Heavy Cruiser Demeter (CHC-1092)



One of the few remaining 'old school' Cruisers, the Demeter saw duty during the Cylon War. Toward the end of the War, she was damaged enough to be sent to the shipyards of Picon. She was still awaiting repair when the Armistice was signed. The Dysaules-class cruisers were never as popular as other classes, due to their smaller crew component and fast, short-range engine design. What they lacked in range and crew, however, they made up in firepower. Not only were her anti-aircraft artillery, anti-ship guns and heavy cannons top of the line for the times, but her dock had room for a larger component of fighters than was typically the case. Although this limited her crew component, it made her a valuable asset on shorter, planet to air missions as well as hide-and-seek deployment. CHC-1092 Demeter — fifth in her class of fifty two — is ancient at fifty-six years old. She lacks the computing power and conduit tubing required to utilize the newest navigation software and her DRADIS system needs a major overhaul to reach even the lowest echelons of fleet standard. Consequently, despite her impressive, if outmoded weaponry, she has been permanently assigned as a patrol ship attached to the Picon shipyards.


CHC-1092 Demeter was attached to BSG-32 (Battlestar Group 32) "Eris" and was assigned as part of a harry and destroy initiative during the Cylon War. She served with distinction for the majority of the conflict and has been in active, if limited, service since. Her original crew received two Counsel Seal of Bravery medals during the War and a Presidential Unit Citation just after Armistice Day.

Original Command Staff

  • Colonel Evette Hagen, Commanding Officer: Colonel Hagen was an extremely tough career officer. Her conduct during active deployment was above reproach. It is rumored, however, that she took the ship’s wounding and subsequent reassignment as a personal affront. While she remained with the ship until she died, her record became more and more splotchy until her death of overdose at 80.
  • Major Victor Sarr, Executive Officer: Major Sarr was a light-hearted gentleman of the ‘old school’. It is rumored that he never took to having a female CO, but never gave a sign in public of anything amiss. His ability to smooth ruffled feathers was an asset to his CO, the ship, and the service itself. After the ship’s reassignment, Major Sarr moved on to bigger and better things

Current Command Staff

  • Colonel Mark Montoya, Commanding Officer: Colonel Montoya has the reputation for being a bit rough and tumble. His mannerisms are more ‘Colonial Pirate’ than ‘Military Precision’. Still, his dedication to the service is without question and his tutelage has brought more than a few rogue elements into alignment with military expectations. All told, he is rumored to be a good man.
  • Major Tiffany Dupont, Executive Officer: Major Dupont hails from Caprica City, Caprica and woe be it to those who forget her pedigree. As tough as they come, the Major is the strong arm of the command duo and her CO knows how to use her natural abilities to terrify both new recruits and seasoned personnel alike. Even with her no-nonsense attitude, the Major is well respected, though not well liked.

Prior Crew

  • ENS-LTJG J.J. "Staredown" Marshall: ECO, 1990-1993. Promoted to LTJG in 1991.
  • ENS-LTJG Margaret "Winger" Korwyn: Korwyn served aboard this Cruiser for just under two years. She was elevated from ensign to lieutenant (junior grade) while aboard the ship and was recently transferred out.
  • PO2 Andreas Damon: Served as a Petty Officer Second Class for most of 2040.
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