMC regulation mohawk at the top of his skull. Unable to keep his five o' clock shadow at bay, his sideburns, jaw, and his face are peppered with black stubble. The end result is the visage of a stereotypical, tattooed, marine complete with a jar-head's haircut.

Identifying features are:

  • His mohawk haircut.
  • His collection of marine-related tattoos down his right arm to his elbow.
  • Another half-sleeve on his right arm, depicting Poseidon, the ocean, and sharks.
  • The shark-tooth necklace he's never seen without.


  • Right Arm, half-sleeve: Homage to the Scout Sniper Team. His upper bicep is emblazoned with the SST seal and a marksman's badge. Complete with credo and framed by jungle tree branches.
  • Left Arm, half-sleeve: Homage to Poseidon. From the elbow-up his arm is covered in the image of a stormy sea, with the gargantuan form of Poseidon raising his trident above the waves. Some ships sail safely while others tremble in fear.
  • Left Shoulder to Left Hip: A kraken stretches out over Ciro's ribs, its long arms reaching up to his shoulder, down over his lower back, as if to seek out and destroy things that aren't yet tattooed there. The monster is menacing, but done in a realistic greyscale shading—at least the body. It resembles a giant octopus and little circles dot tendrils along the Sergeant's skin. — from The First Cut

On the Grid

Known Associates

Ciro_icon.jpg Myself: I guess I'm alright. I'm pretty well adjusted to the near end of my species, and I'm not suffering from any sort of emotional problems worth talking with anyone about. Like a lot of people, I miss my family, my girlfriend, and if I could flip some switch and make everything go back to the way it was I'd do it in a heartbeat. That's not going to happen though, is it? So I'm stuck here…with Cylon sleeper agents. What kills me is that as far as I'm concerned every single person I see is potentially someone that's going to end this ride for all of us? How the frak do you build up with that? I don't trust any of it, so I guess I'll just keep following orders until I see something that I can't ignore.
Vandenberg_icon.jpg Captain Natalie Vandenberg: Sigh. Dare I say that I care? One of the things that I hate the most about this war is that while there are still unconfirmed Cylon skinjobs that I can't really trust anyone. Maybe it's unhealthy to have the attitude that I'm better off just assuming everyone is a Cylon, or that my life will go on after they're dead because I've lost people far more important to me than the people I've met post-war, but the truth is that I'd follow her into hell. She believes in me when I don't want her to. She trust me when she shouldn't. I'll never tell her, but I trust her and yes…I do care.
Constin_icon.jpg Gunnery Sergeant Eleftherios Constin: This big son of a bitch is another man from Canceron, and Gunny's good people. Everyone knows his old lady was a Cylon, and there's something about the way he's forever pissed off about it that leads me to think he's not one. Then again, that's what they'd want us to think right? Either way he reminds me of a few friends of mine from back home that I used to surf with. The major problem that I have with the guy is that even though he's the Master-At-Arms and he's supposed to be the head of security for the ship, if he turned out to be a Cylon I'd hate to have to fight him toe-to-toe. Maybe I should try to get him to step in the ring and see if I can take him.
Ekho_icon.jpg Staff Sergeant Ekho Inoue: Ekho's a very deep, very interesting creature to me. She's kind of in the same boat that I am. She's lost a son just like I've lost my entire universe, and with no body to confirm all you have really is to lean on hope. We've bonded over this, and the sad part is that she has more hope than I do, which reminds me of the odds once again. My old life is gone, and maybe hers is too. Sometime's she's close and sometimes she's distant, but to me her company is always welcome.
Lady_icon.jpg Corporal Zmaragdahianna Lady: I don't know what I'm seeing when I look at her. I've been assigned as her Squad Leader so I should probably know more about her than I do. When I look at her, though, I see that she wants everyone to see something. The meanest girls are always putting on the best offense, and Lady's a very loud, very mean girl. I wish I knew more about her, because I can't tell if she actually feels any fear or if she truly doesn't care. If the latter's the case…then she's going to be a bitch to keep conrol of.
Decumius_icon.jpg Corporal Lucius Decumius: We got processed together with the grand Sagittaron pickup. Actually, we served together as a part of the same recon down at the Jharkhand Basin. If I were to describe him, I'd probably use the word "solid". He doesn't cause drama or have some intense need for attention, which I can appreciate. He's a good scout and I've worked with him in the warzone before. If there's anyone I'd want as a spotter now that Dixon's dead I'd want Lucius. We fought the Liberation Front together, so that means I can trust him…right?
Circe_icon.jpg Specialist Circe Lagana: Honestly, I think I'm better at communicating with Laguna through the quiet, wordless marine hive mind than I am at actually speaking with her. Like most people, I trust her about as far as I can throw her, but if she's a Cylon I'd be surprised. There's something very human and flawed about her, which reflects just how human and flawed I am too. It's comforting. Of course, I'm not saying she's a flawed person by any means, what I'm saying is that she's not afraid to admit to herself that she's not perfect like the rest of us. I admire that in a person.
Corrath_icon.jpg Captain Corrath O'Hare: Aside from the fact that he went JAG instead of staying in a role that keeps him closer to home (home being marine country), he's a pretty good guy. From what I understand, he vouched a vote of confidence in my favor to v-Berg (lowercase V, due to her height) when it came to my Platoon Sergeant bump. He keeps in touch with the troops, he isn't letting himself turn into some sort of barrel-assed glitter, and he isn't afraid to get in the ring. What's not to like?
North_icon.jpg Private Bridge North:So this girl spent what, months in a coma? I haven't asked around for the complete details but she got a head wound and had some nerve damage that still bothers her today. I don't know what I'd do if that happened to me, but it hasn't stopped her from continuing to be this font of creative energy. She's back on the horse, which is something worth being proud of. Since she came back to the bunkhouse we've had some pretty deep conversations, one of them over a tattoo she gave me. Something tells me that I've only scratched the surface.


  • Ciro was a vegetarian until (excluding fish, he could never give that up) until his first year of highschool. What broke him of this? Lamb on flatbread. He only eats meat currently to keep his protein up due to the severe lack of nutritional supplements and health-food stores.
  • Ciro always wears a leather necklace with a small, blunted animal tooth on it. It appears that it's some sort of sea creature's fang.
  • Ciro is a lover of animals, and even more so today believes that what animals they find should rather be protected, rather than eaten.
  • Favorite colors are Green and Orange.
  • Quite the outdoorsman, he has a wide knowledge of lesser-known locations on Canceron and Scorpia where one could hike, rock climb, surf, mountain-bike, or camp.
  • HATES coffee. He operates on a millenia-old energy technique called "get lots of sleep and have a good diet."
  • Was hit by a car once. Apparently it didn't hurt him too bad.
  • Was largely believed to be second place for prom king his senior year.
  • Favorite food: Falafel, olives, and blackened fish.
  • Has touched a shark while in the water.
  • LOVES the firing range, claims it's better than any shrink could ever be.

Recent Logs

Recent Memoirs


  • "No one sleeps their way to Specialist."
  • "That instant coffee's gonna turn your asshole into a sieve. Just so you're prepared."



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