Cidra "Toast" Hahn
Lieutenant Colonel Cidra A. Hahn
Catherine Keener
Catherine Keener as Cidra A. Hahn
Alias: Toast
Age: 40
Features: Blue-gray eyes; Brown hair
Colony: Gemenon
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Department: Air Wing
Position: CAG


Cidra was born closer to forty years ago than she'd like to admit, in the city of Shinkirsei on Gemenon. Her parents were both religious professionals, so they enjoyed a more comfortable and respected status than many on the poorer colony. Her mother was a priestess of Hera, her father a priest of Asclepius who (like many of his order) worked as a registered nurse in a cult-run hospital. The oldest of four children, she was educated at a girls' school run by the priesthood of Athena and then at the Colleges of Kobol itself when she was of age, completing university with a degree in Theology. Rumor has it she intended to become a priestess herself before, abruptly, deciding to forgo seminary and join the Colonial Fleet. Quick reflexes, sharp eyes and intense dedication got her a place in flight training.

Whatever prompted this sharp turn in her life she's made good with it, establishing a solid career with fifteen years in the cockpit as a Raptor pilot before getting the CAG spot aboard the shiny new Battlestar Cerberus. She's qualified for Viper combat, on paper, but she favors the big birds and is not quite at home in the smaller, sleeker craft.

She remains quietly religious and a devotee of the goddess Athena, though she keeps her spiritual beliefs private. On-duty, she's an outwardly pragmatic and cool-headed leader, not the flashiest pilot in the wing but a highly skilled one who takes great fulfillment in mentoring younger jocks.

She's a widow. Her husband, Lt. Daedrek Hahn, was killed in an accident during a Viper training exercise about a decade ago. She has never remarried and has no children.

Immediate Family

  • Agatha Nevarine — Mother. Priestess of Hera. (Presumed dead, killed on Gemenon in the Cylon Attacks)
  • Emmanuel Nevarine — Father. Priest of Asclepius, registered nurse. (Presumed dead, killed on Gemenon in the Cylon Attacks)
  • Cillian Nevarine — Brother (junior by 1 year). Priest of Asclepius, registered nurse. (Presumed dead, killed on Gemenon in the Cylon Attacks)
  • Eliane Martell — Sister (junior by 5 years). Housewife. (Presumed dead, killed on Gemenon in the Cylon Attack)
  • Josseline Correy — Sister (junior by 7 years). Housewife. (Presumed dead, killed on Gemenon in the Cylon Attacks)
  • LT Daedrek "Sunstroke" Hahn — Husband. Viper pilot. Last assignment, BS Heracles. Deceased 2032 AE. Killed in a training accident in a collision with another pilot and subsequent asteroid crash.


  • Athenian Girl's Academy, Mt. White Oak, Gemenon — Primary education
  • Kobol Colleges — BA, Theology (Class of 2023)

Service Jacket

  • CFAB Mai-Kintani (Scorpia) — OCS and Flight Training (2024-2026 AE)
  • BS Columbia — Raptor pilot (2026-2030 AE)
  • CEC Marsyas — Raptor pilot, later promoted to Squadron Leader of the VRC-42 "The Open Arms" (2031-2035 AE)
  • BS Aegean — Raptor Squad Leader, VAW-15 "The Crosshairs" (2036-2039 AE)
  • Picon Fleet Headquarters — Instructor, advanced SAR training. Also completed Viper flight and combat certification. (2039-2041 AE)
  • BS Cerberus — Commander, Air Group, CVW-14 (2041 AE-Present)


Note: All of this stuff is generally public knowledge. Use for RP hooks as you will.

Her voice still marks her out quite prominently as a daughter of Gemenon, even after years in the Colonial Fleet. Further, though she speaks Colonial Standard fluently in a purely academic sense, her phrasing and word choice are distinctive in certain ways of someone who was not raised a "native" speaker. She's also fluent in the language of her home colony and occasionally falls back on it when Standard just won't convey what she wants.



"Effusive expression of emotional warmth is not something that ISTJs do without considerable energy loss…"

Cidra has been classified as an ISTJ according to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology testing. This temperament is commonly identified as 'The Inspector.' More information about this type can be found here. It's…about right, really.

A version of the test you can take "in character" (or out) is here.

Recent Activity

Cidra's Prayer Journal


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