Callidora Doukas
Miss Callidora "Callie" Doukas
Mia Sara
Mia Sara as Callidora "Callie" Doukas
Alias: Callie
Age: 24
Features: Dark hair and eyes, damaged left hand
Colony: Caprica
Rank: Miss
Department: Civilian
Position: Engineering Contractor, BS Cerberus


Former civil engineering major, Callidora Doukas wound up one of the rescued masses after Aerilon was bombed, once a refugee on the Cerberus and now an adapting citizen of the Elips.

Immediate Family

Education Record

School Years Subject
Caprica City University 2040-2041 Civil Engineering/General Education

Physical Features

Petite and most definitely feminine, this woman is just shy of average height for one of her gender and slender of build. Fair skin is complimented by dark hair and eyes; usually worn down, the chestnut tresses are left to frame her face in gentle waves, allowing for her to peer about herself without hindrance. She's slender, lucky to weigh 120 pounds soaking wet, possessing faint muscle mass on a small bone structure. While perhaps able to be considered 'cute' or 'pretty' by some, what beauty she can lay claim to is marred by the sight of her near-ruined left hand which is heavily scarred and even disfigured.

Her clothing are hand-me-downs, nothing she is wearing fitting correctly save the old pair of athletic shoes she managed to scrounge for herself. A baggy men's t-shirt hangs over her body, its hem hanging to mid-thigh, the black shirt paired with an equally baggy pair of sweats which were most likely red at one point only to be washed into a muddy brown over time. Her hair is pulled up into a high ponytail with little whips left to hang at her nape and along her jawline on both sides.

On the Grid

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