Battlestar Cerberus (BS-132)



There can be little doubt that the Mercury-class Battlestar represents the pinnacle of the Colonial Navy's technological prowess. Twenty percent larger than the Galactica class, it is tougher, better armed, and boasts a larger carrier capacity than the flagship of the previous era. With multiple redundant backups, heavily automated systems, integrated computer controls, and even on-board vehicle fabrication facilities, it is designed to fight harder, smarter, and longer than any ship that has come before it. In short, it is both a technological marvel and the ultimate symbol of Colonial military might.

All of these things too can be said for BS-132, the Mercury-class Battlestar known as Cerberus. The latest ship of this latest class, she is a weapon at the cutting edge. Fresh from the new Colonial Navy Yards above Leonis, she integrates all the best features of her predecessors, the Battlestars Mercury and Pegasus — and exceeds them. Her upgraded computer and navigation systems, her advanced DRADIS and ECM suites, and most of all, her all-new FTL drive promise incomparable performance for the newly-minted battlestar: that is, assuming everything works. Rushed into service, this juggernaut of space warfare remains untested, her crew and systems alike unproven in anything more than the simplest of operations.

Technical Specifications

Length: 1,789.8 meters Main Power: 2x Cartwright-Wyatt dual-tylium fusion reactors
Beam: 678 meters (inc. launch bays) Backup Power: 3x hydrogen-oxygen fuel plants
Draft: 331 meters Capacity: 1,400,000 metric tons deadweight (inc. water, fuel, supplies, ammunition, cargo)
Weight: approx. 60 million metric tons Operational Range: 12 years (base fuel expenditure)

Command Staff

Commander Andrus Pewter, Commanding Officer as of 13 January 2042
Major Clive Tillman, Executive Officer

Former Command Staff

Rear Admiral Michael Abbot, Commanding Officer (relieved of Command on 2 Jun 2041 AE and executed on 13 January 2042 after a general court-martial convicted him of treason)
Colonel Alec Sarkis, Executive Officer (committed suicide by inferno on 13 Mar 2041 AE)


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