BCH #019: Chewing Out
Chewing Out
Summary: Immediately after The Smoking Gun, LSO Hellicon comes on demanding answers. Kefir and Maia briefly explain what happened and the CAG comes in to learn more about what happened.
Date: 019 BCH
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Hellicon walks into the Hangar Bay, being escorted by a frazzed young deck hand and immedietely asses the situation. "Report," he barks out to anyone who can tell him just what the FRAK is going on?

Having told the others what happened already, she watches as they make repairs. There's a soft sigh as she peers towards Kefir dusting himself off. "Are you all right?" she asks curiously. Maia hrmms for a few moments before she spies Captain Hellicon and gives a salute. "Fire drill that almost turned into a real one."

Hellicon fires off a quick, yet crisp salute to Maia Westfield as he listens. "Ahh hell… We're not even out of port yet and we're already trying to burn the ship down… Cute," he says, his annoyance coming through his voice. "What kind of fire did we almost have?"

Kefir hauls himself up soon after. "I am bruised at worse," he tells Maia, patting down the suit a bit. "Will you handle filling the Captain in on the details? I wasn't expecting this, and I have some paperwork I need to get done myself." With that, and a salute in passing to the LSO, he makes his way out as quickly as he can.

"I know the issue at hand, I'll take care of it captain." Maia says with a sage nod as she heads on over. "It was a fire drill. Of course, your knuckledraggers had to be mouthy when I ordered for all unnecessary personnel to be evaced." she says with a shrug of her shoulders, eyeing one of the specialists. "But there was a problem with the Mark VII. We thought we saw a plume of smoke, but there was a problem and we almost got crispyfied. Electric discharge from the ruptured RCS point." she says pointing at the wings. "If we didn't see it, you know what could happen." The tail end would blow off. Boom. She's huffing and puffing, still on an adrenaline high as she wipes beads of sweat from her brow.

"He /what?/" Chris Hellicon is NOT happy as he looks to the acting Deck Chief and barks. "Petty Officer Meridius, over here, standing tall, right frakkin NOW!" he then turns to the kid and looks him straight in the eyes, "Acting Deck Chief, mind telling me why the FRAK you're not following orders? The L-T here gave you an order to evac the non-essentials from the frakkin deck, and you're giving her lip??"

Maia winces a little. She has /never/ seen Chris like this. Never in all her life. But then again, they've only known each other for four years. For now, she remains quiet and decides to stay out of it. She doesn't want to look like she's undermining his authority. Even if she feels bad for the guy now.

And there's Petty Officer Meridius. He looks sheepish as he's called over by the rather angry looking Captain. He swallows nervously and peers towards Chris for a few moments. "There were no non-essentials, sir. It was just a drill."

"No Non-essential personnel? Godsdammit, this was a drill on my frakkin deck, and when people are here that shouldn't be here during a real motherfrakking emergency, you tell them what? You frakkin tell them to LEAVE!" Chris is fuming now… "A drill isn't conducted when and how YOU feel it should be done, Meridius! I'm the one who judges this deck, and you frakked up by not having the non-essentials evac. Those deaths would be on your head if this was real. Do you get me, Roger Ramjet??"

It looks like he's about to say something, but he simply stands at attention and salutes the LSO. He nods and takes a deep breath. "Yes sir." Andhe stands there all statue like, just taking it.

Hellicon returns the salue and calms down, yet still keeps the flintiness in his voice. "Dis-MISSED!" He then looks to Maia and calms down… "Damn, I'll be glad when we get a real Deck Chief. That's the third frak-up from him in a week, Maia."
<Military> Mackay has disconnected.

"Look, I can understand why they were asses. This is a man's world and I was a woman ordering them. A young woman ordering them, and yes, it may have seemed silly to order non-essential personnel off when there were none. But remember the drills on the Pegasus? Admiral Cain would always make it seem like there were so many nonessentials that if we didn't take them into consideration she'd fail us and say four hundred civvies were killed because we didn't evac them." she says with a warm smile. She reaches out and holds his arm gently, "So don't be too hard. They're new, they're young, and they think they know better. We were like that once, afterall."

Hellicon chuckles and smiles… "Maia, you're right… Still though, he shouldn't have given you shit over it. My job calls for this deck to remain safe at all times, and having people in harms way just doesn't fly with me," he says, totally calm now. "I know, I know… I need to just get some coffee and rip into that Viper that almost went…"

"You'll have a lot of paper work to fill out. So I can write up just what was wrong because it was very obvious to me what happened." Maia says with a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath. Even then she takes a deep breath. "Look, I almost got zapped with probably a couple thousand volts. I'm just happy I didnt and that no one got hurt. Just a couple of bruises from diving off the wing. So don't worry."

Hellicon looks at the bruises and notes… "Hmmmm, nonetheless, I'd probably still go to the Infirmary and at least get the Doc to give you a onceover, just to be safe," he says. "Oh man, cag is gonna whig when she finds out about that damn Viper though. I'll have to pull the entire fuel system and take a peek. Any idea what caused it to smoke up like that?"

Speak devils and CAGs and they shall appears. Such is the way with Cidra, anyhow. Onto the hangar deck she strides, footsteps sounding sharply on the deck service. Her expression is a bit harder than usual, step a bit quicker, though there's still that inscrutable quality about her so it's hard to tell if she's outright /bothered/. Maia and Hellicon are spotted. "Captain. Lieutenant."

"There was a chemical reaction that took place. From the stench and from what I know about the system, it was a desulfurization reaction. I could smell the hydrogen sulfide being produced and saw a brief plume of smoke. That's what brought me over there. I don't know how all of.." and then she stops as she hears the familiar voice. Maia quickly turns around and stands at attention, giving a salute to the older woman. "Major Hahn, sir."

Hellicon turns and sees the Cag, then comes to attention smartly and snaps off the text-book salute. "Evening, Sir. Coffee, sir?"

Cidra snaps off an acknowledging salute a bit more briskly than seems standard for her. "As you were. I would like some coffee, yes, thank-you." She came in time to hear a bit of the earlier discussion. "I fear I cannot chit-chat much. I heard there was an…incident of some kind here earlier involving one of the planes." The Vipers are eyed levelly. As is Maia for some reason.

"Yes sir. There was an incident. It was just a routine fire drill, and then Captain Kefir and I both happened to notice a plume of smoke from one of the Mark VIIs." she says, taking a deep breath. "We both went over to inspect the source while looking for the stench of thiols and we climbed on the wing to open up the hatch and narrowly dodged an electric arc." That's pretty much the plain version anyway. Without all the drama.

Hellicon nods and immediately walks over to the coffee pot at his workstation, fetching a cup and filling it full of fresh Navy Brew. "Here you go, Cag… Cream and sugar are next to the pot… And before you ask, it's my personal coffee stash. Way better than the Fleet-Issued crap they call 'coffee,'" he says as he listens to Maia's report. "I haven't gotten to rip into the bird yet, but it sounds like it might be an issue with the on-board battery system. The older battery systems can throw arcs like that if a moisture source comes into contact with the alternate power feed cables."

Cidra lets out a soft "Ahhh" at Maia's account. "I had heard there was a bit more to it than, Lieutenant," she says, regarding the younger woman with those cool blue eyes a moment longer. Perhaps the drama is what she's sifting for. She takes the coffee with a wry, "Thank you, LSO." Still drawled El-Es-Oe. Still with faint amusement at his references to her as CAG, though she isn't in the mood to chuckle at it this time. A slight nod and frown at his account about the Viper. "Do you think it a widespread problem? To the other birds, that is. One of my Viper squad leaders was talking to organizing some flying exercises. He should be apprised if there are deeper concerns."

"Well, when the fire drill happened, I did order all non-essential personnel off the deck. There was some smart mouthing from a few knuckledraggers, but I just ignored it considering I saw a plume of smoke coming from one of the Vipers. I felt that was of higher priority." she says matter of factly, her tone clear and crisp before looking back towards the LSO, offering a warm smile. "Sirs, I can write up a full report of the cause of the accident if you would both like one. It might make any paper work on your end easier." Maia offers helpfully. Or at least she's trying to be helpful.

With a nod, Hellicon sighs. "It's a distinct possibility, Cag. I won't BS you there, especially since a good portion of our birds are straight out of Fleet Air Regen, which means a lot of these birds were out in the elements on Canceron before being hauled in for reconditioning. I'd have to pull the aux power systems out of each plane to take a look, and that takes time. Now, I can get the work done, but I need to know when the Squadron Leaders are looking to commence their exercises."

Cidra's brows arch at Maia. Her expression hardening another layer. Disapproval is evident. "A full report is not necessary, Lieutenant. I am sure the Deck crew shall handle that, though you should add any information to it you are requested to add. In the meantime, you are to review your damage control procedures. You may be an officer, but the Deck knows their business here during such matters. Smart-mouthed though they may be. If they behaved improperly I trust Captain Hellicon will deal with them." While she does not look pleased, the birds are clearly her primary concern. "I can order the Viper squad leaders to delay all exercises until your give the O-K. While I appreciate the eagerness and would not mind the pilots learning to fly together, it is currently non-essential."

Blink Blink. What did she do wrong? Was she not supposed to order non-essential personnel off the deck? Maia nods and wrinkles her nose as she simply gives a salute. "Of course."

Hellicon nods. "Cag, I do recommend that they be delayed until I can get a grasp of the issue. Hopefully it's just this one plane, but we'll only know for certain when we rip into them," he says as he looks to some of the nearby Deck-hands and nods. "Start tearing tha Viper down, guys. Be careful of the Aux Power system, that's what we're looking at first," he says as he turns back to Cidra and Maia. "I've already taken care of the issue. Technically, Westfield's orders were valid and I commend her thinking of it. It was just a matter of new people still trying to mesh out how we all work, that's all."

"Be that as it may, I believe a review of procedures would be in order." A short nod to Maia, and that seems to be all Cidra is going to make of the matter for now. A deeper, more concerned nod to Hellicon. "I shall put the word out promptly. Could this matter effect the Raptors as well? I must admit I am less concerned, given they have been flying more frequently with supplies and passengers. And the Raptors tend to have a hardier systems all around. If more complex ones." Her bias toward her favored craft is not hidden at all.

"Yes sir." Maia's expression remains stoic as she simpyl nods and just stands there for now, letting the two superior officers talk amongst themselves.

Hellicon nods confidently. "No sir, the Raptors aux power systems are a totally sealed system, so they're not prone to this sort of incident. We have, however had a few of the Raptors burning Tylium faster than normal, but that's another issue altogether. Lieutenant Westfield here and I have been working on that issue, which puts to use her extensive engineering background. She has my utmost confidence in matters such as this, and I'd like to keep her on the Raptor work, if that's okay with you, sir."

"Ahh. That is for the good, at least. I always knew Raptors were more sensible creatures." A mild joke, though Cidra's manner remains serious. "Keep what birds you need to work on out of the rotation, of course. We are still not fully staffed, so we can afford to pick and choose our Raptors. That does bring to mind, Captain. There are a few issues I need to speak with you about in a more private setting, when you have a moment."

Her brows raise as she's talked about as if she wasn't there. Still Maia remains standing and her expression calm and stoic while letting the two talk.

Hellicon raises his eyebrows and nods. "Well Cag, I'm free now," he says, wondering what the topic of choice is… He looks to Maia and nods. "Lieutenant, I'll get with you later?"

"Excellent. Wherever you prefer, Captain. This is your habitat, after all." Cidra sips her coffee, inclining her head to Maia. "I shall speak with you later as well, Lieutenant. I am hoping to track down Captain Quinn concerning an assignment I have for her and her Raptor personnel. It should be an interesting exercise of your technical skills."

"I'll see you around, Captain Hellicon. Just let me know if you need more help." she says matter of factly before her brows raise at the thought of an assignment. "Yes sir. I have to get to shuttle duty anyway. There are more people coming in. I'll see you around."

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