Colonial Fleet Air Station Anadyomene


CFAS Anadyomene is a relatively small air station in Aspasia Province on Leonis, home to four full-strength Viper squadrons and one full-strength Raptor squadron. It was one of several created by the peace treaty that ended the Great Civil War, as evinced by its original designation: Caprican Air Station Anadyomene. Nationalistic Leonisians still refer to it by that name, viewing it as a symbol of occupation despite it having been integrated into the Colonial Fleet command structure during the Cylon War.

Reconnaissance Imagery


  • VF-16 "Sweet Sixteens"
  • VF-88 "Coursers"
  • VF-101 "The Legion"
  • VFA-190 "Shooters"
  • VRC-27 "Caravans"

Command Staff

  • LTC Hugh Shireman, Commanding Officer
  • MAJ Clare Darrens, Executive Officer

Prior Crew

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