BCH #005: Character Study
Character Study
Summary: Naevi and Alexander meet while Alexander does a character study.
Date: 2.21.2041
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Naevi Alexander 

Laundry Room

Industrial washers and dryers line each side of this elongated room, which typically has personnel moving in and out all day and night. These front-loading systems are designed to withstand the rigors of a military beating and still function as expected. A sturdy set of counters run the length of the room for crewmembers to fold their own laundry and dress and pins or patches before and after the process.

Everyone has to do their own laundry unless they happen to have some sort of personal assistant. Naevi does not have some sort of personal assistant, meaning she's down here with a duffel full of clothes which she's shoving into a machine by the handful. Thankfully, military means very little in the way of delicates that actually appear delicate so she doesn't have too much to hide.

A figure in his off duties carrying a duffel bag with him walks into the Laundry room. It isn't hard to make out who this mystery man is since his blonde hair, blue eyes, and cut jaw betray him and it is easy to see that this man is Alexander Nostos, currently an Ensign in the Air Wing. As he walks into the room he puts his duffel bag down and he removes his blues as well as a few other articles of clothing all of which he places into one of the machines. After adding a bit of liquid detergent he starts the machine and then walks back to his duffel to pull out a book on Fleet Procedures.

Naevi hasn't met the actor aboard. In fact, she's only heard second-hand accounts of him from other pilots in the berthings. She glances up from her washing, peering across at him before offering the friendly smile she spares for most and inclining her head towards the book, "Didn't they make you memorize that from cover to cover Flight School?"

"I wanted to review this." Alexander says as he looks back at Naevi, "And right now, I'm here working with the LSO until I can get a chance to go to Flight School. I'm still debating though if I want to study to become a pilot or an ECO." The Caprican says as he turns to look at Naevi and he tilts his head as he gives a smile in which his nose wrinkles a little and the corners of his mouth turn up pleasantly, "And it is a pleasure to meet you, I'm Ensign Alexander Aurelia and you are?"

"You haven't been yet?" Naevi asks, brow furrowing a little before realization dawns on her face - the name suddenly clicking as being one she heard the night before, "Oh! You're the actor. I'm Amelia Naevi," and realizing she doesn't have her rank insignia on, she appends, "Ensign Naevi."

Alexander's grin turns into a full on smile of amusement when she calls him the actor and he says, "I am an actor and right now I am an Officer in the Fleet. It is a pleasure to meet you Ensign Naevi." Alexander closes his book and places it back in his bag, "You may call me Alexander if you would like, I know formality is always an issue in military affairs though we are off duty here so I think formality gets waved." He gives a slight bow to the Tauron woman and as he listens to her speak he says, "You are from Tauron, right?"

"I'm an Officer in the Fleet, too, Ensign Aurelia," Naevi replies with a jovial little roll of her eyes, apparently not one to take military formality too seriously when she's not dealing with a superior officer who may have a stick up their backside, "And no, I'm not. My dad is and I inherited a lot from him but I was born on Libran."

Alexander corrects himself, "Ah, forgive me for my misake, it was something in your voice that I caught. I try to listen to people to pick up where they are from. It is an old habit I developed while studying people in order to better portray different roles." The actor then walks around from where he is so that he can come closer to Naevi, "Ah, well, you come from an interesting Colony then." Alexander says with his own Caprcian tones and yet there isn't even the slightest hint of superiority in them but rather an almost humble quality. "So, what did your Dad move then?" There is a beat, "Perhaps he followed your Mother who he was madly in love with at the time?"

Naevi crosses her arms over her chest and tilts her head to one side, giving Alexander a curious and vaguely impressed look, "Well, he was already on Libran but that's pretty much the reason he stayed there, yeah. If I weren't sure I've never written an autobiography then I'd be convinced you were cheating."

Alexander touches his left index finger to his left temple on his head, "I'm trained to look at connections in people and to look for the most interesting story." His voice is calm and laidback as he jumps up on an unused machine near Naevi so that he can continue speaking without having to work over the strain and sound of other machines, "As for an autobiography, why not write one someday, Ensign Naevi." He maintains the formal tone because he has not been asked to call Naevi by Amelia and he maintains his sense of Caprican manners. "Everyone has a story, I should know I've made a living re-enacting the stories of other people. This is the first time I've been on a story of my own so to speak."

"Wouldn't be that interesting," Naevi ventures, "I grow up, I get married, I have a baby, I decide I've got to ditch law school to support her and the husband so I'm off flying for the Man. Maybe I could write an autobiographical pamphlet." She muses on this for a moment before she realizes something and shakes her head, "Amelia, please. Ensign Naevi makes me feel like I'm getting a dressing down."

"Amelia it is then." Alexander says as he places his hands underneath his legs on the outside, sitting on them is a trick he learned long ago to keep from fidgeting, "And what are the names of your husband and daughter?" Alexander asks. His own love life is pretty much on public record as he has gone out with several leading ladies but he has married none of them to date. "And that story in and of itself is interesting enough. A young Mother who is doing her best to give a life to her daughter. That is an old story, a good story, and it traces its ancestry back to the most primative of times."

"I don't know if I'd go see a movie about it though," Naevi says with a laugh, and when he asks about the names she gets a knowing grin on her face, "Actually, my husband's name is Alex. My daughter's Arty - uh, Artemisia." She pauses in thought for a moment before she ventures, "We've got a thing about 'A' names, apparently."

There is a wry grin on Alexander's face as his skin is as smooth and as perfect as anyone man's face ever could be, entertainers are handsome for a reason, "Alex is a good name. A strong name it means Defender of Man." There is a moment where he thinks on the name and he says suddenly, "Right, it means perfect. As in she is perfect." Alexander leans back a bit on his laundry machine seat and he says, "And A names are very acceptable I would think. First letter in the Alphabet. So, what is it you fly for the fleet? I haven't seen you in the Raptor berthings so I am going to guess either a shuttle pilot or a Viper pilot. How close am I?"

Naevi nods her head, "Yeah. Black Knights. If I remember correctly you're backseating along with the Raptors? Thinking of a career change?"

"Well, I came here to do research but I was so impressed by what I saw I thought I might go for something other than merely research and so I thought I would acctually serve the Fleet to learn how to best play my next role as an officer. I know it is a two year minimum commitment but I think it will be worth it when people see it on the big screen," If anything can be said of Alexander's career it is not that he makes a lot of movies but the ones he makes are good because of the research and energy he puts into each performance. "I was thinking of becoming a Raptor pilot or an ECO, I'm afraid I am not as fast as Viper pilots seem to be when they react to things around them."

"I know a few Raptor pilots," Naevi answers with a nod, "They're good people. And I don't think I could ever do what an ECO does … all those displays they've got to monitor'd probably make my head spin. You'll get your chance to see how you handle a Viper at flight school."

Alexander shrugs looking slightly disappointed, "Perhaps, I've always wanted to fly. I wanted to take lessons before I started with my research here but sadly, this was not something that my insurance company improved of." As he turns back to look at Amelia he imitates an insurance representative that sounds like a laid back Aquarian who is secretly a pencil pusher, "Hey, listen, Alexanderino, the Alexandernator, just be cool guy. I know you want to fly and you know you want to fly and if it were up to me, I'd let you but listen, Ang, the suits in corporate don't want you to fly. They keep telling me, like, whoa, man, what if he crashes and dies or messes up his face? So, the only flying you will be doing is when there is a professional pilot and you are in first class with a glass full of ice and ambrosia, alright, k, thanks for talking with me. Later, bro." Alexander delievers this flawlessly and when he is done he crosses his eyes and sticks his tounge out.

Naevi cannot help but laugh at that, jumping up to sit on a washing machine with a great deal of grace, "That'd drive me nuts. My dad couldn't wait to get me flying … I learned most of what I knew before I got to Flight School watching him."

"Why do I get the feeling that your Dad was probably a bit of a wanderer and that it was your Mother and you that probably kept him sane and centered, Amelia?" Alexander asks as he stop sitting on his hands for a moment in order to stretch a bit, "And sometimes being a celebrity is a little bit nuts. I'm told what I can eat, where I can go, the things I can do in public and it is all for the sake of public relations and maintaining a certain image of who this thing, this persona named Alexander Aurelia is." Alexander looks over at Amelia, "Sorry, that is probably pretty boring stuff and it probably sounds like I am whinning. Oh, feel sorry for the poor man who is rich and famous." Though there is a twinge in his voice that suggests that for him it isn't about the fame but the work.

"Hey, I know being rich isn't all it's cracked up to be," Naevi offers, not appearing to be bothered by the little story at all, "You ever heard of the Cillas on Libran? Banking family. Richer than the Lords. My mother basically wrote herself out of a life of never having to work for anything to go out and experience the worl and I don't blame her at all. Money can be a curse."

Alexander looks at Naevi, "Your mother is a wise, wise woman, Amelia. That is what I did. The Aurelia family is well connected on Caprica with my father working in Defense Contracts and my Mother as a famous actress. I think I got into acting so I could experience the lives of other people." He folds his hands into his lap as he brings his legs up to crisscross with each other, "There is nothing better than going out to experience new things and to learn from others. Money can be a tool but ussually it just ends up turning people into tools."

"I like that," Naevi says with a grin, "I might use that quote in my autobiography. As for getting out and experiencing things … well, I'm hoping I'll be able to do that once I'm out of the military and done with law school."

"Law school, hm, I wonder what kind of lawyer will be, methodical and rational or emotional and intuitive?" Alexander studies Naevi for a moment and then he shakes his head, "Too early in your story for me to say really, I just met you after all." Alexander takes a breath as he clears his thoughts so that he can focus on something else, "Though I would guess you are interested in justice? Perhaps you want to see those who are weaker defended? You don't seem to be the angry and out for blood type, Amelia."

"I'm a little angry and out for blood," Naevi points out with a knowing grin, "At least when it comes to a few things. I'm not sure what kind of lawyer I'm going to be … a good one, hopefully. Keep me posted if you find out before I do, eh?"

Alexander shakes his head, "Nah, I don't like skipping ahead in the story to much. It is best to let things happen as they will and then guess on the side. That way when you are right it is a confirmation of your intuitive skills." The Caprican rolls his neck as a series of little pops can be heard and then he says softly, "Also, thank you. For not pre judging me. I think some people in the Fleet feel like I don't belong here."

"I don't make pre-judgements," Naevi says firmly, resting her hands in her lap, "I figure as long as you pull your own weight here and nobody wraps you in cotton wool then you've earned just as much respect as everyone else."

Alexander takes a moment to look over at Naevi appreciatively, "I'm glad to hear that." He says in quiet and reverant tones, "I'm doing my best to pull my weight around here. So far I've been listening to a lot of radio chatter from the LSO's obs area and little else as I follow the ships moving in and moving out. It makes me want to go to flight school that much more."

"You should talk to the CAG about going up in a Raptor," Naevi says with a grin, as though she might be stirring up the pot just a little, "They hardly ever seem to bring a co-pilot along … there'd be a spare seat."

There is a moment where Alexander looks down at his hands and then back to Naevi, "Well, I've been cleared for permission to do so though I am not allowed to go near any sort of flight control or ECO board. When I go I am an observer only." Alexander gives Amelia a smile, "Though we all have to start somewhere, right?" Then there is a small laugh and for once it isn't a movie star laugh and he isn't trying to be 'on' as it were because when he finishes with his laugh he says, "Which reminds me, are all pilots so horribly mouthy on the coms? I've heard things that would make a Caprican Women's Social Circle have a heartattack."

"Yep," Naevi says with a shrug of her shoulders, "Something about the birds can do that to you. I'm not much for swearing but if you get me behind the throttle I can turn the air blue … "

An amused look comes on to Alexander's face as Amelia explains this and this leads to the next question, "So, why Vipers and not Raptors? Is it the sleekness and the design of being in a Viper? I mean it looks good in the movies and on tv but in real life I would imagine it can be very scary and nerve wracking to fly a Viper." Alexander is still a nugget and it shows since a nugget probably wouldn't ask a question like that.

Naevi nods her head, "It is a little bit. I've never flown in actual combat or anything but some of the real-time sims can get a bit hairy and intense from time to time. Not sure why I picked Vipers though … I guess it goes to the whole self-reliant thing. And if I ever go up in a fiery ball of scrap metal I don't want to take some other poor soul with me."

Alexander has done his research as he says, "I thought Viper pilots weren't self reliant though as they prefered to work in groups, which is why a wingman is so important." Now, that is the trick about Alexander he can read about it all but he would prefer to do it himself. Still though the actor is famous for his meticulous research for films. "Though you are more of an expert than I am…though I see what you mean about being self-reliant in death." There is a moment where he takes a breath and his adams apple can be seen moving slightly as he swallows, suddenly realizing ones mortality tends to do that.

"Well, working in a group is one thing but if I crash they aren't in the same ship," Naevi replies, shrugging her shoulders yet again and sighing a little, "Of course, I'm hoping there aren't any crashes or death."

Alexander looks at Naevi, "Well, I doubt that will happen I mean you are a trained Viper pilot. I don't think there have been many pilots dying at all with in the past few years from crashing or or sudden death." Alexander offers this to Ameila as if to say that he is in full support of her, "Besides, you are an Ensign, right? So, I doubt they will be giving you anything that is to dangerous or threatening and then before you know it you will be back home studying law and you will have military benefits for the rest of your life."

"I'm looking forward to that," Naevi admits, drumming her fingers on her thighs quietly, "But until then I'm pretty sure I oughta do my best to enjoy this posting … I know some people from flight school who'd slit my throat to be here."

Alexander raises an eyebrow, "Because this is a brand new Battlestar or because of who is in command?" Alexander is not familiar with this aspect of the Military since this is his first posting as an officer in the fleet. "Or did I miss something somewhere?"

"Brand new battlestar," Naevi confirms, nodding her head, "Top of the line. Advanced technology. Some of my classmates are flying observation over airbases in the ass-end of nowhere."

Alexander asks the question everyone of her classmates probably already asked, "Alright, so how did you end up here, I mean clearly you must be talented to have been assigned here. So, what is it about you that makes you special?" There is a momentary pause and then he quickly blurts out, "And I mean that in a positive way, not a negative one. I mean, there is something about you that must make you special to be here since posts are not given on a lottery basis."

"Well, I knew how to fly. I didn't have any reprimands despite the fact that I went through OCS instead of a Fleet Academy. And I got good scores on my evals." Naevi continues to contemplate the question for a moment, "But I don't know why they picked me. They just did. I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth."

This time there is a movie star smile, his eyebrows lift, his blue eyes twinkle with mirth, his nose crinkles, and his smile is practically one thousands watts of pure star power as his teeth are as clean and as white as can be, "Actors say the same thing all the time? Why did I get this role, never mind, I've got to eat." Then he turns back to look at Naevi and he puts his right arm behind his neck so he can rub the back of it, "Though I am glad you are here Amelia because I got to meet you."

"That's what they all say," Naevi replies with a little laugh, shrugging her shoulders, "But it's always fun to meet new people, yeah."

"So, tell me this Amelia, how did you and your husband meet? I'm guessing that because you want to be a lawyer he isn't the sort to be a pilot like yourself?" Alexander considers, "College sweetheart?" The Caprican shakes his head and he holds out his hands as if looking at Naevi through a camera frame, "Didn't meet at a bar…I'm guessing you met over a common interest and that the relationship was slow going at first but suddenly you both realized you were madly in love with each other?"

"Sort of," Naevi confirms, "I was in college … he wasn't. He's a photojournalist when he needs money and a painter when he doesn't. You're kind of right. What else're you reading into things, there?"

Alexander continues to think things through since that is the sort of actor he is, "Well, partial credit then. You are drawn to artists because it appeals to your need to get out and try new things. It is possibly one of the ways you explore the worlds around you since you can't be all places at all times. Also, artists come with passion and life. Artists come and go as they please, perhaps, and this is a stretch, but perhaps the qualities you admire in your Father y ou have found in your husband, Amelia?"

"I wouldn't go that far," Naevi says with a laugh, " … Alex is probably the most dependable artist I've ever met. But hey, if you can't get into an Air Wing you could always be a psychologist."

Alexander shakes his head, "I'd be a poor psychologist. I'm trained to look at people and their stories. I mean I do try to understand people but in the same fashion I want to know what makes someone tick so that I can reproduce it on stage or screen." Aurelia stops for a moment to consider this fully though and he says, "I've thought about going into politics some day. I played a Quorum member in a movie once and I've thought that when I get older maybe I'd try to do some good. For now though I want to enjoy this time that I have so that I can be the best that I can be in whatever I do. Commit fully or not all, as they say."

"I thought about politics once," Naevi admits, "But I don't agree with most of the ways the government handles things. After I've practiced law for a few years I might see about becoming an advocate or a lobbyist."

"We could always use both. Though I prefer advocates since the lobbyists always have agendas that I don't always agree with." Alexander offers, "As for politics, like I said it is just an idea. The worlds are completely open to everyone. The only trick is knowing which thing to open next. I'm still working on that one but so far the Lords have blessed me." Alexander looks back at Amelia, "What kind of law do you want to practice then?"

"Civil rights," Naevi answers, "But I don't know where things're going and I'm not about to make plans and freak out when they don't happen that way, y'know?"

There is a moment where Alexander looks Naevi under, "Ah, so you do want justice but not blood." The Caprican clicks his tounge for a moment, "Well, this is why I normally don't make long term plans. I will commit to a movie and I will stick with it until the movie is done and then on to the next thing." There is another moment where Alexander thinks quietly and he says, "I'll bet your daughter is more like you than her Father, yes?"

"I like to think so," Naevi answers with a shrug of her shoulders, "but I don't really know that yet … she seems like her own person in almost every way, whenever I see her." She sighs, stretching her arms out before herself for a moment, "Speaking of them … I've got some letters to write."

Alexander smiles, "Good luck with your letters. I hope your family is well, Amelia."

Naevi returns the smile, nodding her head, "I'll let 'em know I met a real life movie star."

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