Cameron Adair
Doctor Cameron Adair
Sean Patrick Flanery
Sean Patrick Flanery as Cameron Adair
Alias: Cam
Age: 38
Features: Tousled blonde/brown hair, blue eyes, kind face
Colony: Aerilon
Rank: Doctor
Department: Medical
Position: Doctor/Surgeon


Though a modest man, Cameron Adair could easily have much to brag about if he ever chose to. Raised by two highly respected doctors, one classically trained and the other a practitioner of alternative forms of healing, he did what few people born on Aerilon could manage. His parents scraped and saved, determined that their son would be able to go to a respected university. Their efforts and his academic prowess got him acceptance at Caprica University; his determination and hard work earned him a grant to stay. An accomplished doctor and surgeon, Cameron specialized in neuroscience and soon after delved into the controversial field of biomechatronics, researching and developing ways to make mechanical prosthetics that connect and interact with the patient's nervous system. The earthquake at Kildare on Aerilon, however, reminded him of his duty to his homeworld and his debt to his parents. Returning to help with the aid relief he stayed and worked with his parents at the Adair Clinic in Neath, though his expertise was often sought for complicated surgeries in his field. Now, in the wake of Warday, his efforts are more humble, but no less impressive - to survive and save as many lives as he can.

Immediate Family

  • Dr. Daemon Adair - Father. Deceased. Last seen at the Adair Clinic, Neath, Aerilon.
  • Dr. Caerlyn Adair - Mother. Deceased. Last seen at the Adair Clinic, Neath, Aerilon.

Work Experience

  • September, 2020 - May, 2024: Caprica University - Undergraduate degree
  • September, 2024 - May, 2028: Asclepius Academy - Medical school graduate
  • June, 2028 - June, 2032: Caprica Medical Center - Internship and Residency
  • July, 2032 - May, 2036: Pallas Research Hospital - Biomechatronics specialist
  • May, 2036: Kildare earthquake relief aid - Wooton, Aerilon
  • June, 2036 - February, 2041: Adair Medical Clinic - Neath, Aerilon

Physical Features

Cameron Adair's face has a boyish cast to it, between the long bangs that tend to fall over the right side of his brow, the expressive bright blue eyes, and the teasing pout of his lips. When he smiles, it's sweet with an unconscious hint of seduction and more often than not his gaze is friendly and cheerful. Though these days there's not much to be happy about, he clearly strives to put a positive face forward, even if it is little more than a veneer. Even when troubled, his expression tends more towards an appearance of thoughtful introspection. When he's working on a patient, however, it is strong and determined, with a fierce glint in his ocean eyes. Nothing gets between him and helping people in need. His frame is leanly built with fit musculature that suggests that he enjoys being physically active. His hands look strong, capable, the sort of hands that you could trust with your life, which is good considering that one just might find their lives in Dr. Adair's capable hands. He always looks a bit haphazard, with hair that can't seem to decide whether it's blonde or brown in finger-combed disarray and a jawline that is clean shaven only half of the time when it can be.

On the Grid

Known Associates


  • Cameron has been 'adopted' by a six year old girl he rescued on Aerilon. "Elpis" doesn't talk and Cameron doesn't even know her real name. He named her Elpis, after the diamona of Hope that Pandora trapped in the jar after all the evil diamona had been unleashed upon the world.

Recent Logs

All Logs

Log IC Date PHD Quick Description
A Kind Word and a Gun 02/12/2041 248 A salvage team encounters trouble. New survivors are found.
Cleaning Up 02/12/2041 248 After the death on Tauron, Cameron and Vandenberg cross paths again in the showers as the doctor washes away the blood and they both discuss what happened and what is to come.
The Last Pilgrims to Knossos 05/12/2041 248 The Colonials chase a dream to the ancient Tauron city of Knossos.
Worse Than Its Bite 15/12/2041 248 Search and rescue mission to the ghost town of Ganymede. Pets suck.


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