Charis Apollonaris
Lieutenant Charis Nikaia Apollonaris
Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel as Charis Nikaia Apollonaris
Alias: Char
Age: 34
Features: 5'8" athletic brunette
Colony: Canceron
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Tactical
Position: Junior Tactical Officer: Intel


Cyclones, service, and the Saggitaran Insurgency. From poverty amidst the splendour and luxury of the Colonial elites at play, to death amidst the deserts. Childhood dreams of becoming a Pyramid champion transform into desperate efforts to end bloodshed.

Then, of course, the apocalypse came.

Education and Employment

Period Position Location Notes
Aug '25 - June '29 Scholarship student Kobol Colleges, Gemenon Degree in law, conflict theory, and criminology
Aug '25 - June '29 ROTC trainee Kobol Colleges, Gemenon Completed course; declined commission
Aug '29 - July '30 CIB Trainee Caprica Completed training and probation
July '30 - Jan. '41 CIB Special Agent Various - see following Counter-terror & organised crime specialist
Dec '31 - Jun '32 Undercover Caprica Monitoring narcotic supply networks
Dec '38 - Aug '39 Analyst Sagittaron Liaison with Phoenix Rise in Jharkhand Basin
Aug '39 - Mar '40 Negotiator Sagittaron Helped bring about surrender of 15% of SSLF
Mar '40 - Aug '40 Liaison Sagittaron Helping surrendered fighters to adjust
Aug '40 - Jan '41 Senior Analyst Sagittaron Tracing SSLF communication and supply lines
Jan - 26 Feb '41 Supervisory Special Agent Tauron Promotion for continent-wide operation
Feb - Dec '41 Prey Tauron Attempting to assist survivor groups
Dec '41 - Jan '42 At Death's door Tauron Isolated and injured, alone until rescue

Immediate Family

Physical Features

On the Grid

Known Associates

  • Cillian Nevarine - the brother of Cidra Hahn. The Nevarine siblings were both recent alumni of the Kobol Colleges, and were also Pyramid fans. For rather over a year Charis was one of Cillian's before-the-arranged-marriage flings, while he completed his post-graduate studies.
  • Evandreus Doe - a sympathetic ear, while recuperating in Cerberus's medbay.
  • Aurelia Caecilia - a Tauron survivor and a medic
  • Kaitlyn Anlessa - one of the survivors with whom Charis spent time on Tauron…
  • Magus Boreas and Solstice Vasco - two other survivors on Tauron


Born on Canceron and growing up in a resort frequented by the Colonial elite gave Charis early exposure to two radically different accents. To those, she then added the native Gemenese and the array of others found at the Kobol Colleges. Training by the CIB rounded off many of the 'edges' that remained, and further exposed her to more.

As a result, she can (at least briefly) mimic a fairly broad range of accents. Her Southern Sagittaran (specifically the Jharkhand Basin), however, is uncannily good to most ears - greatly aided by her study of the local dialect.

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