Cadmus Maragos
Lance Corporal Cadmus Maragos
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Tony Leung Chiu-Wai as Cadmus Maragos
Alias: Cad
Age: 23
Features: 6'0", wiry build, stern features.
Colony: Scorpia
Rank: Lance Corporal
Department: Military Police
Position: Policeman


"We are in bondage to the law that we might be free." - Cicero

By all accounts, Cadmus Maragos' rank in the Colonial Marine Corps is owed to two major abilities. First, he owes his branch choice to his strict adherence to the Colonial Code of Military Justice and the fleet regulations. Second, he owes his rank to his skill with unorthodox investigative methods, and strong tactical awareness. Not bad, for a kid who grew up poor, fleecing tourists on Scorpia.

Cadmus has made something of a name for himself amongst the Marines aboard Cerberus by being consistently saddled with any and every report relating to sabotage and saboteurs, as well as repeatedly volunteering for whatever kind of insanely dangerous mission is the flavor of the week.

Service Jacket

  • 2038 AE (4 months) — CMC Marine Boot, Fort Argus, Sagittaron.
  • 2038-2039 AE (3 months) — Advanced Individual Training: Rifleman, Fort Argus, Sagittaron. Emphasis in tactical fireteam command.
  • 2039-2040 AE (10 months) — Transfer to secondary AIT: Military Police. Known for unorthodox investigative methods and strict adherence to CCMJ.
  • 2040-2041 (6 months) — 3rd Battalion 5th Marines ("The Striking Fifth"): Charlie Company, Dog Team Two-Five, Scorpia Colonial Shipyards.
  • 2041 AE (current) — 1st Battalion 9th Marines ("The Mountaineers"): Bravo Company, Able Team Three-One, Battlestar Cerberus.

Physical Features

Cadmus seems a cautious gentleman, with a severe cast to his mouth and eyes, as though he were constantly worried someone might see past his face and into his thoughts. Lips pursed, brow slightly furrowed, he regards the world as one might regard a slightly dubious lunch - with suspicion, but not ill-will. He's a tall and wiry fellow who looks like he could explode into motion at the drop of a hat. He has short-cropped black hair, dark brown eyes, and the epicanthic fold of a Tauron or Scorpian. His features are sharp, chin and jawline thin, and body language highly formal.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Cidra_icon.jpg Major Cidra Hahn: "I've had about two conversations with Major Hahn ever, and both times I've felt like I didn't have any idea what she was thinking. Maybe it's me, and maybe it's her, but I haven't got the first clue as to what's going on in her head. Poulos said that's what it feels like to talk to me. I guess now I know."
Sitka_icon.jpg Captain Ibrahim Sitka: "Well, shit. I'd always intended to get to know Shiv better, and now he's dead, like so many other good officers. I'd say it was a waste, but Sitka went out like the heroes of old: diving the dragon's maw, lance in hand, slaying the beast that the rest of us might live."
Alessandra_icon.jpg Lieutenant Alessandra Sophronia: "Lucky's an odd duck, in my opinion. She's probably one of the most loyal officers I've met - loyal to individuals over ideals, though. That's good, but she's loyal to the point where I could see it interfering with her judgement in certain circumstances. I don't know the details of what goes on in the air wing, but I've heard that may have been a problem in the past. She'll stand by you through anything, though, and that's of value. I'm just glad she's not an MP, or we'd have to have a long discussion."
Tisiphone_icon.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade Tisiphone Apostolos: "Lords above, woman. How many times are you gonna get promoted and then demoted before you learn to reign in your impulses? Sometimes it's really hard to be your friend. Other times, though, you're saying the same shit I'm thinking. So thanks for catching the flak for it."
Evandreus_icon.jpg Lieutenant Junior Grade Evandreus Doe: "I seriously have no idea what to make of Bunny. It'd help if I ever saw him under circumstances when I was doing or saying something he approved of. As it stands, I get the impression that every time I see him, I'm the bad guy. It's a shame, because he seems like a nice guy, albeit one I'm glad isn't a Marine."
Villon_icon.jpg Ensign Emilie "Snag" Villon: "You died because I didn't catch Morgenfield and Borenstein fast enough. For that, I'm sorry. But I want you to know I've learned my lesson: next time, I'm gonna throw everyone in the frakking brig, and twist the truth out of them any way I can."


  • Cadmus has never been wounded in service to duty, or indeed for any reason. He's been through bloodbaths, such as Parnassus Station, without so much as a stubbed toe, despite most of his compatriots-in-arms having been shot repeatedly, grenaded, burned, and blasted. He's literally walked through battlefields without wounding. Some have started to say he's blessed; he says it's because he "knows to keep his frakking head down."
  • Because of his "good luck", he's started to work as the squad radio operator and artillery support contact.
  • Happiness seems to elude Cadmus, conceptually. He rarely smiles, and any instance of him expressing actual good cheer is largely apocryphal. On the flip side, however, he also never seems to express sadness, nor does he ever seem to give up hope. This gives him a reputation as something of an alien amongst the more ordinary naval crew.
  • Cadmus is a by-the-book kind of guy, because if the book exists, you should be using it. He's the type to spit-polish his boots even if he doesn't have to, or to raise an eyebrow the moment he sees someone cutting corners on their maintenence reports - even if it's none of his business. So gossip about him tends to be a bit unkind, when it exists at all.
  • It's rumored Cadmus had a somewhat checkered childhood on the other side of the law. He denies being a criminal, but the gossip among the marines is that he knows a little too much about how con-artists and smugglers work to be entirely straight-laced.
  • He's superstitious about astrology. He's been known to take good luck charms with him on inauspicious days, preferring emblems of Artemis.


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