BCH #004: But You Don't Have To Take My Word For It
But You Don't Have To Take My Word For It
Summary: Alexander, Sofia, Tillman, Marcion, Raedawn, and Damon all meet in the library where different perspectives are discussed - also discussion about how not to die in the bathroom takes place.
Date: 2.22.2041
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Racks of books extend deep into this room, nearly darkening the overhead lights towards the back. The shelves are neatly labeled to each category with nearly everything represented here. Fiction, Sci-Fi, Romance, and everything down to comic books has been loaded up onto the shelves. A smaller research area at the back has a large table for maps to be opened-up. Nearer the door is a small library of movies that covers some of the most recent blockbusters and flows through some of the more campy movies from about two decades before. Next to the door, a Petty Officer can usually be found at a desk to help someone checkout their selections.

There is a large stack of books on a table around Alexander, either the man is trying to make a fort out of books or he has been studying every possible thing about the Fleet that he can. He has four books open in front of him and another book in his hand. He starts reading a paragraph in one book and then he looks down at another book, "Ah." He says softly as he continues to read multiple books at once.

Books! Even Sofia has to take some time off or her head might pop. She hums softly, a book balanced neatly on her head. It's something ancient and classic. She looks happy. She hums something opera-sounding and turns, pausing and noticing the man reading multiple books at once. Sofia blinks owlishly at Alexander. Ack! It's the famous guy. Gotta hide. She looks left. She looks right. Still looking like a positively shady figure (With book atop her head) she starts sliiiiiinking over towards a nearby bookshelf.

Huh. Waitasecond. Blink. Sofia's eyebrows furrow and lift. She looks puzzled. Fleet… reading about… don't actors wear nicer things than off duty uniforms? This is cause for puzzlement. Not bothering to remove the book from her head, Sofia nods. "Yes. That's impressive, not many people would recognize it so fast. It was one of mom's favorites." She turns a bit red. "But that's kind of boring I think." Must. Activate. STEALTH POWERS. Sadly, Sofia fails to melt into the floor, try as she might. She glances to him. "Kinda surprised to see anyone here really."

The ensign looks back at Sofia as she tries to melt and he looks amused as he says, "Well, I studied music at a Conservatory on Aquaria for a while for one of my roles. I learned to play piano there, though, I'm still nothing more than a very good amatuer I am afraid." As she turns red Alexander smiles a movie star smile in one thousand watts as he says, "And it isn't boring. It is interesting since it is a form of expression." The Ensign takes note of the book on Sofia's head, "You trained for either stage performance or to win beauty contests given your poise. Though your humming would suggest music or am I mistaken?"

There is a large stack of books on a table around Alexander, either the man is trying to make a fort out of books or he has been studying every possible thing about the Fleet that he can. He has four books open in front of him and another book in his hand. As Sofia has temporarily wandered off the Ensign goes back to his research and he starts reading a paragraph in one book and then he looks down at another book, "Ah. Yes. I see." He says softly as he continues to read multiple books at once.

Blue eyes flicker up to look at Tillman and as the Ensign is off duty there is a pause as he spots the Captain and Alexander nods his head in recognition of the man with the blue book and the faded gold letters. Alexander closes one book as he is done with it, the title, Colonial Fleet Officer Guidelines for Conduct and Punishment. Though the nearly twenty five books around him are all based on virtually every aspect of fleet life.

The blue book Tillman pulled off the shelf earlier was about nuclear weapons employment in zero G, this next one has to do with something about logisitcs. The title is mroe or less hidden by a glare from an overhead light. He turns and glances to the books on the table and then to Alexander. "Boning up for a promotion board?" he sidelongs. Still no recognition.

Somewhere back in the corner, there is a pile of books on FTL drives that seem to be moving on their own until you get closer, at which point you realize they are being read by Lt. Alex Marcion, who is taking notes. Though he is constantly opening and closing the books, his eyes only barely seem to read them, skimming over the words as if they have been read hundreds of times before.

"No, sir, I'm a researcher at heart. I'm not looking for a promotion until I make it through Flight School." Alexander Aurelia, the famous actor and now Ensign in the Air Wing has been off to a unique start in the Fleet with some people hating him and some people supporting him. "I'd like to know everything I can about something when I commit to it." Alexander asks the TACCO, "What about you, sir, reading for pleasure or for business?" Then as Marcion makes his way into the room there are now offically two Alex's in the room but only one of them might know this as Aurelia doesn't know anyone in the room.

Tillman finally recognizes the younger man when he speaks. He blinks a few times and looks to the books in his hand. "Uh, business." His brow furrows as his brain starts to kick back over. "So wait, you said while you finish flight school? Are- what do you mean when you commit to something?" The Captain doesn't look entirely sure of exactly what he's discussing.

"Q coefficent remains stable within standard parameters but goes wild when exposed to any reality bending variables, such as black holes. Should be able to project that into advanced nav waypoint but concept not…" realizing that he is speaking out loud, Marcion looks over his books for a second. "Apologies. Got carried away."

"Ah, I've joined the Fleet, sir. I'm serving in the Air Wing. Currently, I've been assigned to assist the LSO though I would like to go to Flight School either to work with Raptors or to become an ECO." Alexander says in all honesty as he adds, "And my attitude is don't do anything in life that you are not one hundred percent commited too. Otherwise, you aren't giving your all to something." He holds up a hand to motion toward all the books, "And now that means doing a lot of research." Aurelia is still waiting for Sofia to reappear as she disappeared earlier when he mentioned music. The actor takes a moment to look away from the TACCO and from Marcion as he looks for Sofia. There is a brief pause as Alexander looks over at Marcion who is doing the math and Alexander says, "No problem, sir, I often talk my way through characters to learn who they are."

"Ah, I've joined the Fleet, sir. I'm serving in the Air Wing. Currently, I've been assigned to assist the LSO though I would like to go to Flight School either to work with Raptors or to become an ECO." Alexander says in all honesty as he adds, "And my attitude is don't do anything in life that you are not one hundred percent commited too. Otherwise, you aren't giving your all to something." He holds up a hand to motion toward all the books, "And now that means doing a lot of research." Aurelia is still waiting for Sofia to reappear as she disappeared earlier when he mentioned music. The actor takes a moment to look away from the TACCO and from Marcion as he looks for Sofia. There is a brief pause as Alexander looks over at Marcion who is doing the math and Alexander says, "No problem, sir, I often talk my way through characters to learn who they are."

"You joined the fleet?" Tillman looks a little confused. "You've been on the ship for a few days, if I recall. How did you do that?" He settles the books down on the table and lofts a brow - arms crossing. "One hundred percent commitment, huh? I think I can totally agree. So then you'll be going to basic training, OCS, then serving out the minimum eight years as a fleet deployed pilot? I bet your studio isn't happy about that." He smirks.

Marcion's curiosity seems piqued as well. "Was unaware Quodel doubled as recruitment office. Thought you had to report to recruitment center on home colony was that." He shrugs. "When does your shuttle to Academy leave? Seems Celebrity status would earn you deployment in CSO, or other entertainment venue…"

"Well, I'm working through several layers of tape of course though my paperwork is in order and it is free to be double checked. I attented a brief version of OCS which I am making up for and I have attended army basic earlier on for another role. It was decided based on these conditions that I would be allowed in to serve until I could get into an opening for Flight School." The actor states this simply and he adds with honest tones, "I know people don't believe me but I am here to serve, sir." Then Alexander looks back at Marcion, "QUODEL does not double as a recruitment center but I've been in discussion regarding this because of how utterly impressed I have been by the officers here. I know I have a lot to prove and so I'm here reading up in my off duty hours to catch up and learn more than is expected of me."

Black holes ? Speaking of, here comes Sofia with a second book balanced neatly atop her head. Now she's humming something from Aida. She pauses, noticing the people gathering around Alexander. And the talk of his joining the fleet. A few blinks. People. The off duty clothes wearing Sofia shifts her weight, eyes darting left and eyes darting right. Here comes that weaselly expression of hers. Shouldn't she be trying to hawk Pyramid bets somewhere? "Uh." Eloquent.

"Mister Aurelia, there is no Army. There hasn't been since the colonies united. How long ago -was- this basic training. And buddy, a brief version of OCS is not OCS. We all do our time." Tillman's face has more or less lost the humor. "I'm going to assume you are here because someone above my paygrade made it so. But see that's where you are automatically different. You get doors opened for you. You have an appointment to fleet flight waiting. The pilots in this fleet work and fight their asses off their whole lives to get in there and you get the requirements waived for a role. Son, you have no idea what it could possibly mean to be in the fleet. To live, to hurt, to be away from your family, to deal with the pay and the hardships. Its a novelty item to study for you."

Alexander listens to Tillman and he is attentive as the man speaks, "I went through Army Training for my role in Behind Enemy Lines. It was lead up by a former drill instructor from the War. We were given the training of soldiers who fought on the frontlines of the First War. It was decided that this met the requirements neccesary. I also meet standards for physical fitness and firearms training. I am working on filling in the gaps I lost during my OCS training and I am sad that I missed out on those moments." Alexander takes everything in good nature as he says, "And I could give you a hundred reasons why I do understand, however, you have already made up your mind about me, sir. So, no matter how hard I work I will always be an outsider to you and for that I am sorry, but, I still plan on oing my duties to the best of my ability and I plan on giving one hundred percent." Alexander turns and looks at Marcion, "You can fit black holes into things?" This piques the Ensigns interest though as he spots Sofia he smiles, "That is from Aida, I believe. You never did answer my question do you sing?"

Dangit. Sharp eyes and a good memory. It's like those tense moments in spaghetti westerns. Her fingers curl a little. Sofia tilts her head. She seems vaguely sympathetic towards Alexander's plight, if one can squeeze sympathy from weasels. "Black holes are strange phenomena- there's an event horizon on some of them and -" She stops. Heep. Warily, she looks to Tillman as if a glance might cause her to burst into flames. "It is. I do. Sort of. Not really. I'm an engineer. It's um, a long story and there appears to be important people." She speaks with books atop her head, perhaps a talent from hours of attempts by hopeful parents that Sofia might follow a more dainty career. "… hello."

Tillman nods to Marcion. "That's right. I had to do the whole thing, too. Just like everyone else. No exceptions for a serving officer." He then looks back to Alexander and almost snorts. "So wait, you went through basic a bunch of years ago, by yourself, and said you got training." Tillman nods. "Okay. Well boy, I'll tell you right now. If you had any respect for the lives of the crew aboard this ship, you would voluntarily demote yourself and resign whatever sort of commission you think you have. You might think you're doing some sort of faithful execution, Mister Aurelia, but people live and die by their orders. Officers give orders. So unless you plan to dedicate the ten total years to flying in this fleet and doing it honestly, I suggest you re-evaluate your concept of self. Because if you ever give an order to a member of this crew and it leads to them becoming injured, you might find yourself bunked with Miss Sawyer Averies while she does her investigative reporting about it." The Captain clearly isn't happy, though he keeps from crossing the line to 'angry'. Arms uncross and he lifts the books from the table, eyes locked on Alexander. "We don't do this job for fun." He looks to Sofia and just nods. "Sorry to interrupt." A look to Marcion. "My apologies." The words seem indicated towards the two members of the crew and he takes a step off.

Marcion nods. "Only treat as outsider if you are one. Good to do research. Good to commit self. If want inside track, best to resign commision and retake OCS. If have plan with higher ups precluding that, good to remember that smart officers only give orders when they know what they are doing. No offense meant. Wouldn't give an order to an ensign in Air-Wing about flying, Captain wouldn't give orders to me on FTL calibration. Know place, no friction. And Black Holes fit anywhere. Tend to make their own space."

Alexander says nothing in response to Tillman as the TACCO has already made up his mind and no amount of words at this point will assuage the mans feelings toward him. As Marcion speaks there is a nod, "All I can say is that everything has been taken care of, sir. I don't plan on giving any orders any time soon as I am working with the LSO and for now I am listening to radio coms for signs of distress or problems with the landing equipment and then I report this to the LSO. I am here to serve and that means doing the work." Though he repeats softly, "Know plance, no friction." It would seem Alexander liks that. He looks over at Sofia and he makes note of her posture as he offers her a small smile as he is clearly appreciative of her posture and humming though for the moment he remains quiet.

"Oh, no sir. I interrupted. Didn't think the library would be so popular today," Sofia looks vaguely deflated. "It's something very dear to your heart I think, from how you talk about it - at least - to both of you. I wouldn't know really." She's a Crewman, probably quite far removed from your average occiffer. "Personally, I think it seems kind of scary to be an officer all… actually in charge and stuff." Sofia has resigned herself to contentedly annoying the hell out of them with paperwork. She's weaselly, for sure - but there seems to be something resembling a good heart buried in there. Possibly. If someone doesn't stake her in her sleep for hovering around with a flashlight. "I suspect it will be interesting no matter what happens," A little handwave. She goes quiet, eyes crossing for a moment. "Oh! I had something important- but I'm … so off duty. But it is important. Eh, I found some of those papers…" This to Marcion. "um. I can talk about that whenever." A newsgirl, she ain't.

"And Mister Aurelia, when you finish reading your books you might pick on courtesies at some point. When a ranking officer talks to you, you give them a reply. Probably would have picked that up in Basic." The man's tired eyes stay on Alex for another moment before stepping off. To Sofia: "Well don't be in a rush. Though if you ever get some college time, I suggest it. Talk to the Lieutenant on it." He nods towards Marcion and finally smirks. "Seems he knows what he's talking about. Probably a smart guy." He gives the young woman a friendly wink and heads off towards the check-out counter.

Marcion's eyes focus suddenly on Sofia and he nods. "Ah, yes. Ready right now, in fact. Uh, moment please." After a second of staring at the table he had covered in books, Marcion clears a space so she can sit down. "There. What did you find?"

Alexander looks up at Tillman, "Aye, sir, forgive me." The Ensign takes things in stride as he nods his head to add, "And thank you for the reminder, sir. I will reread up on my courtesies, sir." Alexander maintains his calm and composure through out all of this. He even looks respectful of Tillman even if the respect isn't returned, apparently having to open and lead movies costing 300 million cubits tends to place things in a unique perspective that leads to either a calm personality or a nervous breakdown. As Sofia and Marcion speak of other things the former actor turns back to his books and quietly begins reading again though not so much so that if he is adressed again that he will be lost in thought.

Blink. And a smile. "Sure thing sir. I'll try. I'm not sure I'm old enough or wise enough for that officer thing anyway," Sofia holds up her hands. She has to keep the smile at the friendly wink though. "Thank you sir." She looks over to Marcion. "Sure," Sofia sits, the books staying neatly on her head. That's one heck of a set of posture. She pulls them off her head for a moment and looks to Marcio. "Apparently the contractor that did the wiring and insulation was the Tzonis group. They did the wiring in various non-critical areas of the ship. Like the storerooms, heads and stuff like that. There is an executive of theirs on board and um. The previous storeroom fire? Totally a Tzonis job too. I think someone really futzed up or cut the budget a bit on this one," She frowns. "I may check the heads' wiring soon, but I'm not sure I should go into the male one… but I figure dieing on fire while you use the restroom is 7 flavors of awkward and a really horrible way to die." She's not unsympathetic. But she goes quiet and pauses at Alexander. "I'm sure you'll do fine too. Just - be really sure to pay attention I think. It gets easy to get lost in procedure."

Marcion blinks. "Heads non-critical? Clearly have never smelled a pilot fresh out of flight suit." Marcion shudders. "Tzonis. Damn. Better if executive not here. Gabrieli will kill him. Not quite covered by regs." He sighs. "Good work. Get crews on this. Male teams in male heads, female teams in female, etc. Even if pilot asks you to clean his head." He considers. "Especially so."

Alexander watches as Tillman leaves and again his gaze is respectful of the TACCO and then he looks down at one of his five open books which he closes. Alexander is surrounded by over twenty five books, four of which sit in front of him now open and one in front of him now closed, the rest are piled up around him. Alexander looks over at Sofia who is sitting beside Marcion, "Thank you, though I have a lot to prove to many people since public opinion regarding my recent move has left many people disliking me greatly." Then as he overhears a conversation between Marcion and Sofia, "Wait, are the heads dangerous?"

"Well, no. I don't really- get that close often. Most people avoid quartermasters and management like we're on fire and trying to take them with us," Sofia points out quietly. "Until they need supplies anyway," Sadface. She pauses, "I guess non-critical in the 'won't turn the ship into a moldering container of mass carnage' sense." A shrug. "I don't know. I pulled the paperwork. I can give you his name, if you think it's wisest you get to him before Gabrieli. I'll check around storage much as I can. We haven't inventoried in awhile and they'll put me on a stick if the numbers don't add up," She frowns, wrinkling her eyebrows. She looks to Alexander and shrugs. "It's not a usual decision really. Military service isn't something one signs up for then leaves if they dislike it. 'specially not officerdom. But if your heart is set on it and you're willing to live with that choice, go for it. Just remember what's at stake. Still, I don't think that's lost on you." Another shrug and Sofia sets a book back on her head. "Oh no. Just some-" She looks to Marcion, "Well I mean if some of the officers had anything spicy maybe but-" She goes quiet and shrugs. "Long story."

Marcion sighs. "Not in and of themselves, Ensign. Potential wiring problem. Short version; if see a sparking wire, don't take a shower. Call maintenence." He nods to Sofia. "Thank you, and excellent work. Probably best hit heads first, then storage. Will report to Captain. Might as well be an officer chewed out first."

Alexander gives a grateful look to Sofia as he takes a moment to close a two more of the books he has been reading and judging by the looks of it he has been reading up on the entire history of the fleet, rules, regulations, and anything he can get his hands on. "Well, like I said I hope to do my best so that I can give my all to the crew of this ship. Even if there is no confidence in my abilities or attitude by certain members of command." Alexander then looks between Sofia and Marcion, "So, I'll just be quick in the bathroom then when I shower up."

"If you're sure. I just hate to go straight to him because I'm sorta low on the chain," Sofia nods. "I will get to the heads first, and any potentially flammable storage then anything else. Thank you sir," Sofia beams briefly. "If I can help beyond that, let me know. I think I may see what we can do about replacing this stuff with something … less … prone to bursting into flames," She wiggles her fingers for emphasis. Then a pause, "Nono, if you see sparks - don't shower. It only takes a couple of amps to turn you into a burger," She frowns. "And then they'd find you dead, crispy and naked. Not a good way to shove off into the afterlife you know?" She tilts her head. "And on top of that, it could start a fire or who knows." The officer's heads are a subject of mystery and terror to the enlisted woman. "If you're not sure, there are plenty of heads around. Better safe than dead and pantsless in my humble opinion." She pauses. Looks over her shoulder almost reflexively. Shifty git.

Raedawn's just stepping into the library now, pausing and stepping aside for Marcion with a friendly smile and a polite nod of greeting. "Dead and pantsless sounds very unpleasant, yes," she agrees. "But pantsless by itself isn't exactly fun." She strolls in the general direction of the discussion, glancing around at the assortment of media here.

Alexander smiles as Marcion gives his explanation, "Sounds like most of the directors I know." This causes him to give an amused laugh as he looks back at Sofia for a moment, "And I would still like to catch up with you some time regarding music?" A pause, "Forgive me, Miss and sir, what are your names?" Alexander asks as he looks up at Raedawn as she enters and it takes him a moment as he looks at the beauty before he says, "I think I know you." Though as Raedawn mentions dead and pantsless Alexander speaks up and says, "Dead, pantless, and covered in honey is even worse I would think."

"Sure, I'm sure the librarian will keep your books safe if I have to go," Sofia promises. She smiles a little. She goes quiet after that. A wave at Marcion. "Be well." A pause at the newcomer. Sofia tilts her head. She catches the book as it slides off her head. Quirky. She ponders. "Well, no. I suspect it's drafty and regulations frowns on that." She pauses. "S-sure. I only sang a bit of opera. Mom was an opera singer by career. Frankly I haven't the talent. I'm way better at math," She holds up her hands. "And um. Yeah. That would be bad too. Allo. And my name?" Sofia looks confused. Not that that's hard.

Marcion blinks. He actually does that often enough for it normally to go unnoticed but in this moment it is in reaction to Alexander. "Ah. Yes. Apologies. Lt Alexander Marcion. Pleasure." As he turns back to the door, he sees Raedawn, trips a little, but keeps on walking straight, not really acknowledging her at all.

"Especially in bee country," Raedawn agrees. "Given a choice between the three, I think I'll stick with pantsless by itself, regulations and drafts aside."
She looks thoughtfully at Alex. "I don't think we've met, but you /do/ look kind of familiar…" She lets her eyes slip shut and lowers her forehead to one hand, a sure sign that she's thinking hard. Raedawn is unable to answer the world right now, but if you'll please leave your name, number, ID card, or a brief message, she'll get back to you shortly. Taps on the shoulder or pranks might make it even more shortly.

Alexander looks at Sofia, "A name is a good way to get to know someone, for example, mine is Alexander Aurelia and this is Lieutenant Alexander Marcion. Imagine that two Alexanders in the same room?" Then he offers a big movie star smile to Sofia, this time it isn't a thosand watt but rather it is the sort of smile that melts hearts and sets people a flutter. "I'd love to hear you sing sometime then, my un-named friend with musical talents." Alexander then turns to look at Marcion, "Pleasure to meet you, Alexander. Perhaps we will have to address each other by our last names?" Then he snaps his fingers as it comes to him, "I remember you now…Dawn…Ray?" He shakes his head, "You were arm candy for the article that I was asked to do on style tips in CQ magazine." There is another smile offered to Raedawn that is the sort of smile that simply says that it has been so long since I have last seen you and yet I remember your face, "You are still as lovely as ever."

Or terrifies the moderately introverted used to dealing with any unknown by running to a superior or drowning it in paperwork. Sofia blinks at him owlishly, unsure of just /how/ to react. That is terrifying. He's charming, but how and why? What is the value? Can't. Chart. She just settles for smiling politely and looking a hair surprised. But touched. It is a nice smile. And she even stops being a spazzoid for a moment. "Oh. Er. Well. I'm Crewman Sofia Wolfe, with Management, Materials and Maintenance," She explains. "M-maybe sometime. I doubt you'd like it much as someone with actual talent," A modest, dismissing handwave. "Oh," Nod. Sofia looks lost. Must not keep up with the world of celebrities. "Lots of famous people on our ship."

"Oh… OH!" Raedawn's eyes light up in recognition. "Alex Aurelius! I didn't recognize you in uniform!" she exclaims, blushing faintly and laughing. "It's been almost five years… how have you been since /The Darkness/ came out? Oh, and it's Raedawn. Seriously, how many Raedawns have you met?" One of those green eyes winks impishly at him.
She grins at Sofia, hearing that awkward hitch in her voice. "Ensign Raedawn Arkili, Colonial Space Guard," she says, offering her hand as a friendly warmth comes into her smile. "I did a few ads for Caprica Quarterly, and one or two articles," she adds by way of explanation.

Alexander looks at Raedawn and he says, "I missed you and I have been well since The Darkness. I was researching my next film where I would play an officer in the Colonial Fleet and I was so moved that I joined the fleet in the ultimate act of research. Right now I am working with the LSO until I can get to Flight School to work as an ECO or maybe with Raptors. Sadly, my recently stint here has upset some of the officers on the ship who disapprove of me being here." Alexander looks at Sofia and he smiles softly this time, humbly, "You see, my unnamed Friend, Raedawn is the only Raedawn I have ever met and she is a very funny young la…" A pause in order for Lexi to correct himself, "a funny woman." He winks at Raedawn, "I tried to find you but it is like you disappeared into thin air and yet here we both are. They truly are small worlds." Then Alexander looks back at Sofia, "Raedawn, did you know my unnamed friend knows how to sing opera and she has near perfect poise."

Sofia is happy to listen. "They're kind of a traditional lot. Bear in mind, in a lot of families, officerdom is a tradition. It's tough shaking things up," She shakes her head. "You'll do fine I suspect." A pause and a smile at the introduction. She cautiously accepts the hand and smiles back. "I see. I should pick that up sometime I suppose. I'm Crewman Sofia Wolfe," She replies. She smiles back. She's not unfriendly, she's just the Mayor of Eccentricsville. Please put your meat patty on your head and greet the waitress. Or a big goofball. Who knows? Whacky Aquarians. "This ship has a way of bringing people from many colonies together. It's kinda neat," Sofia considers. Then a blinks. "I - said my name? Or did I forget? And I think you're being nice," Awkward. She rubs the back of her head. "I was just humming. Mom made a living singing opera. All I do is hold notes."

"I'm glad to hear you've been okay, Alex. I'm sorry about the disappearing act. I wanted to write back after your last letter, but I think one of those reporters I wouldn't talk to after that primetime audition ended up stealing the envelope that had your address on it." Raedawn looks truly regretful. "I missed your letters. Your stories from the set were fantastic."
Her handshake with Sofia is firm despite her soft hand. Maybe she wears gloves on the job. "It's not bad, though it's mostly a men's fashion and health magazine. Some of the articles on travel were good." At the mention of holding notes, she grins a little sheepishly. "That's more than I can do! I was in a few music videos for CMC as a dancing chorus member, but I was a barely passable singer. I didn't stand out because everybody else was so good. And you did say your name, and very well at that!"

Alexander begins to do the mental math and he says, "That is how that reporter got to my house. I was so sure that I had kept the press away from my home and I couldn't figure out he found me." There is a small but impish grin, "Well, that is all in the past and now I have several homes that I rotate around to keep the press guessing. Well, I did until I got here and now, well, I am sort of stuck here then but this seems like a good place to be." Alexander turns to Raedawn, "I wish you had kept in touch since there was a part in The Darkness that would have been perfect for you, the Reporter role, the female lead." Alexander then looks back at Sofia when she speaks and again there is that smile, this one is more of a charming boyish grin, "See, you have a name, Sofia." Lexi then repeats the name three times, "Sofia, Sofia, Sofia. That means wisdom you know." Alexander lets the gears in his head whir, "Well, I can play the piano and Sofia can sing and Raedawn you can dance and with that I think we would have an act." He might be teasing or he might be deadly serious but the look on his face is utterly electric.

Sofia seems pleased to listen at the reunion. "Well. Mom sung opera and her mom and her mom and - it's a long line of moms going way back. I think I'm the first in ages to break the chain," There's a quiet - almost subdued sort of admission. Sofia loves what she does, but it's tough breaking tradition. A faint shrug. "Wisdom. Guess mom had a sense of irony or they gave her the good stuff in the hospital," She grins wryly. Sofia doesn't consider herself wise. Capable, for sure perhaps not so much /wise/. "If you're training here, you'll probably stay here. A lot of folks are starting their military careers here. It's a good one to start on, fewer older entrenched officers," Sofia points out. She shrugs, "But I am enlisted and it's all the same to me. I said nothing and I'm not getting shot out the airlock." Her eyes shift left and right as if expecting an admiral to pop out of a bookshelf, grab her and run off to toss her out the ship's door. "Dancing chorus is tough, you have to keep in sync," Sofia points out. "And not fall flat on your face." She goes quiet to listen for a moment. A soft laugh at that. "You think so…?" Sofia pauses, seeming amused by the electricity, but dubious of her own talents.

"It was wonderful of you to think of me, Alex, but I would've stunk up your movie," Raedawn replies. It's not a pleasant admission. "I can't act in anything but commercials, so it's probably just as well you couldn't get in touch. The girl who did get the role did a great job, I thought."
Sofia's remark and her sudden glance around draw giggles from Raedawn. "I think you're safe, Sofia. I've never seen a superior officer yet who could hide on a bookshelf. And I always thought dancing was easy. I guess that's why I was a dancer and not a singer."
Alexander's suggestion brings a surprised look to the woman's face. "An act? Here?"

Alexander is standing just barely in front of a table with twenty five closed books on pretty much every aspect of life in the fleet. He is speaking with Raedawn and Sofia both of the women are closer to each other as Sofia is sitting at a table. "Well, even if you only studied a little bit of Opera that is okay. Sometimes it isn't about look the best but it is about expressing emotions. It is about being an artist and you might have wisdom without knowing it. People sell themselves far too short far too often." Alexander glances at Raedawn, "And you could have been great in that movie. We'd just get you an acting coach to help you with the scenes." Alexander doesn't comment on his co-star which in Entertainment Speak means he has nothing nice to say about her. "And we could put an act together here, just for us. Something to pass the time and to put our minds at ease?"

Humming quietly under his breath, Damon enters the library, the song fading away quickly as the 'library atmosphere' deepens. "Exhaust, exhaust, exhaust," he murmurs under his breath, looking around at the sections and narrowing his eyes to try and remember where the book he needs is. As he scans around, he catches sight of the trio by a table - specifically, Alexander. "Holy frak," he says quietly, then moves closer to confirm his suspicions. "Holy frak," he repeats, now probably within hearing range of the man. "You're that guy. You were in that movie, uh, frak, what was it called? 'Across Enemy Lines'?" Butchered. "I watched that vid, like, five times!" Apparently, he didn't pay much attention to the title screen.

"Yeah. I'm not so much on the dancing," Sofia admits. She can hold herself, but she can't chew gum and kick or someone might get gum in their hair. Sofia has two books beside her, both obnoxiously engineering tastic. She tilts her head. "Maybe. I think you're being nice and charming," She shakes her head. She pauses. Eeeeh. Errm. Sofia fidgets a little. Actually singing. "I- if it'd make you guys feel better. Though I've been kind of busy with the random fires on board. It's really not good to have things bursting into flames and it's played havoc with paperwork, the budget and anyone who almost got caught on fire." Sadface. "Not to mention the damage in the store-room." Sigh. "But we've got the paperwork and where the wires are so um- yeah, if you see sparks, the power flickers or /anything/ like that, please find someone in engineering and don't take the shower." She pauses and smiles at Damon, perhaps recognizing the fellow. A polite, hesitant wave. She glances around. Shifty as a ferret on speed offering Pyramid bets in a trenchcoat.

"I don't know. I couldn't even handle prime time TV, Alex. That producer said I was as wooden as the ceiling joists. I don't think I could've done a movie, even with a coach." She might not be expressing it in sure terms, but judging by her voice Rae's quite convinced of this. "But I guess a little dancing's not beyond me. Now we just need something to do with an actor, a musician, and a dancer and photographer."
The sound of someone entering and having a fan freakout catches her attention, and she looks up an laughs warmly. "Looks like you have fans even here, Alex. Think you can dredge up any walk-ons?"
Sofia gets back to power and wires and showers, and Rae shakes her head, smiling. "Right. No sparks, no shower. Otherwise… pantsless and dead," she repeats, pulling down her sweatpants and dropping to the floor in her best imitation of the condition. Which is actually pretty convincing.

Alexander looks over at Sofia, "Well, humbleness is the sign of a good artist and I always try to be nice and charming because it is far kinder and easier to be nice to people than it is to be hateful. As for the wires, have no fear I'd rather not die naked in the shower. The press would have a field day with that one." As Damon calls him out the actor turned Ensign turns and looks at the tall man and he offers a polite smile to a fan, this time it is Alexander who is looking humble because a part of him can never truly believe people enjoy watching him on the screen, "Behind Enemy Lines, and I am glad you enjoyed it." He holds out a hand to Damon, "Alexander Aurelia and it is always a pleasure to meet someone who has seen one of my movies." Then he turns to look at Raedawn, "Are you kidding me? I'll put cubits to coconuts that producer wanted to sleep with you and when he figured out you wouldn't sleep him, well, he decided to take a blow to your acting self-esteem. You modeled and that means you acted for a moment since you had to sell a moment with one image. As for my fans, I love them and they love me, always appreciate your fans since they are the ones who lift you up and you in term lift them up." As pants hit the gound Lexi stops talking, "Wait, what was I saying?" Alexander winks at Raedawn and then he says, "And anyone who can drop their pants in public can act without fear. Though mind the draft."

Damon returns Sofia's wave, though it takes a double-take before he recognizes her from the deck the other day. Oh right, manners. "Sorry, I'm - I didn't mean to interrupt," he apologizes, giving embarrassed looks to Sofia and Raedawn. His voice is a little loud for the location - being partially deaf doesn't always go well with conversing in a library. The correction of 'Behind Enemy Lines' seems to fly past him without really registering, since he doesn't react to it. "Andreas Damon," he says in introduction as he shakes Alexander's hand, forgetting to even append rank to his name. His mechanic's hands are strong, but the grip isn't overbearing, just… eager. But then Raedawn goes down (and so do her pants) and the Petty Officer is a little dumbstruck, glancing down at her, back up to Alexander, back down to her, back up to Alexander. And he's still gripping the actor's hand.

"Modest," Sofia grins at Raedawn. "This is your guys' thing mostly. I watch movies more than would ever be in them," She points out. "It should be safe to shower. Just be watchful I guess." Sofia tries not to ponder naked death in the shower. Embarrassing, to be crispy, naked and clutching a loofah. She is content to watch as Damon meets the actor. Her eyes widen at the pants dropping routine. LE GASP. Wait, they're both girls. Oh well. Sofia just blinks owlishly again. She looks to Damon and smiles. "It's okay. It's neat to have famous people on board. Maybe there'll be chances for autographs," She considers. Sadly, there is a quirk Sofia displays. When thinking, her eyes seem to cross. That can't be healthy and one supposes one day they'll STICK that way. She seems amused though. "I liked the movies too if it makes you feel better." A brief beam at the Petty Officer. "It's good to see you. Not on fire. And stuff." Way to go Sofia. Manage normality for 2 minutes and blow it out of the water faster than Carrottop's acting career.

Pretending to be dead, Raedawn can't actually see the reactions, though she hears Alex's and Sofia's. And maybe Damon's conspicuous silence. After a long moment of deadness, she rolls over sits up, offering a grin (and a faint blush) to Alex, Sofia, and Damon. "Not quite authentic, but I'm not getting shower-naked in here." Her eyes stray to Alex, the local expert. "How was I?"

Alexander continues shakng hands wondering how long this will last but he is a good sport about it since he really does enjoy meeting his fans and he looks over at Sofia, "Well, if you really want an autograph I will be more than happy to sign anything people want." He looks over at Damon, "Andras it is a pleasure to meet you." Alexander looks back at Sofia, "I like the movies, though I'm very critical of the movies I've been in. I like watching other actors do their thing. Anyway, Sofia, just don't sell yourself short." There is a brief pause as he looks over at Raedawn and then he offers a long and good clap as he smiles this time as one artist spotting another at work, "I completely bought it, I almost jumped down to double check on you. You even managed to slow your breathing enough that I barely saw it the movements of your breath. You had it completely nailed until the blush."

As Raedawn gets back up, Damon realizes that he's still holding onto Alexander's hand and withdraws it. Starstruck much? "I dunno," he says to Sofia, trying to get his mind back into normal operating conditions. "I've been told I look good on fire. Brings out my eyes, hey?" He grins, looking more like his usual jovial self. To Raedawn's question, he answers, "Well, if you hadn't gotten up, I was about to start resuscitation in a few seconds!" With a small chuckle, his attention naturally swings back to the actor, curiosity getting the best of him. "If you don't mind my asking, uh… What made you join the Fleet?" After all, he /is/ wearing a uniform.

"Ohgodthepaperworkdon'tbedead," FLAIL! Sofia bought it. Nooooooooo, now ensigns are dropping dead and fires are bursting out and oh god it's the managementocalypse. Little mushroom clouds go up in her mind. Did she ever buy it. "Oh. Well then," Phew. She untenses and stops flailing. She pauses and smiles at Damon. She nods at the subject of autographs. "I guess it would be easy to be critical of your own work," Sofia taps her chin, settling in. She says nothing as Damon asks why Alexander joins. "Maybe, but I'd feel kind of bad. It stings a bit." Sofia might have a heart. Maybe. Buffy will come for her yet

Raedawn blinks, seeing Sofia panic. Green eyes widen, and she hurriedly draws her knees up and stands, pulling up her sweats as she goes. "Wait, So…" And then the woman unclenches, and the dark-haired Ensign blinks again. "…fia?" She just smiles and shakes her head. "Nimble mind you've got. I hope you're that good in emergencies."
She turns back to Alex and Damon. "I guess maybe I don't have as much to worry about as I thought. But I do need practice. What sort of show did you have in mind, Alex?"

"I joined after coming here because I was doing research for a movie but I thought it might be better to sign up. I am currently assigned to helping the LSO out until I can get to flight school where I will become an ECO or a Raptor Pilot I think. I don't have the reflexes to be a Viper pilot." Alexander then looks over at Sofia and he grins, "See, acting." He looks back at Raedawn and he offers a hand to Raedawn so he can help her up should she so want the help, "See, I told you that you could act." Alexander rubs his jaw, "Well, we could do a musical piece though I think that Sofia would be the one best suited for the music. I know for a fact we could do a play." There is a nother long pause, "Let me think some more about this." He looks at Sofia and he says, "I mean it though Sofia, I would love to see you again to discuss music. I rarely get to play anymore." Then he looks over at Damon, "And I would love to sit and talk with you but I should be getting ready for duty." Lexi finally turns to look at Raedawn, "And I am so glad to be in contact with you again. Please, come and find me in the Raptor berthings later so that we can catch up properly. I still have a lot of suckers left if you want one." Alexander doesn't smoke or drink but he does enjoy suckers in all varieties, lolipops, safetypops, it doesn't matter so long as there is candy on a stick for him.

Damon puts his heels together and gives Alexander a salute as the actor-turned-officer leaves. "You're… an actress too?" he asks Raedawn cautiously. If she is, it's clear that he doesn't readily recognize her. Blinking, he gives Sofia a sidelong glance. "Are /you/ one too?" he asks, since she's included in all the talks about shows and musicals. "Gods, did I get posted to a Battlestar or a movie set?" It's not spoken as a complaint, but with a good-natured tone of surprise.

"Funny how that works out," Sofia considers. A shrug and a smile. "Yeah. Acting," Phew. She rubs the back of her head. "Really, don't sweat my part. I'm an engineer…" Not so much an artist right? "That sounds fine. I'm a bit rusty though," Sofia murmurs. She waves at Alexander. "Be safe out there." Sofia shakes her head. "No, I um- thanks. I hope to be." She shrugs. "I'm not really an emergency worker so much as the one who helps with the papers after. There's braver crew than I. Are you a pilot, ma'am?" She considers. She looks to Damon and goes cross-eyed. "Oh no no no. I just - um, mom was a big opera singer and taught me some stuff. There's a reason I don't do it for a living. I like math. A lot." She's flailing on the inside. Heep.

"I'll try, Alex. It's wonderful to see you again after all this time," Raedawn replies, waving as the Caprican actor departs the room. Elvis has left the building.
She turns to Damon and Sofia. "An actress? Well, not really. Not the way Alex is. I did commercials and music videos and the like, and still pictures for magazine ids and sale bills," the former model confesses. "I had a lot of fun, but it wasn't the kind of work that Alex does. And sir? You're definitely on a Battlestar. It just happens to have a working actor and a has-been on board." Rae's tone is good-natured self-deprecation all the way.
She grins at Sofia. "I fly, yes, just not the newest ships. I'm just a Guard pilot."

"Pilot?" Damon echoes. "Ah, frak. Sorry, sir. I'm Petty Officer First Class Damon." He obviously didn't realize that she was an officer since she isn't wearing rank insignias. "Not a sir at all." Leaning forward, he glances through the titles of the books arrayed on the table. "It's interesting, the backgrounds that we all come from, hey?" he asks, softening his voice slightly. It's still too loud for a library, and he's drawing some glances. "We all find our own path to the same place."

"No need to apologize. I'm off duty, and I'm not wearing rank," Raedawn says, offering a hand and a smile, though she's careful to keep her voice down. "Ensign Raedawn Arkili, CSG. This has to be one of the most eclectic groups of people I've ever been in, this ship. But I've enjoyed the trip the whole way."
She's interrupted by a beeping sound from under her sleeve cuff. "Oh… simulators. I almost forgot. I'll have just enough time to change!" She whirls for the door. "Nice to have met you both!" she calls as she dashes out.

Sofia seems pleased by all the joy around. She nods, "That's okay. The sturdier ships are the ones I'd prefer personally." Sofia shrugs. She tilts her head, "How about you then?" There's a respectful curiousity about what lead Damon here. She blinks as the Ensign rushes off. "She's very vibrant," The woman nods. She doesn't - seem to react much, if properly to things at times. What a weirdo. "Did you come here for the books too and find a crowd instead?"

"Me?" Damon asks, even though everyone else that they were talking to has just left. "Oh! Right, I came in looking for… frak, what was it?" He starts rattling off a list of topics. "FTL… no, fuel relay… no, aeromechanics… no, exhaust manifold…" Pause. "Exhaust manifold, that's what it was. I needed to look… something up. Something to do with exhaust systems." He sighs and rolls his eyes. "And I've completely forgotten what exactly it was."

Hee. Sofia nods at Damon. "Oh?" She tilts her head and looks at her book. "Hm. Nope, none of mine have that in them," Sofia tilts her head. "Let's see… Exhaust manifold- I can try to help if you like, otherwise I don't mind hanging out for a little bit." She shrugs. "I'm kind of boring and might start inspections once my little break is done." Sigh. She looks to Damon again. "It's nice to see you again too." Nod. She still has that shifty, faintly oily aura about her. Sneaky.

"Oh, right - the inspection," Damon says, remembering yet another something he forgot. "I've got a team together if and when you're ready to inspect the hangar deck." He smiles to try and cover up the the fact that it completely slipped his mind. "Sure, if you wanna help - I'm not too familiar on the library here yet, so I could use it."

"Yeah. I'm going to do that soon. Apparently it's mostly hit things like the heads and storage," Sofia grunts. She stands and tucks her books under her arm. "Whenever you like, I'll do my best to fit it in. I understand you guys are probably way busy these days too," She considers. Sofia smiles back, either oblivious or polite enough not to point it out. "Sure. So stuff on engines?" Sofia will help search then, quietly disappearing amongst the books until something is found.

Damon nods as he starts looking at the signs again, trying to figure out where books on exhaust systems would be. It's not long before he and Sofia have completely split paths, and he doubles back to try and look for her to no avail. "Go figure," he mutters under his breath, then shrugs and continues on his search.

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