PHD #120: Busy Congratulations
Busy Congratulations
Summary: Sofia congratulates Bannik on his promotions and the two of them compare notes on just how busy they are.
Date: 26 Jun 2041 AE
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Ship's Library - Deck 9 - Battlestar Cerberus
Racks of books extend deep into this room, nearly darkening the overhead lights towards the back. The shelves are neatly labeled to each category with nearly everything represented here. Fiction, Sci-Fi, Romance, and everything down to comic books has been loaded up onto the shelves. A smaller research area at the back has a large table for maps to be opened-up. Nearer the door is a small library of movies that covers some of the most recent blockbusters and flows through some of the more campy movies from about two decades before. Next to the door, a Petty Officer can usually be found at a desk to help someone checkout their selections.
Post-Holocaust Day: #120

Bannik might be a new Specialist. Bannik might even technically be off duty. But still, Bannik is working. He's huddled over a table with a set of books laid out in front of him and a yellow pad of paper set off to the side. He's making some notes. Yes, the excitement. It never quite ends.

Fresh specialist! It's enough to make a Crewman green really. Sofia is likely here for leisure. There's a faintly concerned look on her face and she seems thoughtful as she wanders in. There's a smile though, as she sees Bannik and wanders over. Hard telling if she heard the news. "Hey there," She greets him softly.

Bannik turns his head up at the greeting. "Hey. Sofia." A genuine smile breaks over Bannik's face. "It was great to see you at the service the other day. It was really brave of you, being the first to speak like that. I really appreciated it." He pats the seat next to him. "How are you doing?"

Sofia smiles at Bannik. "Thanks. It was really nerve-wracking. I mostly knew Raedawn because she yanked my pants down that one time…" Sofia turns red at the admission, "But I remember she came to see me when I was sick so-" A smile at that. "It helped others step up and I am glad you held the event. You even got the CAG herself to sing, that was something," She will carefully sit next to him. "I'm well enough. Busy. How about yourself?" She peers over.

"Busy," echoes Bannik, nodding in agreement with Sofia's take on things. "I'm uh." He shows her the two books. One is 'Fabrication for the Enlisted Man' and the other 'Guidance and Targeting Systems.' "I've got these two projects I'm working on. First one's the pipe stuff and the other's this crazy idea for an experimental kind of thing that Lauren Coll's working on."

"That's right, you got promoted too. Congratulations - you really earned it," She smiles at him and peers over at the two books. She lifts her eyebrows. "You might also look into regular plumbing books and metallurgy," Sofia notes. She smiles again. "Oh! She told me about that. I'll be up to my ears in requisitions for scrap metal," Sofia seems amused and pleased. "I wish I could think of an awesome project too, but I seem to be a much better gopher girl. That's okay I think, you know?"

Bannik chuckles. "It's just fine, Sofia. I mean, look at you. You're the person that makes everything happen for everyone else, you know?" Bannik scoots over so that she can take a seat if she wants it. "And oh! Thanks. It was — it was really nice. I was pleased. The Major was really complimentary. I'm just glad I didn't let people down."

Sofia laughs softly and smiles. She shakes her head and takes a seat. "That's true and it's really fulfilling, but don't overestimate my role." She looks over. "without people like you, it wouldn't even start," She notes. Then a smile and a nod. "It was very nice. I don't think you let anyone down - it was thoughtful of you to even hold an event," She notes. "Especially a memorial and make it non-offensive too, that sort of thing is really intense," She adds. "So! You did fantastic," Sofia thinks so at least. "And we're grateful. At least I am. That probably doesn't count for a lot but… I appreciate you being my friend especially since you're so awesome and - stuff."

"It means a lot to me. Even if I just helped one person through a tough time, I figure that's one person more than otherwise. So I think it's a really good thing." Bannik smiles and moves the books aside so that he can talk to her. "I just — I just always want to do more and there are only so many hours in the day. But." He gestures to the books. "I'm doing what I can."

Sofia smiles. "You're such a sweet person. I should poke your arm to make sure you're not really made of frosting or something," She jokes lightly and looks to Bannik. A nod at that. "It's true. And pace yourself. If you burn out, it's worse," Sofia offers. "I know they capped my duty hours but I'm doing lots off-duty. I just /really/ miss caffiene," She grins ruefully at him. "And I didn't forget my promise to look for some pipes for you." Scout's honor!

"Yeah? Any luck finding anything yet?" Bannik perks up a bit at the mention of the promise, pushing his glasses up on his nose. "Or are you still looking?" He seems curious. Very curious. But is doing his best to not push. He's doing so-so at it."

"Still looking a bit," Sofia smiles. "I've had … a strange thing of my own to tend to," Her expression is a bit strange, distant at that. Almost uncomfortable. "That, and getting to Leonis - Cerberus took a few kicks in the proverbial groin. We've still got brownouts to deal with. I had to replace some bulbs earlier," Sigh. "Basestars really don't play around, do they?" Her eyes are wide. "But honestly! I would be shocked if I didn't have some pipes soon given all the repairs."

"What sort of thing did you have to tend to?" wonders Bannik, his brow furrowing when she speaks of it. "Is everything okay? Is there anything I can help with?" He seems quite concerned, truly he does. "But yeah. I totally understand. You're busy. We are all."

Sofia tilts her head at Bannik, she smiles at him, touched by his concern. "It's - just something about what happens onboard," She shakes her head. "I shouldn't mention it. And yeah. I'm fine." She looks to him. "I really don't deserve a friend as nice as you. I appreciate it. I can't complain."

Bannik has this look like he wants to protest, to push harder. But then he stops. "All right, Sofia. But — just — okay. Just let me know if you ever want to talk about things, okay? Even things you're not supposed to talk about."

Sofia almost melts a little. Poor Bannik. She reaches over and sets a hand on his shoulder. "Mostly, I'd like to make sure someone innocent doesn't get punished. You're one of my very best, if not the best pal I have on this ship. I trust you lots, but - I don't know if you'd really want to know. Anyway. How's the reading?" She tilts her head. "It looks kinda heavy."

Bannik shrugs. "It is heavy. But I've got to learn more if I'm going to step up and help more on the Deck. I can't just sit back and 'learn by doing' anymore. You need to go out of your way and track it down. Everyone does. So. I'm doing."

Sofia nods at that. "True enough. I admire your heart and drive. I suspect if we had a ship full of Tyrs we'd be - well, far," She smiles. She seems pleased to bask for him. "I hope if we go planetside ever again, I'm well enough to go," She frowns. "Especially if you go too."

"That's really sweet of you to say, Sofia," smiles Bannik. Mr. Modest over here. "But I suppose I ought to be getting back to some rack time before it gets far too late, huh?" He leans over and gives her hand a quick squeeze. "See you soon. I promise."

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