PHD #240: Captive Giant
Captive Giant
Summary: Cerberus' giant gets some visitors down in the brig.
Date: 24 Oct 2041 AE
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Ajax Sofia Madilyn 
Main Brig - Deck 6 - Battlestar Cerberus
Tiny and cramped, the Main Brig seems designed to be claustrophobic. The steel bars lining the three cells have been set into the steel bulkheads on each side. Inside each cell is a stainless steel toilet and a bunk that might be too short for some of the taller crewmembers. The dreary conditions don't seem to be helped by the presence of a Marine guard who is there twenty-four hours a day, as long as a prisoner is in custody. The whole room is under surveillance via camera system in the Security Hub and every visitor must sign-in and abide by the rules.
Post-Holocaust Day: #240

For a bit over a month, Ajax has been spending his days at the brig, locked. Today was an interesting day because the man was visited by Constin and questioned about his past and actions post-warday, so, there's light at the end of the tunnel. Or so he thinks, at least. Right now, he is laying down on his bed, clearly not a bed made for someone his size so his knees are up while he rests his feet on the mattress. He is awake, he is just staring at the ceiling right now. It's not that there's a lot of things to do when you are locked up.

Poor Ajax. Sofia seems sympathetic, since she was one of the folks around when they pulled Ajax in. She's got a book under her arm, something about adventures and classics. She signs in, neatly dotting the I in her name. She's got no weapons and seems to check out. She peers around, passing a few of those in for miscellaneous offenses. "Um. Hey?" That would be Ajax. Hard to mistake the tall bald dude.

Everyone is now subject to search upon entering the brig; those policies have been rather strictly enforced now following a few…mishaps in here. Even the Marine CO is not exempt from those policies; the Picon Five-seveN about her thigh in the strapped holster is stripped free and turned over to the duty Marine. With the influx of civilians and others from Sag working itself out, and the arrivals from Aerilon underway, it's time to take care of the folks that fall through the cracks on account of, you know, being locked up.

Ajax opens his eyes as he hears that voice, it's not that he remembers the voice or anything but hey, if someone is talking to him, that's something new. The man sits on the bed and looks at Sofia, remembering her from Saggitaron "Hello" says Ajax, standing up to a towering 6 feet 11 inches. He approaches the bars of his cell and looks down at the woman. "Wolfe, right?" asks the man, still trying to remember the name in case he got it wrong.

Tall dude is tall. Sofia's eyes widen a little as he stands. She nods and smiles, as he remembers her name. "Crewman Sofia Wolfe, that's me," She repeats. "Ummm. A…jax… right?" She draws the name at, dancing at the tip of her tongue. There's a pause, hearing someone coming in behind her. She looks over her shoulder and smiles a little, before glancing back to Ajax. "How're you holding up?" She asks quietly.

Like the world's biggest butterfly, Madilyn hovers just inside the brig door. For the most part, she's speaking with the duty officer. The goal is to ascertain the type of prisoner Ajax has been, to get someone else's read on his personality before getting a read on his personality herself. Idle chit-chat covers up the fact that she's eavesdropping, shamelessly, on Sofia and Ajax for the moment. He might recognize her as well from the prison on Saggitaron where folks were evac'd.

Ajax shows a faint smile at Sofia's question and he just takes a deep breath before looking around, and then answering the question "Well, it's better than being down in Saggitaron. And the food is better than regular prison food." he shrugs at this and when Sofia looks over his shoulder, his gaze moves towards Madilyn. Yes, he does remember seeing her but he doesn't believe her name was ever mentioned to him. Gaze moving back to Sofia and he nods "So what does a Crewman do?" finally asks Ajax, at this point glad that someone is talking.

Float like a Madilyn, Sting like a - hey. Sofia just smiles a little. She doesn't seem to mind, if she notices. A look up to Ajax. "Me? Well, it depends on their department. I'm an Engineer myself," She notes. "In 3M. Probably not very exciting to someone outside," She admits. "I'm glad the food's not too bad at least," Sofia considers. "I remember giving someone here a sketchbook before since she seemed sad - so - I remember you kinda. Do you like books?"

Ajax does pay attention to what Sofia is saying, and he nods in acceptance now "Engineer, got it." Now, he tilts his head at her question and says "I actually started reading more books in prison. When I was outside, I admit that I didn't do much reading. At least after getting kicked out from the University." Now, he eyes the book Sofia is carrying and asks "Is that for me?"

"Yup, mostly electrical and stuff like the ECM," Sofia elaborates a little with a smile. Then she pauses to listen, head tilted slightly. Her wide, green eyes are on him. "Yeah?" She considers that. "Sure, but I'm not really sure what you read… I probably should've asked first." Ah Sofia, buying the cart before the horse. "Figured you'd probably be kinda bored in here."

"If the brig were exciting, crewman, I suspect more individuals would be here. Noting to do but sleep, enrich yourself personally, have your meals brought to you…" Madilyn says as she approaches. "That being said, we do attempt to provide some measure of civility to those in our brigs." Though nowhere near as tall as Ajax, Madilyn herself is fairly tall…meaning, there's only a foot of height separating her and Ajax.

Ajax presses his lips together and then says "Every job is important, that's a fact…" he shrugs at this and then looks at the book again "Well, I hope it's not a coloring book" Yeah, he is meant as a joke so there's a very faint smile. If it's interpreted as one…well, he doesn't control that. "Yeah, there's not a lot to do" and then he sees Madilyn approaching and nods to her in greeting.

Sofia smiles, hearing Madilyn and looking up. She's feeling a bit short - even if Sofia is slightly tall herself. "That's true huh, sir?" She offers. She tilts her head. She offers the book over. "Well, no. I keep those." She beams with a grin. "But I figured you could um, read a bit or trade this for anotther book…" She's tapering off, unsure now.

"If you're really lucky, you might even convince someone to let you check out a library book. It's technically not allowed, but there's a policy to sort of turning our heads the other way when it comes to who actually is responsible for the book, so long as it passes muster when the duty marine looks it over." Shooting star, the more you know! "But, from what I've heard, behavior doesn't seem to be a problem in your case. And given your size, I'm glad." Small favors, huh?

Ajax listens to Sofia and then looks at the book again "Well…" moment of silence "…can I have it?" He leaves his hands inside the cell, just so nobody gets the idea that he's trying something. He looks at Mailyn now, back to Sofia, the MPs around and then back to Madilyn "Nobody has given me a reason /not/ to act in a 'civil' way, so that works" Now he smirks and adds "You are pretty tall too."

A pause. Sofia smiles at his question. She nods. "Sure, it's okay," She gently offers it - within a safe reach range, right up to the bars. She's making sure it's visible to the Marines watching too. She glances to Madilyn. "She is," She agrees quietly. Then a faint smile. "I don't mind helping out if people don't mind. And the Marines here are pretty good people." Beam.

"You behave, we…don't misbehave, I suppose is how that goes. There have been some rowdy civilians on board, but I don't know how much of that you have or have not heard. What I do know was that Sergeant Constin was here earlier to ask you a few questions. While I have the reports from Sergeant Constin's hand, why don't you tell me what came of that? Just briefly." Madilyn doesn't seem to regard the brown-nosing with any particular pride or aggravation; it is what it is.

"I can tell you that I've seen Marines misbehave in the past" Ajax says, nodding to that. Now, he shakes his head and adds "I've heard nothing really. But not only good people survived, so something is bound to happen if you gather everyone into a ship. Not that you have to leave the bad ones behind…" he shrugs at this and then takes a deep breath, pressing his lips together in thought after the last question. "Well, Mr. Constin was here, asked what he needed to ask, and then asked me if I had an idea on what to do if I was released from the brig. I don't really see myself adopting a Civilian's life so he pointed out that I could go either to Deck or Cee-Em-Cee." Now, he looks at the book handed by Sofia and smiles "Thank you Ms. Wolfe, I will read it" He looks at Sofia for a moment and then back at Madilyn "Do you wish for me to provide the answers I gave him as well?"

Sofia lifts her eyebrows and tilts her head. She goes quiet at that. She smiles a she mentions going Deck. Or Marines. Constin is good stuff in her book. "Hey, it's cool. You can call me Sofia or Wolfe if you want," A handwave as she glances back. She looks to Madilyn. "I can go if this is something I shouldn't hear."

"No, it's nothing private. I always find it better to meet someone face-to-face before passing judgment. That being said, I am Major Willows-Cavanaugh, the Marine CO on this boat. Yes, there are three more Colonial fleet vessels out there. Yes, they have their own marines contingents. Yes, we're all short-staffed. If you want to join the Marines, I can't foresee that being a problem so long as you pass the same background checks that other civilians are subject to." Madilyn continues to stand outside the cell, waiting to see if there are any questions or the like. If not, she seems primed to exit the brig and end the brief social call.

Ajax smiles to Sofia and nods "Sofia, ok" He looks over at Madilyn and just says "Figured you guys would be short staffed, there's not a lot of people left and sadly enough, the Cylons apparently have bigger numbers. At least that I /did/ hear." He takes a moment to consider his words and adds "My background is not the nicest, you've read that already. The only thing I want to make sure to make people understand is that, while I did belong to the SSLF in the past, that was /long/ ago. I was just working as a Bounty Hunter and got convicted to life in prison during the Market Cage operation."

A nod. Sofia smiles. "That's right. Do I call you Ajax?" She's quiet as Madilyn speaks. She takes a deep breath at the news. "Um, pardon me." SHe has to go use the head it seems.

"I'm sure Sergeant Constin did a good job of getting all the appropriate details laid down in his report. When I make my way through it all, I'll be better-prepared to make a recommendation regarding whether to release you back into the civilian population or not. Until then, you can only imporve your situation by continuing to serve 'good' time." With that, Madilyn leaves the two to their conversation and returns to the duty desk to retrieve her sidearm and make for the hatch.

Ajax smiles again to Sofia and nods "Yes, Ajax is fine." But then of course, she listens to her last and he lightly arches one eyebrow, looking at Madilyn after that. He waits for the CO to finish talking and he just nods in silence, staying that way for a few seconds. "I guess I'll have to do that" says Ajax finally. He looks down at the book in his hand and adds "At least I have some good reading material now…and I'll continue my exercise program." Which basically consists in doing whatever he can that doesn't need weights.

Sofia returns after a moment, then smiles at Madilyn in passing. She waves as she goes. "Ajax," She repeats then. "Nice to meet you - more formally then," She offers. "Um. What kinds of things do you like to read then? I can probably run to the library in my off time," She offers quietly.

Ajax looks at Madilyn as she goes and then poses his attention on Sofia again, he smiles at her and nods "Nice to meet you as well" At her question, he presses his lips together and takes a deep breath "Well, I when I was a kid, I hated History, so I never paid attention to it. But now, I started to get the hang of it, at least since I went to prison. So you know, History of the twelve colonies, military history, the Cylon War…anything I could get my hands on" He nods at this and adds "And thank you, that is very kind of you" Gentle giant? Sometimes!

Sofia smiles back. She looks up to him, watching the tall fellow carefully. "Oh?" She considers that. "History, I'll keep an eye out then," She promises. "I don't know if I can come down TOO often, but-" Well, they do probably frown on that. "Y'know," Sometimes. Then she pauses. "It's nothing really," Sofia shakes her head. She just smiles a little. "You don't seem like a bad dude at all."

Ajax smiles at this and looks at the cover of the book Sofia brought him, he looks at the woman again and nods "That's alright, getting visits from time to time is better than not getting visits at all." As for her last comment, he shrugs and says "It really depends on the person judging. There are a lot of people that would point fingers at me and say that I'm Saggitaron scum. You do have a lot of folks from Saggitaron here, right? Civilians I mean"

Sofia looks to Ajax and tilts her head. She smiles back. "Alright, I promise I'll keep visiting then." She nods. She takes a deep breath. "Well. I dunno. I mean, down on Sagittaron - their mortars - a flaming roof beam kinda fell on me. The tar burned away a perfectly good shirt," Sigh. And OTHER garments. She liked those! Sofia shakes her head, "But I bet not all of the Sagittarians feel the same way. Miss Apostolos is a good person." She considers his question, "There's quite a few. I like most of them," She admits. "Why do you ask?"

Ajax nods to her words and says "Sounds good then, I'll be waiting." He smiles to this and then narrows his eyes when she mentions the incident "Oh. Sorry about that, I did not know" Now he shakes his head and offers "No no, I'm not saying that they are all the same. It's just that some folks see me as a traitor because I don't follow the Saggitaron beliefs and because of what I did, in the past…" He smiles briefly and finishes with "Nothing to worry about."

Sofia smiles back then winces. "Yeah, sorry… some of us got shot too. And … my friend … was killed, I won't say how since -" There's a look of pain, "It was pretty grizzly," But he might know that the SSLF has some rather ugly ways of getting pay back. She looks up at him. "People can change. I doubt they think of you as a traitor. The ones who came with us were either moderate or friendly to the Colonial cause," She points out. "Me? I'm Aquarian. My home planet is uninhabitable for … pretty much ever, ten thousands of years. So this is my home now," She explains with a sad smile. "I try to take care of it. And don't worry. I don't think you'll drop kick me or anything like that. I don't fear it much anymore." Death is just a more peaceful sleep. Almost welcomed.

Ajax listens to her story in silence and presses his lips together on certain key points. He takes a deep breath and nods after. "I am sorry for your loss. And I am sorry for the fate of Aquarian. I think we are all pretty much screwed in that sense. Which makes me wonder what's the next step…" he tilts his head and asks "I mean, we are all here. Now what? Is there a plan? Something? Or are we just going to wander around in space until we die?" Because really, he has no clue on what's going down.

Sofia takes a deep breath. "It's okay, it can't be helped," She admits with a sad half-smile. "I just try to take care of home here. At least I know what happened to my family." Insta-nuked. Quick, at least. "Well, we're starting a freighter that will be a floating garden. Civilians will run it and grow things," She explains. "It's a good start from fleet food," She admits. "I don't know what Command has planned for us. For now, we're finding survivors, taking care of ourselves. We're on Aerilon right now. It's very peaceful," Sofia explains. "The civilians are working on organizing themselves. Ummm. Yeah. It's still kinda day by day really."

There are so many questions that Ajax has, and there's probably no time for those questions to be answered. However, the information given paints a more clear picture in front of him. "Well, I guess it's good that there's a general will to live across the ship" he smiles a little at this and adds "I'll just wait and see what the CO decides and take it from there. For the time being?" He stops talking as he looks at the Marine eyeing Sofia, and the time. "For the time being, I'll just read the book and exercise. Gotta keep myself in shape." He smiles to this and then nods "Thank you, Sofia."

Sofia seems curious but smiles. "Yeah. And um, I'll answer what I can," She offers. "I should probably scoot so the poor guy on watch gets a break," She smiles a little. "And yeah? You could probably like punch a bear like Sarge or something," She wriggles her fingers. Totally badass. She seems amused though. She smiles back and waves. "Be well Ajax," She will scamper out shortly after.

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