PHD #352: Checking the Red-Headed Record
Checking the Red-Headed Record
Summary: Kincaid gets Circe to check into an odd angle on a certain Hot Redhead.
Date: 13 Feb 2042 AE
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Circe Kincaid 
Athletics Area — Deck 12 — Battlestar Cerberus
A large pair of mats dominates the center of this room, their centers taped-out for a small area to practice boxing or other martial arts. Around the outside are treadmills, bikes, weights, and an impressive variety of gym equipment to help tone and shape the bodies of the crew. To one side of the room is the locker room while at the rear is a hatch that leads back to the oversized swimming pool. Off to the side is a rack that holds boxing gloves, pugil sticks, and the associated pads for the sticks.
Post-Holocaust Day: #352

Drawing herself out of the pool, Circe readjusts the band at her hair and smooths it back more thoroughly. Her chest rises and falls swiftly, the ten laps already creating the burn in her core she finds comforting. The corpsman shifts from foot to foot, repositioning herself at the edge of the pool. Hooking her toes at the edge she gives a good push off dives inward, kicking as she breaks the surface, starting yet another set of laps.

The dry echo of the splashing fills the pool area as she rounds up on the far wall and twists, turning and pushing off to head back the other way.

Enter Kincaid, a manila folder under his arm, in his half-on-duty mode. We say half-on-duty because while he is wearing Marine khaki, he is not wearing his MP brassard and belt. He's not /actively/ being a cop. "Hey, Lagana!" calls out the marine to the corpsman in the pool. "You've got a second?"

The call is heard, loud enough to be heard as she slows closer towards him now as her gaze lifts. Treading water she blinks and then nods her head. "Sure, give me a moment." She kicks towards the edge of the pool near him, using her hands to pull at the water in and outward backward sweep. Gripping the wall she gets a footing on the wall and pushes up, drawing herself out with more pattering of water.

She gives a hand over her forehead and over her hair as she rubs the rivelets from her face. Circe nods her head. "What can I do for you?" She asks, her gaze searching for a rank and finding it. "Corporal."

"Danny's fine. Or Kincaid." Kincaid reaches out his hand to the corpsman, offering it for a slightly soggy shake. "Danny Kincaid. I'm one of the MP's in Able Platoon. People told me that I'd be able to find you down here. Sorry to cut into your rec time, but I have an investigation that I thought you might be able to lend a hand with."

Giving a shake of her hand to rid it of some water before she takes his and grips it firmly. "It's okay. I need a break from my break.." She is already recovering her heart rate and she looks to his folder and then up at him as he talks. "An investigation?" A brow raises buts he nods. Circe motions for him to follow, moving to grab her waiting towel. "Please explain." She says and glances over her shoulder as she takes up the towel and dries her face and down the bacck of her neck.

Kincaid flips the folder open and holds it out in front of the corpsman, so that she can read it without getting wet. It looks like an investigative file, with the words 'SURVAILENCE REPORT' splashed across the top of the top sheet. "You heard about the fight that happened on Elpis?" he asks. "Three civilians and a Marine kicked the crap out of a civilian A.I. researcher."

Giving a pause to her drying efforts, she wipes her arms quickly and then wraps the towel around her waist. "I heard about it, yes..but only vaguely." She furrows her brows, stepping closer to read the report. Her eyes lift to look at him then over the paper work. "How can I help you?" She asks, curious to say the least. Though she frowns still at the thought of a marine lending a hand to such brute force.

"I've got — if not a suspect — then at least someone who I think might lead me to some suspects." Kincaid gestures to a name on the top of the survailence report and an attached picture — a really cute redhead. "She's the one that pointed out the A.I. researcher to the four assailants, sort of sparked the whole thing. And she didn't tell us that on our initial interview. Now, my surveillance suggests she has some minimal tie to the civilian agitators in on Elpis. But one thing that's sort of curious is …" He flips to her initial background check intake form. "… she was two months pregnant when she came aboard from Aerilon. She should be showing by now, but she isn't."

She listens and tucks the towel corner in to keep it in place. Circe studies the picture and then lowers a dry hand to the bottom part of the folder to get a better angle on it. "She are right." The medic draws a breath, "You need someone to give her a check up." She states, lifting her gaze from the paperwork to meet Kincaid's gaze before she nods. "If she had miscarriage or abortion, that will show easily enough. Who gave her the initial check up?" She says then, scanning over the document once more.
"I need someone to pull her medical records," confirms Kincaid. "If she miscarried or aborted, there'd be a visit to Sickbay to show for it, some sort of paper trail. I'm trying to figure out if the story behind that might give some sort of hint as to her motives or connection in this case. I mean, it might not be, but always good to run down the loose ends, right?" He gives Circe a tight smile. "I haven't gotten a chance to look up her records, but I thought you could help me with that."

"Least I can do." She intones and draws her hand away. Something of concern touches the edge of her hazel gaze and Circe folds her arms before her, hands hooking in the crooks of her arms. "That shouldn't take me long." She says. "When do you need the information, Danny?" She asks then, rolling her weight to the balls of her feet. The corpsman gazes at the photo of the woman, studying her for a long moment.

"And if there isn't a record of her going to Sickbay to miscarry or abort, that might explain something too." Danny sighs. "I mean, while we're in Condition Two, I can't exactly get over to Elpis to investigate all that much." He closes up his folder, tucking it back under his arm. "So it's not a rush, but, like I said, it's an active investigation. Really appreciate your help, though."

"Of course." She intones, looking from the closing folder back up to the MP. "If I might offer a suggestion." She says with a faint smile, "Take a break some time. After all, off duty is off duty." Circe motions to the pool and then settles a hand to her hip. "But I will get you the information within the next day or so." The corpsman picks up her dogtags next and hooks them back over her neck, letting them rest against her skin.

Kincaid laughs and rubs at the bridge of his nose with his hand. "No frak," he sighs. "Just — want to nail this stuff. All the unrest that's going on on Elpis? Well, it's frakked up. That's all. But thanks for all your help, Lagana. Doing this with someone sure beats doing it alone."

Later, Kincaid is sitting back at his desk among the various ones here, sorting out some paperwork. While the Fleet may be at Condition Two, there isn't all that much for a Marine to do. It's the Air Wing that's getting shot up for now, not the Marines.

The Security Hub is not a place well known to the medic and she enters with the folder tucked beneath her arm. Circe gives a tuck to her hair and she looks about. "I am here to see, Kincaid." She lets her eyes shift over the desks and takes note of him, moving in his direction. She smiles and clears her throat as she nears him. "I have something you should look at." She intones, giving a tug to the folder and bracing it in her hand.

She hands it over and hooks a seat with her boot. Settling herself to it, she motions to the folder and keeps her voice low. "Your suspect.." She starts, "Had a record of visiting the sick bay to be considered for an abortion. She was turned away by a devout nurse who seemed to think it was her duty to inform the woman she couldn't have one. If she's pregnant, she's damn small still. But if she had an abortion..she didn't have it with our staff or anyone official for that matter…"

"So she wants an abortion. She needs an abortion. Because she doesn't want to raise a child alone after her husband died during the attacks." Kincaid seems to be sketching a profile of his suspect in his head. "But where does she turn? Who would have the connections to get her one?" He smiles over at Circe, as if he knows the answer to his own question.

He knows more than she does and she tilts her head as if he would answer the questions for her. Circe lifts a brow and motions with her hand for him to go on. "I wish I could help you.." she smirks a little at that. "Got what you needed then I guess?" She considers Kincaid a long moment.

"Piers Rene-Marie. He's a fixer. He knows how to get people what they need. Has the connections. But, of course, if you get a favor from Piers, you need to pay it back." Kincaid smiles, as if sharing a certain secret with Circe. "The Virgon scarf-wearing QUODEL accountant himself. So what would you bet her repaying the favor was?"

"Oh no…" she lifts her hand to her mouth. "I really need to go have a talk with the nurse that turned her away. This is medical's fault. Frak it!" She says and lifts her hand to brush over her hair. "Seriously, I am devout but a person has a right." Though Kincaid may look pleased, Circe is far from it. She is hardly one to swear but she is frazzled at the moment.

"He gets her the abortion; he calls in the favor later by asking her to just start up a conversation with Magnus Dekker, point out that he's an A.I. programmer, and let the tides of public opinion do the rest by the four lovely folks kicking the crap out of him." Kincaid shakes his head. "But this is hardly Medical's fault. I mean — he's just a frakking political mastermind. He gets people what they think they need. That's hard to fight."

"I don't care who or what he is. This woman got into trouble because Medical couldn't be objective in helping her. Personal beliefs should not be part of our duties." She sighs and shakes her head. "The frakkin pig needs to be knee'd." She says with a furrow of her brows. She narrows her gaze and looks at Kincaid. "Is there anyway I can make that happen?"

Kincaid allows a small smile to touch at the edges of his lips. "In time, Lagana. I've got a very thick file on this guy. A very thick file. And we're going to take him down. But his connections run deep, so we can't just charge in and bust him, you know? But when the time comes, I'll try to make you part of it."

"You better, Danny…" A threat, if a little. The medic is hardly one to hurt a fly if she can help it. Circe sighs and shakes her head. "I think I need to bring this up with some of the Doctors though. I know this is a specific case, but we shouldn't be allowing our staff to turn away good people." She runs a hand over her mouth and then up through her hair.

Kincaid holds up his hands. "Whatever's going on there isn't much of my business," says the detective. "But, hey — if it makes things change there, well." He gets to his feet. "This is the break I needed in the case. Thanks so much for getting this back to me quickly."

"Just keep me in the loop, please." She says and starts to rise, giving the seat a push back. She sighs and shakes her head. "Alright, I got some steam to blow off. If you need anything else, let me know. Be glad to help shed more light on this sneaky frakker." She states. Circe nods her head to the detective and then turns on foot. Aiming straight back for the pool.

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