BCH #023: Caprican Girls
Caprican Girls
Summary: Maia Westfield and Maggie Quinn meet while settling into the bunks.
Date: 043 BCH
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[ Raptor Squadron ]---——[ Naval Deck - Battlestar Cerberus ]

The Raptor squadron pilots and ECO's call this place home.
Berths line the walls with a locker between each one. A table and chairs sit in the center and there is a hatch to the Pilots Head, which connects to the Viper Squadron Berthings.

Woosh! Maia has already moved into her bunk, claiming a bottom one near the back. It gives her the perfect view to see who is coming and going through the hatch. Strategic this one is. As such, her hair is damp, having just recently come out of the head not too long ago. She's finishing on putting on her officer's uniform, buttoning up the tunic as she checks nherself in the mirror. She scrunches her nose a little and seems satisfied, pushing her golden rimmed spectacles up the bridge of her nose before making sure everything is neat and tidy.

"There we go." she says sounding satisfied before flopping onto her bunk to browse through the latest gossip rags. "That's the thirteenth mistress? Wow, talk about unlucky." she muses to herself as she leans back and is content to read the trash of the day.

Quinn pushes the hatch home about ten minutes into Maia's reading of the gossip rag, her shuttle having pretty much just gotten in. A brief check in with the CO and the new squadron leader of the Harriers steps into the room. Her braid was probably nicely tight several hours ago, but a lot of travelling, little sleep, and her ever untameable red hair and now she somewhat looks like she stuck her finger in a socket. She's carrying a single bag, not much for someone moving into a ship, but then maybe all she needs in her uniforms really. That's all she's got in her pack. Quietly, the woman stares somewhat wide eyed around the space, thoughtful and respectful, trying to not look overwhelmed.

There's a reason why she took this bunk. And as a pilot her peripheral vision is quite good, so her brows furrow as she glances at the newcomer from the corner of her eye. "You definitely brought a lot less stuff than I did." she says speaking up before she folds the gossip rag and puts it away on the side. No need for such things in front of others afterall.

"Need some help?" she asks, heading on over before extending a hand out towards her. "Maia Westfield, ECO." she says, introducing herself. Her uniform should reveal the rest anyway.

Quinn tilts her sharp hazel eyes up as she hears the voice of another new comrade, a smile stretching across her lips. She offers a strong, professional hand in the woman's direction…"Miss Westfield? A pleasure. Captain Margaret Quinn, pilot… heading up the Harriers, or so they tell me." Maggie's accept is clipped, high class, all Caprican formality, but something about it might be just… too perfect. Possibly it's nerves. She's young enough this is very possibly her first squadron leadership ever.

"Pfft, Maia is fine. No need to be so formal. A Caprican Fleet Academy grad too? I had all that pish posh beaten out of my at my last assignment." she says with a wry grin, chuckling softly under her breath as she idly runs her fingers through her hair. There's a clear crisp tone to her voice as if she came from the same background. "Don't be so nervous. The CAG here is awesome. Major Hahn is a nice woman. She's a Raptor pilot too." she explains as she starts to head back over to her bunk, reaching back for something.

"Like chocolate?" she asks, her brows furrowed as she pulls out a two-pound bar of chocolate.

Quinn's eyes shoot wide as she sees that chocolate… for a moment, she's got a look on her face that says she's possibly never seen so much chocolate in her life. But she carefully, quickly puts the shock away and gives a low, slightly lilting sort of laugh. "…Uh, sure, Maia. I could use a piece. And I'm not nervous. This… this 'star is just… Huge. I was only on an AssaultStar last assignment… felt like half this size." Her clipped voice seems to be relaxing just a little bit more now, though…"And yes, I went to the fleet academy. Feels like a dozen years ago now,

"Relax, you've got nothing to prove here. So don't worry about it. I transferred from the Pegasus, another mercury class. I get lost cause the decks are different." Maia says with a wry grin as she breaks off a good chunk, probably a quarter of a pound or so still wrapped in foil before tossing it towards the pilot. "And there's plenty more where that came from. One of my bags I brought on board was all chocolate." letting out a soft chuckle under her breath.

"And now that I know my boyfriend was transferred here right before I was, he should've brought chocolate as well. If he knows what's good for him." Hint hint, Archer, that's you! There's a wry grin and a waggle of her brows afterwards. "I swear if it wasn't for PT and my metabolism, I'd probably be hugenormous."

Quinn tilts her head slowly, a somewhat deeper smirk lining her lips as the woman comments about all the chocolate. "Well…that would be why you have more luggage than me, right?" Maggie echoes in that crisp, clear Caprican… "And… off duty, I'm Maggie…" She seems to be relaxing a bit more, to offer her rather more at ease name than the formal, full name and rank she gave before. She accepts the chocolate, nibbling off a small, delicate piece rather eagerly… Savouring every little bit. It's a delicacy for her, it seems. She heads for a seemingly empty looking bunk…"No bunk assignments?"

"There's not enough people yet for bunk assignments. Feel free to grab whatever you want. That's what I was told anyway." Maia replies with a bright smile. "And also I've been bus driving a bunch of other people back and forth, so I get to sneak something in with their things." Sneaky sneaky this one is. "But don't tell anyone." she winks, chuckling softly as she motions towards the still empty and unclaimed bunks. "Take your pick. All fresh new mattresses. No old person smell."

"They're not all new. That one over there I know has been used." Archer says, stepping through the door to the berthings. He has to duck a little to get through, but, once inside, he starts in the direction of Maia.

Quinn chuckles liltingly again, that laugh rather different than her voice, not nearly so clipped and professional as the rest of her. She finally steals a bunk off in the far corner, as far from the door as possible. Prime positioning for not being woken up from people going and coming through the hatch on a regular basis. She plops her small bag down on it, unstrapping the top and dumping out it's meager contents on the matress. Sweats. Dress uniform, BDUs… a single fold book, probably of pictures.

"Hush!" Maia says, hearing the familiar voice as she puts her a finger over her lip. "Was just talking about you earlier. You did bring some chocolate from your training session on Gemenon, right?" she says with furrowed brows, grinning wryly the entire time as she flops out of bed and gives the older man a fond squeeze and a peck on the cheek. She's being proper afterall.

"Captain Quinn, this is Captain Archer, the one I mentioned earlier. He's an adventurous one, a marine in airwing country." grinning cheesily the entire time before peering back up towards him. "You off duty or have to go scrounge up more of your folks?" she asks curiously.

"Nope, you've got more than enough chocolate laying about that you don't need any more from me." Archer replies simply to Maia, slipping an arm around her waist and giving her a hug. "Pleasure to meet you," he says to Quinn once he pulls an arm free and holds it out to her.

Quinn turns her head to the other Captain now, smiling as she sees them both. She offers her hand in his direction now, ignoring the bit of unpacking she was going to do instead for a good shake of his hand. "Captain Archer? An honour. And what do you do on this big bird here?" She asks warmly, though her accent hasn't ever wavered from that perfectly crisp Caprican. "And… we haven't even left dock, Miss Maia… no doubt there will be time for more chocolate."

"Maia or Mai is fine when offduty." she says with a warm smile as she leans against Archer a bit before she tugs him over towards one of the seats in the middle of the berthing. She eases on down and looks towards Quinn. "Well I'll have to volunteer for Raptor driving some more to get more. Chocolate is a commodity when on a long tour afterall." she says with a flash of her teeth.

"Pfft at the condoms. They have those fancy shots that you can get from medical that'll be effective birth control for a month. But of course that's assuming you're in a monogamous relationship and not a slutho." Maia says, hrmming as she purses her lips at that, letting out another soft chuckle under her breath. "And don't forget booze. People do like their booze." She doesn't though, as she's an utter and complete lightweight.

"Yeah, I have a bag full of booze. It is mine. It is hidden here where nobody will find it." Archer interjects from where he's sitting. He looks over at Maia, and then asks, "So I bought a case of condoms for nothing?"

That draws a -look- from Maggie. And it's a good look. An interested one. She narrows hazel eyes in Archer's direction, her head tilting slightly…"And just what does a girl have to trade to maybe get some of that out of you?" She inquires mainly of the man, but Mai is given a curious, hopeful look also. Maybe the woman'll give a good suggestion as to how Maggie can gain access to the precious, precious stash…

"You didn't bring it for nothing." she says, sticking her tongue out towards her beau before her brows furrow at the pilot. There's alittle harumph that's feigned before she chuckles softly. "Find a beau with a secret stash of his own. That's why Kellan and I work well. I don't really drink and he doesn't. No need to argue over things like booze, speaking of!"

There's a happy giggle as she rushes under her bunk and pulls out a bottle of Archer's favorite liquor, presenting it to him. "See, I know what you like and I am a thoughtful girlfriend, so here's something to add to your stash." she says snickering the entire time.

Archer smiles at Maggie and says lightly, "I have ideas, but, yeah, I'd get stabbed for them." He winks, before shrugging, "We'll see how things are after a couple of months. If my soldiers are any good, I'll have a surplus. If they're awful, I'll be nearly out. But, bartering can be done I am sure as the tour goes on." Archer replies lightly. He then grins at the bottle that Maia has, and replies, "See, now she's just gonna follow me around the ship for the next few days until I stash it…" with a wink.

Quinn cocks a single brow, "Well…I wasn't planning on it, but now that you -saaaay- that…" She gives Archer a thoughtful, long eyed look as if to see which way he's leaning towards where the new bottle might go. But it's clearly joking, and she winks at them a moment later before she turns back to her bunk and scoops up her uniforms, beginning to straighten them out for the hanging. She really has nothing else.

"Well, if you want, next time I'm down on Leonis, I'll grab some more booze. But you'll owe me." she says, grinning wryly as she looks towards Quinn. Having rich parents is always a good thing, even if they send you cubits at the age of twenty-eight. Maia peers back at Archer, trying to elbow him in the stomach. "I see how it is,and to think I was oh so thoughtful by getting this for you." she says with her hand on her forehead before she starts snickering. She couldn't really keep a straight face at that.

"So yeah, note to self, get permission from Major Hahn for shore leave. There are Leonian chocolates that are pretty good too." she muses under her breath. She then leans in and whispers softly to Archer. "We could always have a repeat of when we were on shoreleave at Aquaria?" she teases. Oooh. Scandalous!

Archer watches Quinn hang up her uniforms for a moment, then looks back at the swooning Maia, "I'll keep it under consideration, but, I don't know what the CO wants of me just yet. Owing to the fact that not all our jarheads have landed, and we're due for another batch tomorrow."

"Fair enough. New post, gotta make a good impression." Maia says in agreement as she purses her lips once more and just leans against the marine as she sits in the next chair. "So what kind of booze do you like, Quinn? I know that I'm going to pick up the next set of recruits when I'm on duty again. I'll drop by the liquor store and grab you a bottle."

Archer reaches over and pats Maia's leg, before he comments, "Are you saying this isn't the pleasure cruise to Gemenon? Because, I paid for my ticket and it said there would be a full buffet, and stargazing."

Quinn looks briefly over to Maia, a slight deer in headlights gaze to her eyes. She shakes her head almost too quickly, giving a brief laugh…"Gods… that'd be nice, but… you know how in debt I am to the damn colonial government? The Academy ain't cheap… don't really have much i could pay ya back with, Mai, but thanks for the offer." She does her best to joke about the fact that the military put her through every drop of schooling she's ever had. But still..it's not -that- funny a joke.

"I was just kidding about the you owe me. My parents are rich and even though I'm twenty-ei..erm one, they still send me care packages. And I still get nice little bonuses every now and then into my account. No worries about paying it back." she says with a dismissive wave, smiling brightly the entire time. She then looks back towards Archer and pffts, kissing him on the cheek. "Just gotta pretend it's a pleasure cruise when we get going, hun."

"Pretend?" Archer asks, leaning away and looking at Maia as if she'd grown a second head, "But, I paid for this ticket and I will have as much caviar as I like." He then looks over at Quinn and adds, "You and me both, the Colonial fleet's been good to me so far, so, I'm not too worried about what I owe. I'll work it off."

Quinn nods in understanding towards Archer, rolling her eyes slightly…"Own yer life, they do…" She comments somewhat off handedly, voice just a bit more relaxed. And then back to Miss Maia, smirking just a hint at the woman's family description…"Well, aren't you the lucky little lady. I… I might just take you up on that." Maybe. Pride still makes her just a bit stiff.

"My parents are very overprotective." Maia says with a soft chuckle under her breath. "And doting. But yeah, just let me know what you'd like and I'll grab a bottle or two for ya. Along with more chocolate. We can just store some in your locker and we can call it even?" she asks hopefully, beaming the entire time as she gently patsArcher on the cheek. "You're confusing that with when you met my parents for the first time and we were actually on that pleasure cruise to Aquaria, remember?" Oye, that was awkward. For all parties involved.

Archer shrugs a little bit, "Better than teaching a bunch of teenagers the importance of the Colonial treaty or some such." He stands up slowly, gives Maia's hand a squeeze and then says, "And, I am due back on duty."

Quinn laughs, just a moment…"Yeah… alright… You can have all the storage space ya want. I certainly don't have it." She nods towards her mostly empty locker, just the few uniforms hung up and a series of boring, military issue underthings. Simple and stark, the way of the colonial fleet. There is plenty of room for personal effects. The little picture book she keeps out, slipping tenderly beneath her bunk's pillow. "Have a safe shift, Captain Archer."

"I'll see you later, hun." she says, easing on up as she steals a quick peck on Archer's cheek and gives another squeeze on his hand while she leads him towards the hatch. "I'll catch you later, kay?" Maia says, smiling dopily before she looks back towards Quinn, still slightly swoony. She always gets that way as she twirls a little on her way back to her bunk.

"Mmm, so yes. Booze we'll get some for you so that way I can 'rent' out part of your locker. Yes! So, tell me more about yourself? Let's do this thing I haven't done in ages. Girl talk." she quips, grinning wryly the entire time. She is off duty afterall.

Archer slips off, "Pleasure to meet you," he says to Quinn, before pecking Maia's cheek and slipping out the hatch.

Quinn gives an almost shy smile towards Maia…"I… I don't really have much to talk about… Left home, went to the fleet academy… piloting school, and here I am. Been in for over a decade now. Been an interesting ride, if an oddly quiet one. And you?" Maggie is earnest, if nothing else, her voice a bit quieter and, for it, it's clear her accent isn't -all- Caprican. She makes a good show of it, though.

"I was adopted. My biological parents are from Leonis, and they gave me up to have a better life. I was told my mother was just a teen when she had me, so I was adopted by the Westfields of Caprica City. Couldn't have a baby. They were older, so it was well.. Iguess you can say I led a charmed existence. Daddy knew all the right channels to get me where I wanted to go. Had the best tutors, private lesson teachers and went to Athena's Academy." which is to say the least a very expensive private school. "Still, it was a life of decadence and I was a spoiled brat. The parties were amazing though. Anything you wanted you could get. Not too much of a fan of that lifestyle now that I think back about it. I joined the fleet academy cause daddy went there. He was a JAG for quite some time and came from a good family as well. So my first tour of duty was on the Pegasus. Most of my class went there. We were asses, thinking we were better than the rest of the crew who didn't come from elite academies. We were rich, we were spoiled and Admiral Cain smacked us down for it. I'm thankful for that though. Spent many hours washing the latrines. That's how Kellan and I met. He's a practical joker, so you watch out for him." she says with a hearty laugh.

Quinn listens to the entire story, keeping half focused on her bed, half on the woman. She finally turns fully back around and sits on the edge of her newly chosen, fresh matress and the military issue blanket there. "…I've heard good things about Admiral Cain. I'm… glad she taught you a few things… give it a decade int he military and you'll learn a lot more, Maia… but…it's a good lesson." While she doesn't look that old, she's defintiely got a voice of experience behind her… 30 some years lining her face and her voice.

"Admiral Cain is a very scary woman, but she means well. At least I think so anyway." But then again she tends to see the positive in all the situations she's placed in. "And we'll see, I know that eventually I wanna finish off my doctorate and teach at either a university or one of the fleet academies. Then I'll have to make sure us Caprican brats don't cause too much trouble on the first tour of duty!" she says with a fistpump.

Quinn tilts her head, "What? Us Caprican brats? Well, it's -far- from my first tour of duty, but yes. I think we can keep this ship in one piece, Maia." She smiles, calmly wiry, in the young woman's direction. She also stifles just a bit of a yawn. She's been travelling a long while. A thoughtful look to her locker and she stands again, moving to pull out her sweats. Apparently, it's time to change… maybe getting near bed time.

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