PHD #461: Checking Up on Each Other
Checking Up on Each Other
Summary: Sofia and Bannik see how each other are doing.
Date: 2 June 2042 AE.
Related Logs: Referenced: Gemenon Ground Team AAR
Sofia Bannik 
Naval Enlisted Berths — Deck Four — Battlestar Cerberus
Rows and rows of bunks run along the outside and center of this room which is quite a bit larger than the Officers' Berths. With multiple hatch entrances to different sections of this area, the complex has spaces for armored doors similar to the ones on the Hangar Deck that can lower in case of fire or depressurization. Tables are set up along the spaces between the bunks and lockers divide each over-under sleeping area. Each bunk is a standard military size and has a deep blue curtain to seal in some privacy for the occupant.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear
Post-Holocaust Day: #461

Tyr Bannik is, well. He's an enigma right now. One part cult leader, one part religious scholar, one part guy who fixes planes, he's certainly risen from his days of just being that sweet knuckle-dragger. Or fallen, depending on your point of view. He's now sitting at a common-area table, reading what is quite clearly the after-action-report from the Gemenon ground team mission. He's lost in thought.

Yawn. Sofia wanders in from her shift. She shrugs off her shoes and closes the doors behind her. There's a pause, as she notices Bannik. Sofia isn't sure what to make of the enigma before her. "Hey Tyr," She greets him warmly, if a bit uncertainly. "How's things?"

Bannik jerks his head up, pulled from his revere. "Hey. Sofia. Not bad. You? I'm just reading this thing — this report." He waves the octagonal paper vaguely back and forth in his hand. "Bet the Marines are using this as all the reasons we shouldn't go to Gemenon."

Sofia smiles. "Want something to drink?" She offers. "And I'm alright. Really?" She peers over at the paper he waves in his hand. "Probably, though Ciro seems curious," She admits. "I hope they're at least curious. I would feel guilty if anything happened," She frowns.

"Just some water, thanks," says Bannik, as if suddenly realizing that his mouth is dry. "I don't know. I mean, it makes sense they'd be arming. Wouldn't you, if you were a faction of rebel Cylons?" He shakes his head. "Anyhow. How are you, Sofia? You doing okay. I know it's been a while."

Sofia frowns. "I worry about them," She nods. She goes to get Bannik a small bottle of water and smiles, bringing it to him. "I'm alive. I do my work and hang about. It feels strange for things to be so quiet." There's a faint sadness. "It's alright. Sawyer said you had a higher calling. So y'know, I can see being busy." She keeps a faint smile. "No worries."

Bannik jerks his head up, as if surprised by that remark. "I had a higher calling? Sawyer said that?" He sounds surprised. "All she said to me is that she leaned on me to not publish anything anymore." A beat. "How did she say it? Was she sarcastic?" That Sawyer doesn't think he's crazy seems to mean something to him.

Huh. Sofia pauses, startled a moment. She offers the water bottle over. "Yeah. She didn't seem sarcastic. But … be careful with the publishing huh? I'd hate for your stuff to get the same treatment my locker did," She smiles sadly. "I think she's right."

Bannik's face falls. "Right how?" he asks. While he's normally taken the calls to stop writing in stride, this one seems to strike him pretty hard, coming as it does from Sofia. "That I should stop?"

"What? No about the higher calling thing!" Her eyes widen. "Even if I get scared about you, I guess it would be pretty unfair to tell you not to," Sofia bites her lower lip. She rubs the back of her head. "So yeah… Sorry."

Tyr's expression recovers. "Oh! Well. Yeah. I don't know. Higher calling sounds so —" His voice trails off. "Sounds so full of itself. I didn't want to do it like this. But if this is how the Marines are going to be, I don't know what my choice is." He stops. "But listen to me go on about myself. You really don't have anything going on?"

Sofia smiles and reaches over to ruffle his hair. "Well, we can't really call it 'slightly more awesome but totally helpful calling'. That just sounds silly." She tilts her head. "The Marines aren't wanting to go?" She seems concerned. "I may ask and see," She frowns. "I've done lots for their investigations so." Beam. "But nope. I help Ximena with the fish tank set up, work and … hang around. Most of us really aren't up to a lot."

"I don't know how I try to go and counter this report." Bannik looks back to the paper in front of him. "I mean, people have to understand that just because they have defensive emplacements doesn't mean they're going to shoot us down or something. They're still hoping we get there."

"Yeah. And there's that whole snake thing," Sofia bites her lower lip. "We'd totally have defensive emplacements…" She notes. "And the Raiders were friendly. But um, I know we want to go down there at least once for fishes. I wish I knew more what to say. Except - please be careful."

"I will." Bannik promises. "I'm not stupid. But I also need to do this; it's worth the risk. If people want to take a shot at me, it just shows their own ignorance, not mine." He musters a smile for her. "I can't be scared."

"I know," Sofia murmurs. "I just - guess I'm kind of a coward by comparison," She shakes her head. "Still. I think you're my close friend no matter how busy you get. I'll keep my eyes out." She promises. She takes a deep breath. "The only thing we can do is hope we get approval and see." She closes her eyes. "I wish I had more information or /anything/ interesting really." Ponder. "Unless you wanna hear about the fish tank project."

Bannik offers his friend a bright smile. "Sure. Let's hear about the fish tank project. That sounds pretty good, actually." He folds his hands in front of him and leans forward, in an almost exaggerated display of curiosity. "More peaceful time than the sort of thing I'm doing."

Sofia genuinely seems to care about Tyr, and sits, setting the water bottle on the table then. "But don't forget I like to listen to you too, okay?" She tilts her head. "Ximena wants to build some fish tanks, with a hatchery and stuff. So we have non-cube stuff to eat," She remarks, amused by his display. She then laughs softly. "I'm sorry. I just feel like - positively common by comparison."

Bannik shakes his head. "Hey! That's important. If we don't have food, all of my big ideas don't exactly amount to much." He tries to give his best encouraging smile. "And you're not common at all. You're a good person, Sofia. That's rare these days."

Sofia grins at that. "Yeah, or at least /tasty/ food right," She winks. She seems to understand though. "You don't have to smile if you genuinely don't have one," She remarks quietly. "I understand." She nods at that. "You're an even better person though, alright? But - thank you. That's really nice of you to say. I'm blessed to have you as a friend. I'll try to keep quiet and watch over you. Got it?" Smile.

"I really appreciate that, Sofia. I really do." Bannik reaches across the table and gives her hand a squeeze. "So. Nothing else going on? No other boys in your life?"

D'aw. Sofia smiles and returns the handsqueeze carefully. She looks to him. "I'm - really glad to hear that, I appreciate you in turn," She nods. Then a soft laugh. "Nope. But that's okay. I can watch out for you more. I'm a bit sad at times but there you go. Saying that makes me sound like a total weirdo," She shakes her head. "Mostly I work, keep an eye out and listen. I suspect that's making people tense too you know?"

Bannik shakes his head. "It's normal to be sad at times. Sometimes you need to work really hard to be happy about something, you know?" He smiles and releases her hand. "I ought to go get ready for my shift on the Deck. But you take care, okay? I really appreciate all you're doing for me."

Sofia smiles. "It's hard to be sad around you and I get the feeling… I don't always pick up right how you feel either," She admits, a bit disappointed in herself. "So - I am sorry." She looks down. She glances back up. "Don't forget your water! You'll shrivel and I'd be /very/ sad," She pouts faintly. "And I will … if you will. I appreciate all that you do and have done for me."

"I will," promises Bannik. "Promise. I will. See you, Sofia!" And with that, Bannik is off to his bunk to pull on his orange coveralls for another day at his Real Job.

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