Nadia Chakrabarti
Lt Nadia Chakrabarti
Laila Rouass
Laila Rouass as Nadia Chakrabarti
Alias: Chuck-a-Wobbly
Age: 33
Features: {$features}
Colony: Libran
Rank: Lt
Department: Support
Position: Personnel Officer


Nadia Chakrabarti studied mathematics with politics at university, and after a brief foray into a junior accounts position with one of the Libran banks, qualified as a high school teacher instead. She spent four years teaching, gaining a reputation as a real old cow with a distinct sense of humour failure, both with her students and fellow teachers. When the economy soured and several teachers were laid off, Chakrabarti was one of those made redundant. Well into her mid twenties by now, she applied to the Fleet, was accepted for officer training, and passed out at the age of 27 as a personnel officer. Since joining the Fleet, she's served on only two active duty ships, most of her time spent on shore drafts, with the Cerberus being her second. She's not really any more popular here than anywhere else, always a bit too snide and condescending, and no doubt has a number of unflattering nicknames from her staff (Chuck-a-wobbly being one of the more common), her staff whose first names she doesn't even bother to learn. In her spare time, she enjoys puzzles, particularly ones where she can demonstrate her exceptional vocabulary such as scrabble, reading, and stamp collecting.

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