Appollonius Cappella
Lieutenant Appollonius Truman Cappella
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart as Appollonius Truman Cappella
Alias: "True"
Age: 42
Features: Bald, Athletics, Blue Eyes
Colony: Leonis
Rank: Lieutenant
Department: Engineering
Position: 3M Officer


Lt. Capella is a career military Engineer, ex ship's chef he is a Mustang who worked his way up through the ranks. He is an avid fan of amateur Pyramid and the son of a war hero. Now as age and his own body catch up to him he is on the edge of being discharged from the service the next time they make it home. This tour may be his last harrah.

Immediate Family

Anastasia Cappella
1972 -2019
Mrs. Cappella was a single mother and pensioning widow, she tried to raise her only son well, cleaning military officers quarters for money. She died of Pancreatic Cancer.

Service Jacket

Period Position Station Notes
2020 - 2023 Cook's Assistant Battle Star Athena
2023 - 2025 Senior Cook Fort Dictys
2025 - 2027 Senior Chef Destroyer Grenadier Bay
2027 - 2030 Quartermaster Battle Star Aegean
2030 - 2033 Engineering Officer Assault Star Victory
2033-2037 Assistant 3M Officer Leonis Shipyards
2038-2041 3M Officer Battle Star Cerebus

Physical Features

The man before you is slim and athletic. Standing a tad over 6 feet in height, he has an easy smile and brilliant blue eyes. His head is either completely shaved, or naturally hairless, and kept well shined.

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