Cilusia Fasi
Petty Officer 2nd Class Cilusia Fasi
Shakira as Cilusia Fasi
Alias: Scraps, Cil
Age: 29
Features: Dirty blonde, frizzy mane; brown eyes; short
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Petty Officer 2nd Class
Department: Deck
Position: Survival Equipment Specialist


Second-generation grease monkey? Troubled child with no other options before being locked away for a long time? Danger to those she serves with? You be the judge. Cilusia Fasi is as unlikely a candidate for any of those positions at first glance, but the truth is…she's all of them. She's 200 pounds of fight in a 100 pound package; she's a greasy, dirty deck grunt who doesn't mind following in her father's footsteps (even if she'd never own up to it).

Immediate Family

  • Caro Fasi - Father (PO1: Engineering Technician (Mechanical & Repair), Scorpion Shipyards, Non-hostile casualty)
  • Ylyria Fasi - Mother (Owner, Strings of Memories gift and jewelry shop, presumed dead, killed on Scorpia in the Cylon Attacks)

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
2030 AE Apprentice CFA Virgon Enlisted on Scorpia at the age of 17; Completes boot and A-school
2031 AE Crewman Vigdis Anchorage First posting
2032 AE Specialist Destroyer Heerman Promoted to Specialist after two years of service
2033 AE Specialist Destroyer Heerman Denied promotion to Petty Officer Third Class following a charge of civilian assault while on leave; posts bail, serves two weeks brig time
2034 AE PO3 Escort Carrier Delphus Promoted to PO3
2036 AE PO2 Escort Carrier Delphus Promoted to PO2 following identification of flaws in CAP flight suits; remains on post
2041 AE PO3 Battlestar Cerberus Demoted to PO3 following charges of assault against a PO1: serves two months brig time; forfeits pay during the period; deemed that she was a 'danger to crew safety' and reassigned to Battlestar Cerberus as a punitive measure
November 2041 AE PO2 Battlestar Cerberus Promoted to PO2 following problem-free service aboard Battlestar Cerberus

Physical Features

Cilusia is a petite woman of barely five feet tall. Her naturally dirty-blonde hair is quite wavy in it's natural state, and if left untamed, tends to turn into a mane of shoulder blade-length frizz. Her eyes are chocolate brown, rather warm and inviviting. Built like a whip, what femininity the gods have seen fit to grant her has been relegated to her face and her legs; the girl has a scant bust, a slim, athletic body, and shapely but not exaggerated hips.

Her right arm is covered wrist to shoulder in a sleeve tattoo; lillies in varying shades of red and pink, with black shading and plenty of open skin highlight the sleeve that was created as one fluid scene. As work permits, she can be found wearing leather and bead necklaces and bracelets in the style that her mother was fond of creating.


Miscellaneous Details

  • Ms. Fix-It: Big shock here, right? Like most deckies, if you have something that's broken, you could probably take it to her and get it fixed. Electronics are not a strong point, however. She accepts payment in smokes and booze.
  • The Collection: There's a ratty, ragged cigar box that Cilusia has. Inside, there are a lot of fabric nametags from uniforms, flightsuits, and the like. It would seem that the memory of each one is still alive and well…
  • Jewelry: Cilusia has quite the collection of braided leather, hemp, and beaded jewelry. Rumor has it that she's not too shabby at making it, when the materials turn up. Want some Scorpian jewelry made? Give her a shout and we'll see what can be scrounged up!

On the Grid

Known Associates

Damon_icon.jpg Petty Officer 1st Class Andreas Damon: This man is probably the closest thing to a best friend Cilusia has on ship right now. Probably because they work in the same place, have the same type of spotty service record, and have no qualms carrying on a conversation that's little more than thinly-veiled masturbation jokes. He probably wouldn't be surprised to know that her first thought upon seeing him shot in the gut by some invading Cylons was how she's going to have to do his work now too!
Bannik_icon.jpg Specialist Tyr Bannik: He's a good kid! Hard-working and smart…plus, he shares the same opinions with me regarding pilots and ship survivability. Seems to work the same hours, which isn't a problem. He doesn't give her trouble, and she doesn't get him into trouble; it's a win-win for the both of them! Maybe a little too bookish for her, but, that's his choice. That's his hobby and that's cool!
Iosif_icon.jpg Apprentice Iosif O'Keefe: Coming soon!

Recent Logs


running daily, hunted nightly
i know we must stay sprightly
our numbers thinning every day
so in tether, we dance together
our bonds have forged all weather
ours is the law that we obey

and so we dance
we play
we fight
we run
we breathe
we outlast
the storm


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