BCH #009: Chow Time
Chow Time
Summary: There's no such thing as a casual lunch when a reporter lurks in the waters.
Date: 17 Feb 2041 AE
Related Logs: None.
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Chow time is always busy in the galley, and currently the room is bustling with crew members trying to get a bite in during their shift. The occasional civilian dots the crowd, standing out like a sore thumb amidst the sea of uniformed boys and girls. One such glaring hole in the mass of khaki and blues is a woman standing against the bulkhead in a suit minus the stuffy jacket, holding a glass of some greenish concoction that looks thick and goopy. Mmm. Lunch.

Entering the galley, Demos looks neither right nor left, but scoots over to the 'feed me now or I'll miss X meeting' line. Although this is not the shortest of queues, it does move fairly quickly. The selections are pretty well packaged into Lunch A, B or C type options with no room for substitutions. Still, it will be a bit of a wait, so she then takes time to glance about. As usual, the civilians get a closer inspection by the MP than the straight up military types.

Sawyer turns her head to talk to a private next to her, the glitter of a silver hoop earring catching the light. There's another thing that sets a Civvie apart from those in the Fleet: jewelry. She makes light conversation with the man, sharing a short polite laugh at some joke that involved a Corpsman, a Priest, and a Llama. It seems Sawyer is the friendly sort, so it's no wonder she gives Demos a smile when the MP looks in that direction. Hmm. Something about Demos catches her attention and she excuses herself and heads that way to stand in line behind the marine. "Afternoon." She greets congenially.

The smile is returned and Demos' gaze flickers back to the line. Moving forward, step by step. When the voice sounds, the MP turns and inclines her head, "Afternoon, ma'am." Another smile is offered, another few steps taken. The line does not inch forward, but moves a bit more quickly. "Welcome aboard the Cerberus, ma'am. I hope that you are enjoying your stay?" She cocks her head slightly, her expression mildly curious though friendly enough.

Sawyer moves when the line moves, never mind that she already has some wheat grass protein shake thing already in her hand. Maybe she's looking for something with some actual flavor to it besides 'freshly mowed lawn'. "It's been almost like a vacation so far. If it weren't for the lack of show girls and a casino, I'd almost say this was a cruise ship. Say, that band on your arm means your ship security, right? You'd be the type I come to if I had any concerns?"

Demos cannot help the smile that begins, "Lucky you, then, ma'am. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying yourself." The line finally gets to where Demos can order, "A, please." Collecting her tray, she steps out of line. Before going off to find a drink, she pauses and refocuses on the woman. Her expression turns professional and she nods, tone neutral, "That is right, ma'am. Is there anything that I can help you with?"

Sawyer looks lost for a moment at the front of the line, finally just getting the same thing that Demos did, and clunking her drink down on the tray. She picks it up and follows after the MP, as if it's the most natural thing in the world. "Well. There was that thing down in Engineering…" Sawyer starts, as if embarrassed to bring it up in the first place.

When it becomes clear that the civilian is 'on for the ride' so to speak, Demos moves to the drink station. A glass of water, no ice, is claimed and she looks for a table, though her attention is more on the woman with her, "Which thing is that, ma'am?" Her tone is gentle, kind and open enough. Finally finding a spot off by the bulkhead, she motions to the chairs, "Join me? If you don't mind discussing it here. Or, we can go up to the Security Hub if you wish to put in an incident report?"

Sawyer slips into a chair across from Demos, "Thank you, I'm really grateful." Either for the invitation to sit or the opportunity to talk, is left rather vague. She slips her tray onto the table in front of her, and arranges the meal in front of her, first by turning her plate so that the meat is the furthest away from her. Her glass of wheat grass gets pulled closer to her. "There was some hub-bub, where security went in there with force. Were you there?" The civilian and the MP have just appropriated a table.

The galley is really full as people try to secure food while they can. Those on duty vying with those off for place in line. There are two queues, one for 'Quick Meals' that are designated as A, B or C. These do not allow for substitution and the line, though long, progresses more quickly than that for the typical 'cafeteria style' meals.

Demos settles her tray at the table and then sits precisely on the edge of her chair, "Ah. No, Miss, I was not there. Were you involved in some way?"

Jayden sits at a table near the one Demos and Sawyer picked for their meal. The pilot is now nursing a cold cup of coffee, as he smokes. All alone in this small section of officer country. If he is able to hear anything they are talking about, he doesn't show it.

And in strolls the TACCO, rarely seen outside his dark, beeping habitat. Occasionally hunting the wild plains of the Galley for sustenance, he.. well the guy heads for the buffet line and grabs up some food. He tosses a sammich and a jello mold onto his plate before heading off towards the tables. Noticing Sawyer, he gives the woman a nod and moves to sit down at Jayden's table. "Mind if I grab a seat, El-tee?"

Sawyer picks up her fork and nudges it through some of the food, but she's not quite eating, just looking busy with her meal. As the TACCO passes, she gives him a little two fingered wave as the rest of her hand is busy holding the utensil. She waits until the man passes and claims a seat some where else that she continues her conversation with the MP, slanting her voice a little lower in volume, "I'm just concerned."

Jayden looks up and offers the tactical guru a small two-fingered salute, "Be my guest," he answers. The cancer stick is moved to his other hand, "As long as you don't mind my vice."

Tillman eyes the cigarette in Jayden's hand and narrows his eyes. They look between the smoldering stick and the pilot's face for a solid five to ten seconds, expression growing less and less pleased. His breathing becomes heavier, jaw setting. And just when he looks like he might explode at the Lieutenant, he chuckles. "Hell no, Lieutenant. Just frakkin with you." A grin flashes. "Smoke on up. Probably gonna light one myself when I finish." He picks up the sandwich and takes a bite, nodding to him. "So how goes? Noticed you have flight pins. What do you crew?" Tillman, the shameless man, talks around his food. Its probably the only chance he gets to do it away from CIC and his wife.

As the TACCO passes, Demos takes a moment to study the man. It is not an overt look, though it does linger a moment or two. When he sits with Jayden, the other officer gets a similar scrutiny. When she is finished, she blinks and turns again to her companion. Lifting a forkful of food, she pauses to shake her head, "Nothing to be concerned about, ma'am. Truly." The forkful is claimed and she chews carefully, then lifts a napkin to gently daub her lips. This routine will be continued; forkful, chew, daub, until the meal is completed. When she sets the fork or napkin down, the movement is precise and careful, each tool placed in an exact location with only minor deviation in placement or angle. Her focus now remains on Sawyer, her smile open, gaze attentive.

Jayden smiles and continues to smoke away. "Fly and die, never ask why," he lets his mantra answer for him. "Though I am still working on the actual flying part…" a beat, "Jayden Ekonomo. Echo." He extends his hand, since the TACCO hasn't touched his food, it seems proper to do so now.

Sawyer reaches up to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear, a touch of nervousness showing through. Maybe the woman is just concerned about the topic of conversation, at least that's how she appears to be. "But. Did they catch the person? Was an arrest made? I'd sleep better at night knowing there wasn't some security threat lingering."

Demos glances briefly to the 'fly and die' guy, her glance quick. Another few bites are taken while the woman speaks to her. The smile returns and; after cleaning her lips slightly once more, she clears her throat, "Ma'am. I am not at liberty to discuss the case. However, please rest assured that everything possible is being done to ensure not only the safety of the ship, her crew, but all of our guests." Such sincerity. She must not only mean what she is saying, but believe it wholly.

Tillman reaches across the table. "Clive Tillman. I'm a CIC Goon." He takes another bite of the sandwich and continues. "Still working on the flying part? I figured by 'Lieutenant' you'd have that down pretty much pat." He looks past the pilot for a second as if he spots someone he knows but dismisses it.

Sawyer has set down her fork some where along the line, resorting back to her gloppy green shake thing that has clumps floating around in it. She takes a deep drink, then discretely cleans off her lips with a pass of her tongue. "So there /is/ a case then." The civilian states nonchalantly.

Jayden chuckles a bit and stubs his cigar with the bottom of his boot. "I have, but our birds are being rotated for maintenance." Who needs improved AI in the viper cockpits when they have guys like Jayden. "Something to do with software problems… sir" He guesses Till to be more than just another hand up in CIC.

Demos shrugs, "Well, there might be. Then again, it might be closed. Or, the situation might have been handled on site. I am not in front of my terminal and cannot look up the status of anything, so am not speaking with any authority at all. All I know for certain, ma'am is that we have your back. If you have a specific concern, or specific questions, I am sure that the MaA… er… Master at Arms, ma'am… would be glad to have a chat." She adjusts the tray and starts in on the meat patty in gravy. Before taking a bite, she adds, "Or, if you have something specific to report, I would be glad to go up with you and take down the information."

"Ah, yeah. I saw a memo about that. Something about the CNP? It wasn't directed to me so I didn't get a good look at it." Clive chomps out another bite from his grub, taking time to actually chew it this time. "That sucks. But I guess if its gotta be done, its gotta be done. I haven't had a chance to meet the Dee-Cee though, yet. You met him by any chance?"

Sawyer waves the last of that away with a little gesture from her hand. "Oh, no no. Nothing to report. I'm just the curious sort." She says innocently enough. It's the truth after all. "Was just wondering if I need to keep my eye out for anything. You hear about a problem in Engineering that includes bringing out the big guns, and a girl gets nervous. Stuck out in space, something goes wrong out here…" She lets that sentence drift off with an exaggerated grimace.

Jayden hitches a shoulder, and grabs his cold mug, "I have only seen him once or twice down at the deck, sir." The coffee is sipped with a small frown, "CAPs have started, but with old software in the main. Haven't gotten my schedule yet, and don't even know who my wing-man is." A look over his shoulder at the talk Dem and Saw are having and he adds in a soft tone. "Never been on a combat ship with civilians in it." Another shrug.

Demos's smile returns after she finishes eating. "Ah, I see. Nervous flyer?" Inhaling a bit, she continues, "Please do not take this the wrong way, ma'am. But, you are surrounded by the best. Yes, there are things to be aware of, but that is true of any situation you are going to be in anywhere. Be normally alert, normally aware. Report suspicious behavior… As you would anywhere. And please. Trust a little that we are doing our jobs. This is a combat ship, so things that are normal to us might be unusual or even alarming to you. We have a set of protocols that we follow that you are not going to be aware of. That is only to be expected." She pauses, then pushes the now empty tray away and picks up her water to take a sip. "If something bothers you, definitely get answers. But, ask the people in the right places. Me? I know what I am working on, but probably have no idea what might be on someone else's plate. It would be a gross mistake for me to even attempt answering questions about things I am not aware of. See?"

The Tac guy nods his head a few times as he finishes off the sammich. "Eh, this early on?" Tillman's shoulders rise and fall. "No surprise. I know the CAG from another cruise. She's good people. Either she'll have your squad leader assign them or she's just waiting to see who plays well with others." He settles back in the chair, ignoring the jello-thing for now while he dives into his pocket for a smoke. "So Vipers. Nice. What do you think of your squad CO?" He flicks his zippo, clapping it shut after the ember glows red at the tip. There's a light glance off towards Sawyer and Demos.

Sawyer is being on her best behavior over here. Honest. Even if she hasn't been entirely truthful with the MP she's putting through the paces. "Please don't think I have anything but respect for our great military. I'm just here as an observer, and well. Just trying to observe." She gives the female marine across from her a pleasant smile. "I'll talk to that…M. A. A? As you suggested. There a name to go along with that?"

Jayden nods his head to Till, "Captain Abbascia. Level-headed fellah from what I hear." He takes another sip and angles sideways to be able to address the girls on his back, "Sergeant," he calls after a brief exam of her uniform, "Mind passing the sugar?" His table has none, it seems.

Demos nods once as she sets the water down, "Barclay, ma'am. Master Sergeant Barclay." Finishing the water, she sets the glass on the tray and moves to rise, "Please excuse me, ma'am. Time for me to get back to work." She nods pleasantly to the civilian woman. "Enjoy the trip, ma'am. I will let the Master Sergeant know that he can expect a call." Balancing the tray on one forearm, she extends her hand, "Who may I say will be calling?"

Tillman only nods to Jayden's short reply. He seems content to smoke his cigarette for a few minutes, letting the conversations pass over him. He tries to blow a smoke ring but it ends up looking more like a lumpy four-headed snake. He watches the Marine rise and slides his eyes to Sawyer then, without saying a word.

Sawyer smiles Jayden's way, sliding down the sugar caddy towards the pilot discretely as the Sergeant missed that particular request. She looks back to Demos. Crap. Her smile never falters, however, as she extends her hand towards the MP. "Sawyer Averies, Acropolis Monthly." Oh dear. A reporter. No wonder she was so nosy. But one of the stipulations of being on board, is that when she's asked to identify herself, she must.

Jayden figures the MP missed his request, but since the pretty reporter gets it for him, he just smiles and takes it back to his table. A look to Till, and he waggles his brows, "Must be my lucky day, eh, sir," he teases before he sugars his drink.
Long distance to Sitka: Sawyer can meet you somewhere else? Demos is leaving too, for work. So it would just be Hermes and Jayden. Or I can stick around.

Demos's gaze flickers to Jayden as Sawyer takes care of the request and a touch of a blush colors her cheeks to rose, "Sorry, LT. Missed that." Then, her gaze lowers to Sawyer and something in her manner frosts over, "Ah. I see." Taking the woman's hand, she clasps it firmly, if briefly, "In that case, ma'am. Everything I said, or may have said, or may have unintentionally hinted at, indicated or otherwise covertly or overtly mentioned is strictly off the record. I shall tell the MaA to expect the press. Enjoy your stay." Turning, she walks past the others, "Sirs." Depositing the tray and glass in their proper place, she heads out the door.

Tillman laughs a bit and nods. "Without a doubt. Beautiful women passing the sugar -and- you get to fly jets? I call it a win." He smirks and looks to Sawyer. "If you've any interest in speaking to a gen-yoo-ine Viper pilot, you've got one right here." The Captain gestures to Jayden. He takes a quick pull on the cigarette and ashes it onto his jello mold with a simple flick of his fingers.

Jayden nods to Demos and then chokes a bit, as Till calls the reporter over to the table. Feels like your daddy trying to get you laid. "Eh…Sure…" He looks back to Sawyer slightly flushed. A hand pressing down his tunic and he rises, "Hold the fort a bit, sir…" he leans over and says in a tiny voice to him, "I need to pee." With that, he moves towards the nearest exit.

Tillman, of course, has already met the endearing reporter. He could have easily warned the MP who she was talking to. As Demos gets a little bit chilly and suddenly marks everything as 'off the record' it doesn't even seem to faze Sawyer. She's getting quite used to a ship full of 'no comments'. Doesn't mean she can't use whatever little Demos trickled out as a lead though. "Thank you for your time, Sergeant." It's said as if she was just as pleased as punch for the conversation. Slipping from her seat, she too picks up her tray and goes to deposit the plate of uneaten (though heavily rearranged to look like she ate) to the station for returning them to the kitchens to be washed. Retaining her glass of rather putrid looking green liquid, she swings by Tillman's table and leans a hip to a bare edge of the table. "I always have interest." She responds smoothly to the TACCO.

A few crew members filter out, and a couple of pilots filter into the galley, almost certainly fresh off a patrol. Both are in flight suits; one veers off for the chow line, and the other — a Captain, judging by his pins — cuts toward the table with the coffee machine and stacked with still-warm mugs.

Tillman watches the pilot slip off quickly and he looks up to Sawyer with an easy, lopsided smirk. "Pilots. Get them in a hairy dogfight and they cool down. Tell them a reporter wants to talk to them and they have to run off for hair gel," he jokes. "So how're the accommodations so far? Anyone managing to feed you something worth publishing?" The man seems in a light enough mood, gesturing to the table. "Please, take a seat if you like. We don't have the Reporter Roast planned until later."

Sawyer keeps track of the comings and goings of people as best she can, and thus she traces Jayden's retreat and marks Sitka's entrance. She might feint ignorance from time to time, but she seems to read pins and stripes fairly easily and offers Sitka a bit of a smile should he happen to look in that direction. Declining the seat, she continues just to lean near the TACCO, taking a quick sip of her thick wheat grass concoction before she answers Tillman. "You'd be surprised what I'm learning. It'd make your head spin. Too bad I'm going to have to publish only one side of the story, seeming how you won't give me yours."

Sitka sifts through cups until he finds one that's both clean and un-chipped, and slides it in under the spout of the coffee machine. He might've caught the reporter's smile, as it's returned somewhat crookedly with a brief darting of blue eyes her way in accompaniment. The TACCO, as well, gets acknowledged with a brisk nod while he procures his morning's caffeine.

"Oh yeah? One side of the story?" Tillman lofts a brow at the woman but doesn't seem like he's taking the bait all the way. The man leans an arm over the back of his seat and looks back to the plate, ashing his smoke across it with a chuckle. "So Miss Averies, what is the other side of this story that I'm supposed to respond to? Apparently its been a busy twenty-four hours for you if this wasn't brought up yesterday," he offers at last, lightly, before looking back to her. With the pilot's nod, he returns it with a simple "Captain."

Sawyer gives Tillman a full smile, her tone completely light and conversational. "Who needs sleep when I have a ship chock-full of interesting new people to talk to. But don't worry, right now if I publish any story, I'll make sure you're shown in only the best light to the public." She moves her hand, shaped like a 'c' in an arc to create an invisible headline. "Stoic TACCO Pleads Innocence While Ship Blows Up Around His Ears." She's still grinning, so she must be teasing the poor man. Mercilessly.

Jayden comes back into the mess…er galley, to finish up his interview… er, sugared cold-coffee mug. The el-tee passes a hand over his hair and adjusts his collar, as draws near the group.

Tillman gets a good laugh, tilting his head back slightly. "Let me guess, the by-line will be something about my heroic grimace in the CIC or my grunting frustration galvanizing bravery throughout." He takes another drag of the smoke and ensures the smoke goes elsewhere but in Sawyer's face. "But as I said, if something comes up I can get you in on, I'll do my best. Though regrettably I don't think there's much at the moment. Most of its pretty routine. As the old axiom goes about the military: 'Hurry up and wait'." He ashes the smoke once more and looks to Jayden. "See? Its all about the hair. Great hair is key to any pilot. Its why I don't fly."

Snippets of the conversation between reporter and TACCO are undoubtedly caught by the pilot grabbing coffee nearby, though only the faintly amused expression on his face alludes to it at all. He steps away from the machine, and skims the top off his coffee with a noisy sluuuurp. There's a moment's hesitation, before he veers back off for the hatch from whence he came. Probably best to steer clear of the reporter looking for dirt.

Jayden is looking his best. A smile is throw to Till and Sawyer as he stands next to the reporter. "Jayden Ekonomo, ma'am," he offers his hand with a small dip of his head.

Sawyer's eyes trace Sitka as he retreats, perhaps scenting blood in the water. If they want to avoid you, there's a good reason. Of course, the man could just be returning to duty, but he's caught her attention anyways and she snaps a mental Polaroid. She snaps back to the present conversation, though, when Jayden introduces himself. "Jayden. Sawyer Averies, Acropolis Monthly. I'm just trying to give your TACCO here some grey hair."

Jayden look back to Till and snickers, "Are you," he repeats and claims his seat once more. The mug is picked up and the cold drink savored. "He looks to be a steady officer, but then again, I just met him."

Sawyer hoists her green martian drink that smells a bit like a lawn mower in a bit of a toast. "As have I. To the joys of a new assignment." She says to them both, her eyes twinkling with inner mirth as she takes another drink of the awful concoction. It must be an acquired taste. "Anyways, if you gentlemen will excuse me. They're going to allow me to go up in a Raptor on this training exercise. I have to go get fitted for a flight suit."

Tillman finishes up his smoke and stubs it out into the jello mold. It was probably the only reason he got the thing. He slowly rises off the chair and takes up the tray. He nods to the departing Sawyer, though. "And if you will excuse me, I have to stand Watch in CIC during the exercise." He taps fingers to his temple in a lazy salute and moves for the hatch, dumping his leftovers into the trash.

Jayden stands and nods to the gal, "It's a pleasure, Miss Sawyer. Maybe we'll meet each other on the deck." He is courteous, after all.

Stepping in from the corridor outside, Malone looks around for a few moments. Needing some food, it would seem. Staying quiet as he looks at the people present.

Sawyer leans slightly towards Jayden. "And for the record: the hair? Outstanding." She says amicably enough, and then she's taking her disgusting liquid lunch and heading towards the hatch. As she passes Malone on the way out, she gives him a pleasant nod.

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