PHD #033: Checking Up and Checking In
Checking Up and Checking In
Summary: Bannik checks up and checks in on Sofia.
Date: 1 April 2041 AE
Related Logs: None.
Bannik Sofia 
Sickaby — Deck 10 — Battlestar Cerberus
Post Holocaust Day: # 33
Being able to accommodate combat casualties requires room, and the Sickbay has it. Beds line each side of the room with privacy curtains strung up and readily available. Large vaulted lockers hold access to the supplies at the far end of the area. Nearer the front, a Petty Officer sits ready to dispense simple items like ibuprofen and aspirin. Further to the rear is an area prepped twenty-four hours a day for emergency surgery. To the side are a set of double doors that lead to the Recovery Ward where patients can recuperate.
Condition Level: 3 - All Clear

It's busy here for now. With the patients rescued from the Anchorage, things are a little bustling. So Sofia is getting ready to head out into the public areas it seems. She accepts her medication, washing it down with a cup of water. Yick. Her eyes cross. She doesn't seem to like that much. "Thank you," A nod and she starts to head out.

"Hey. Sofia! Hey." Bannik makes his way through the little knots of people here and there so he can seek out his self-declared friend. She may have just delivered him a soddering iron, but, well. He's going to keep his eye on her. "How are you? Up and about, I see!"

Sofia thinks of Bannik as a friend too! Even in her medicated state. She smiles at him. She is at least wise enough to pick up on the concern. "Hey there! How are you?" She asks quietly. "I was about to head out. I'm allowed to go to the enlisted quarters and public areas. I'm just - not able to work yet." No pointy bits or explosives. She seems quiet and subdued, almost in a permanently drowsy and peaceful state likely thanks to the medication, but there's less of an aura of hopelessness.

"Want me to talk you back to the berthings, then?" asks Bannik. He's in his greens, apparently showing that he's been doing work, but not necessarily on the Deck. "Sorry I haven't been around in a while. Been real busy with the anchorage salvage and stuff coming in."

"Yeah. Well. The docs know what they're doing and they're keeping you straight." Bannik buddy is always the booster. "And yeah. We found an anchorage. And some survivors. And we got one of those Heavy Raiders in — intact — for study. Pretty awesome, huh?" He keeps close to her, guiding her out towards the corridor.

Sofia is oddly drowsy. It's a contrast to the normal, nearly spazzy state. But there's definitely progress. Mental illness is just cruel in how long it takes sometimes. She grins. "Also, the CMO can probably outsprint me and she doesn't mess around." There's respect in her tone. She looks to Bannik. "Really? That's good news. I saw some of the survivors since they let me help out a bit here." And then she blinks. "Seriously?" Headtilt. "That'll be megauseful." She nods, "That is awesome. I hope they let you poke at it a bit too." Smile. "I wish I didn't feel so sleepy though."

"Chief's letting me head up the team that's tearing it apart," confides Bannik with a small, conspiratorial smile to Sofia. It clearly touches along the edges of his lips. "Me. Can you believe it? I'm just an E-2 and Chief's letting me boss around Raptor pilots! Pretty crazy." But he's clearly chuffed to be trusted so.

Blink. Grin. Sofia lets her grin fade to a smile. "Really? That's awesome." But she seems to be of the opinion he's deserving. "I can believe it," She nods. "You're way smarter than you take credit for," She's happy for him, even with her slightly fogged emotions. Sadly, the medicine evens out the lows but it dampens the highs too. "I bet you'll do great poking at it."

"Aw. Well. Thanks, Sofia. It's going to take a lot of time to pull it apart, you know, being all meticulous about it, but I'm really happy with it. Chief doesn't think I'm some frak-up or anything." Bannik's smile grows a little bit more, even as he guides her through the bustling halls. Sharing the rumors of the day seems to be his way to try to cheer her up. "All sorts of things going on."

"It's nothing. And yeah, those kinds of things do," She nods. Sofia keeps her smile. "I'm glad to hear that. It sounds like an enjoyable project," She nods. "And of course you aren't!" She shakes her head. "That's silly to think," She considers. Even in her state, she thinks so at least. She looks around, a bit wide-eyed. She missed being out and about. "It's good then, it is a pain to be bored. I am sure you'll find lots of good information though." She admits. "I hate feeling so darn useless. But I think they'll get me off these pills and I'll be turned loose. I just - really can't remember those couple of weeks for some reason. Or just parts of them." Her brain has decided the mental image of all the burning death was a bit too much perhaps.

Bannik is no doctor, but he can be cheery for her. "Well, maybe that's for a reason. I've been praying for you every day to the Lords to, you know, help you out." 'Make you not crazy' would be an impolite way to put it. "And the docs will help figure you out and get back to it. I mean, they need you down in Engineering. I've been seeing this new guy deliver stuff to the Deck? He's not half as good."

And it's appreciated! "I wish I could pay back your kindness," Sofia admits. "I appreciate it. I suspect it's helping," Grin. Although, no comment on how. "I think I'll be out of here soon. I know I am itching to be." Being around the wounded and freshly lucid is not a pleasant state to be in. She laughs softly. "Oh no! He isn't? That's awful. I'll have to revoke his cart priviledges until he gets it right. Or until I can get back to it. I miss racing the cart down the tunnels," She grins. "And seeing all the Deck people." She does call the ones she knows friends after all. "How is your iron holding up? I remember that."

"It's doing pretty well. Really sticking with me when I've got soddering to do. It's my lucky soddering gun. I don't let the other guys borrow it when I'm not there." Bannik sounds pretty serious about that. Whether he is or he's not. "And yeah. When you get out? I'll totally race with a car with you down the hall. It'll be like — the Sofia Wolfe's Out of Sickbay Inaugural Cart Race."

"I'm glad to hear that," She grins. Sofia seems pleased. "It was brand new," She notes. "So it's good to hear it's serving you well." She keeps an amused smile. A headtilt. "Really? That'll be fun. Or I can come say hi to the Deck crew too." She seems like she'll be glad to be out of there period. "Either way, it all sounds nice and like I'll have one heck of a backlog to wade through," Her nose wrinkles. "But I miss working too… Either way, I look forward to seeing you guys more."

"And we're looking forward to seeing you, too, Sofia," says Bannik with a little grin. "Sure makes a good break from tagging Heavy Raider parts and taking pictures of them for the huge report I'm putting together." And they're off the stairs, heading towards the enlisted bunks.

"It must be hard to tell the parts sometimes," Sofia considers. But she smiles. "I'll be back with my cart soon. And roving about terrorizing the engineers," She laughs softly. She seems cheery enough at least, glad for the company. "I can go into public places, just nowhere I would need my clearance for." As 3M, Sofia would be a dangerous loony given her access to so many things. "And see, you're very thorough." Nod. Heaping praise upon the Bannik! She follows along easily.

Bannik brings Sofia into the berthings so he can go and drop her off at her bunk. "And here we go, Sofia," he says to her when they get to her bunk. "You going to try to get some rack time for a bit, or?" His voice trails. "I can hang out if you want."

"Thanks," Sofia nods. "And hm, we can hang out if you like. Though I've been kind of boring," She sighs. "Not much to do in sickbay when I don't help out a little like carry supplies or magazines," She wrinkles her nose, seeming a bit sad at her inactivity.

"Well, hey. I bet you can 3M the frak out of Sickbay. They're lucky that you'll be out of there soon before you start doing cart races through the middle of the operating rooms!" Yeah. Bannik is really that cheery for her. "And think of it as practice for when you get back to Engineering."

"Nuh uh. They are totally territorial in there," Sofia puts up her hands and shakes her head. "Like lions. I wouldn't even." She smiles. She seems amused by it. "But I can see why. Sometimes people don't really accept that they are sick too." Irony that she would comment on this. She seems glad he's cheery. "It'll be nice to be back, but there's no rushing it or I'll get tackled out the door. I'll come say hi first thing though. And see if my candy stash is still intact."

"Yeah. Well. You just need to take it easy and do what the docs tell you to do. They've got your best interests in mind, you know?" Bannik shrugs his shoulders. "But I'm sure you'll be right as rain in no time."

"Yeah. It just gets kind of boring taking it easy all the time," She admits. Sofia smiles, "I know. I'm impatient is all. And not a fan of these medications. I don't know if it's me or them, it just makes things really foggy." She admits and rubs the side of her head. "But! How're things on Deck cylon bits aside?"

Bannik shrugs his shoulders. "Busy. You know. We've got a lot to do. On top of the normal maintenance that still needs to get done, we have the Heavy Raider and all sorts of special little projects we're working on. And the salvage ops, too. Everyone needs Deck doing something, and there are only so many of us to go around."

"Yeah, I can imagine. We have lots of pilots on this ship," Sofia nods. Which means lots of crafts and suits to attend to. Lots of handling as well. She hms, "I guess I may end up helping salvage if Engineering gets too busy. Soon," She promises. "The nightmares aren't really too bad anymore," Progress! She's getting there. "But we're lucky to have a good deck crew." Sofia thinks they will be just fine.

"We've got a lot of good crew," agrees Bannik. "I mean, you and me, Sofia, folks like us? We're the ones that really make this ship run. Officers wouldn't have anything if it weren't for the two thousand enlisted supporting them, let me tell you."

Daw. Sofia smiles at that. "Yeah, Enlisted are the backbone and we have a lot of all ages. Some of the mustangs aren't too bad though," Those who ascended to officerdom after enlisting. "I don't mind though, I think I'd be bored out of my skull as an Officer."

Bannik shrugs his shoulders. "I guess some officers aren't so bad. But I prefer folks like the Chief a lot more. Guess it's good I'm on the deck, then, huh?" He grins at Sofia. "We help the pilots be safe from themselves a lot."

"Yeah, the Chief is a great guy," Sofia nods. "I hope to see him soon too," She smiles. "I think it's because they're hardworking people who work with us a lot," She notes. "And that is a good place to be to dodge officers," She chuckles softly. "Engineering to a point too," A shrug. "The pilots don't really talk to me too much."

Bannik laughs. "Yeah. I need to come by and visit Engineering. I don't see much of you folks other than you. But we're working on some projects together, so maybe I'll get to know a couple more people. That'd be cool."

"It's not too exciting unless you like logistics, machines and that sort of thing. Oh and don't mind the smell of it," Engineering stank! Likely she refers to the department area rather than the people. "I hope so. I bet they'd like you too," At least she thinks so. "I may even show up a few times. I think you'd like my 3M boss. He likes Pyramid a lot and he became an officer after he spent years being Enlisted. He's pretty nice."

"I met this M&R engineer yesterday," remarks Bannik. "Penelope, Penny, she said her name was. She seems nice enough; we ended up praying together over in the chapel." He shrugs. "But I ought to get back to work, Sofia. See ya around soon?" He moves in to give her a friendly hug if she'll allow. "It's good seeing you."

"Oh? Neat," Beam. Sofia smiles a little. That's good! Sofia will cautiously accept a hug then and return it. "It's good to see you too. I feel kind of bad… that I made everyone worry," She admits. "But I'll terrorize you soon. Be well and thank you for coming to see me."

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